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6 Archive: Zabbix agent (UNIX, Inetd version)

The parameters supported in a Zabbix agent (UNIX, Inetd version) configuration file:

Parameter Mandatory Default value Description
Alias no Sets an alias for an item key.
The alias can be used instead of the full item key in item configuration. For example:
Item key: system.cpu.load[percpu,5]
Item name: Processor load ($2 min average per core)
An alias can be especially useful to substitute a long and complex item key with a smaller and simpler one. Multiple aliases can be defined.
Include no You may include individual files or all files in a directory in the configuration file. See special notes about limitations.
Server yes - Comma-delimited list of IP addresses of Zabbix servers or proxies. Connections from other IP addresses will be rejected.
Timeout no 3 Do not spend more than Timeout seconds on getting requested value (1-255). The agent does not kill timeouted user parameter processes!
UnsafeUserParameters no 0 Allow all characters to be passed in arguments to user-defined parameters
UserParameter no User-defined parameter to monitor. There can be several user-defined parameters.
Format: UserParameter=<key>,<shell command>
Note that shell command must not return empty string or EOL only.
Example: UserParameter=system.test,who|wc -l