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6 Supported functions

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Function group Functions
Aggregate functions avg, bucket_percentile, count, histogram_quantile, item_count, kurtosis, mad, max, min, skewness, stddevpop, stddevsamp, sum, sumofsquares, varpop, varsamp
Foreach functions avg_foreach, bucket_rate_foreach, count_foreach, exists_foreach, last_foreach, max_foreach, min_foreach, sum_foreach
Bitwise functions bitand, bitlshift, bitnot, bitor, bitrshift, bitxor
Date and time functions date, dayofmonth, dayofweek, now, time
History functions change, changecount, count, countunique, find, first, fuzzytime, last, logeventid, logseverity, logsource, monodec, monoinc, nodata, percentile, rate
Trend functions baselinedev, baselinewma, trendavg, trendcount, trendmax, trendmin, trendstl, trendsum
Mathematical functions abs, acos, asin, atan, atan2, avg, cbrt, ceil, cos, cosh, cot, degrees, e, exp, expm1, floor, log, log10, max, min, mod, pi, power, radians, rand, round, signum, sin, sinh, sqrt, sum, tan, truncate
Operator functions between, in
Predictive functions forecast, timeleft
String functions ascii, bitlength, bytelength, char, concat, insert, jsonpath, left, length, ltrim, mid, repeat, replace, right, rtrim, trim, xmlxpath

These functions are supported in trigger expressions and calculated items.

Foreach functions are supported only for aggregate calculations.