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1 Event sources

1.1 Trigger events

Change of trigger status is the most frequent and most important source of events.

Each time the trigger changes its state, an event is generated. The event contains details of the trigger state's change - when did it happen and what the new state is.

1.2 Discovery events

Zabbix periodically scans the IP ranges defined in network discovery rules. Frequency of the check is configurable for each rule individually. Once a host or a service is discovered, a discovery event (or several events) are generated.

Zabbix generates the following events:

Event When generated
Service Up Every time Zabbix detects active service.
Service Down Every time Zabbix cannot detect service.
Host Up If at least one of the services is UP for the IP.
Host Down If all services are not responding.
Service Discovered If the service is back after downtime or discovered for the first time.
Service Lost If the service is lost after being up.
Host Discovered If host is back after downtime or discovered for the first time.
Host Lost If host is lost after being up.

1.3 Active agent auto-discovery events

Active agent auto-registration creates events in Zabbix.

If configured, active agent auto-registration can happen when a previously unknown active agent asks for checks. The server adds a new auto-registered host, using the received IP address and port of the agent.

For more information, see the active agent auto-registration page.