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> LLD rule object

The following objects are directly related to the discoveryrule API.

LLD rule

The low-level discovery rule object has the following properties.

Property Type Description
itemid string (readonly) ID of the LLD rule.
integer Update interval of the LLD rule in seconds.
string ID of the host that the LLD rule belongs to.
string ID of the LLD rule's host interface. Used only for host LLD rules.

Optional for Zabbix agent (active), Zabbix internal, Zabbix trapper and database monitor LLD rules.
string LLD rule key.
string Name of the LLD rule.
integer Type of the LLD rule.

Possible values:
0 - Zabbix agent;
1 - SNMPv1 agent;
2 - Zabbix trapper;
3 - simple check;
4 - SNMPv2 agent;
5 - Zabbix internal;
6 - SNMPv3 agent;
7 - Zabbix agent (active);
8 - Zabbix aggregate;
10 - external check;
11 - database monitor;
12 - IPMI agent;
13 - SSH agent;
14 - TELNET agent;
15 - calculated;
16 - JMX agent.
authtype integer SSH authentication method. Used only by SSH agent LLD rules.

Possible values:
0 - (default) password;
1 - public key.
delay_flex string Flexible intervals as a serialized string.

Each serialized flexible interval consists of an update interval and a time period separated by a forward slash. Multiple intervals are separated by a colon.
description string Description of the LLD rule.
error string (readonly) Error text if there are problems updating the LLD rule.
filter string LLD rule filter containing the macro to filter by and the regexp to be used for filtering separated by a colon. For example {#IFNAME}:@Network interfaces for discovery.
ipmi_sensor string IPMI sensor. Used only by IPMI LLD rules.
lifetime integer Time period after which items that are no longer discovered will be deleted, in days.

Default: 30.
params string Additional parameters depending on the type of the LLD rule:
- executed script for SSH and telnet LLD rules;
- additional parameters for database monitor LLD rules;
- formula for calculated LLD rules.
password string Password for authentication. Used only by SSH, telnet and JMX LLD rules.
port string Port used by the LLD rule. Used only by SNMP LLD rules.
privatekey string Name of the private key file.
publickey string Name of the public key file.
snmp_community string SNMP community.
snmp_oid string SNMP OID.
snmpv3_authpassphrase string SNMPv3 auth passphrase. Used only by SNMPv3 LLD rules.
snmpv3_privpassphrase string SNMPv3 priv passphrase. Used only by SNMPv3 LLD rules.
snmpv3_securitylevel integer SNMPv3 security level. Used only by SNMPv3 LLD rules.

Possible values:
0 - noAuthNoPriv;
1 - authNoPriv;
2 - authPriv.
snmpv3_securityname string SNMPv3 security name. Used only by SNMPv3 LLD rules.
status integer Status of the LLD rule.

Possible values:
0 - (default) enabled LLD rule;
1 - disabled LLD rule;
3 - unsupported LLD rule.
templateid string (readonly) ID of the parent template LLD rule.
trapper_hosts string Allowed hosts. Used only by trapper LLD rules.
username string Username for authentication. Used only by SSH, telnet and JMX LLD rules.

Required by SSH and telnet LLD rules.