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View file receives the data from a controller and then prepares the HTML look of it.

Defining view(s) for a frontend module is optional, unless the module is a widget.
Dashboard widgets need at least two views: one for the edit mode and one for the view mode (should be stored in the views directory).

It is possible to use pre-defined Zabbix HTML classes (from the /zabbix/ui/include/classes/html) in the view as well as add new HTML and CSS classes. New classes should be stored in the module's assets folder.


       (new CColHeader(_('Name')))

This will add a new column name Name and style the top table row as on other Zabbix pages.

Action view

This is a reference file for defining an action view.

<?php declare(strict_types = 1);
       * @var CView $this
       (new CWidget())
           ->setTitle(_('Something view'))
           ->addItem(new CDiv($data['name']))
           ->addItem(new CPartial('module.example.something.reusable', [
               'contacts' => $data['contacts']