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4 Bar reports


In the Reports → Bar reports section you can create some customized bar reports on run-time. Reports can be viewed, but are not saved.

From the dropdown in the upper right corner you can choose one of the three types of available bar reports. Then use the Filter options to create the report.

Parameter Description
Title Name of the report.
X label Label displayed below the X axis.
Y label Label displayed alongside the Y axis.
Legend With this checkbox marked, a legend will be displayed alongside the report.
Scale Picking a scale will separate out the value bars for either every hour/day/week/month/year. So, for example, picking a daily scale will display one bar for the values of one day.
This parameter is available for the first and third report type.
Period Enter the start and end of the evaluation period.
With the second report type, several custom periods, each displayed in different colour, can be entered.
Items Click on Add to select the items whose data you wish to display.

Specifically for the third report type:

Groups From the Other groups pane select host groups. Item values for any host in the group having that item will be displayed.
Hosts From the Other hosts pane select hosts. Item values for any selected host having that item will be displayed.
Average Select whether to display averaged data for an hour/day/week/month/year.
Item Select the item whose data you wish to display.
Palette Pick a palette of colours for displaying side-by-side bars and colour intensity (middle/darken/brighter).
Item data comparison

The first bar report offers a possibility to simply compare item values side by side.

Period data comparison

The second bar report offers a possibility to compare the values of one or several items in custom periods.

One item data comparison

The third bar report offers a possibility to compare the values of one item for different hosts/predefined intervals (hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly).