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3 User groups


User groups allow to group users both for organizational purposes and for assigning permissions to data. Permissions to monitoring data of host groups are assigned to user groups, not individual users.

It may often make sense to separate what information is available for one group of users and what - for another. This can be accomplished by grouping users and then assigning varied permissions to host groups.

A user can belong to any amount of groups.


To configure a user group:

  • Go to Administration → Users
  • Select User groups from the dropdown to the right
  • Click on Create group (or on the group name to edit an existing group)
  • Edit group attributes in the form

The User group tab contains general group attributes:

Parameter Description
Group name Unique group name.
Users The In group block contains a listing of the members of this group.
To add users to the group select them in the Other groups block and click on <<.
Frontend access How the users of the group are authenticated.
System default - use default authentication
Internal - use Zabbix authentication. Ignored if HTTP authentication is set
Disabled - access to Zabbix GUI is forbidden
Users status Status of group members:
Enabled - users are active
Disabled - users are disabled
Debug mode Mark this checkbox to activate debug mode for the users.

The Permissions tab allows you to specify user group access to host group (and thereby host) data:

Composing permissions Click on Add beneath the respective list to specify the host groups that the user group will have access to on the level of:
Read-write - read-write access to a host group
Read only – read-only access to a host group
Deny – access to a host group denied
Calculated permissions Depending on the permissions set above, Calculated permissions will display all host groups and all hosts that the user group has access to on the level of:
Read-write - host groups with read-write access
Read only - host groups with read-only access
Deny - host groups with access denied