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10 Telnet checks


Telnet checks are performed as agent-less monitoring. Zabbix agent is not needed for Telnet checks.

Configurable fields

Actual command(s) to be executed must be placed in the Executed script field in the item configuration.
Multiple commands can be executed one after another by placing them on a new line. In this case returned value also will be formatted as multilined.

Supported characters that the shell prompt can end with:

  • $
  • #
  • >
  • %

A telnet prompt line which ended with one of these characters will be removed from the returned value, but only for the first command in the commands list, i.e. only at a start of the telnet session.

Key Description[<unique short description>,<ip>,<port>,<encoding>] Run a command on a remote device using telnet connection

If a telnet check returns a value with non-ASCII characters and in non-UTF8 encoding then the <encoding> parameter of the key should be properly specified. See encoding of returned values page for more details.