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22 Upgrade notes for 2.0.15

Template changes

Value type was changed from "Numeric (unsigned)" to "Numeric (float)" for items system.stat[kthr,b] and system.stat[kthr,r] in Template OS AIX. Both items were also added to "Performance" application.

In order to fix it, import this template from

Daemon changes

Previously, if Zabbix could not send ICMP ping packets to a particular host, all ICMP ping items would attain a value of 0 in some cases. Now, they always become unsupported.

Validation of global regular expressions in LLD rules

A check for valid reference has been added for global regular expressions in LLD rules. If entered reference is not valid, due to misspelling or missing referenced global regular expression, the respective LLD rule will become unsupported and appropriate error message will be displayed.