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> Event object

The following objects are directly related to the event API.


Events are created by the Zabbix server and cannot be modified via the API.

The event object has the following properties.

Property Type Description
eventid string ID of the event.
acknowledged integer Whether the event has been acknowledged.
clock timestamp Time when the event was created.
ns integer Nanoseconds when the event was created.
object integer Type of object that is related to the event.

Possible values for trigger events:
0 - trigger.

Possible values for discovery events:
1 - discovered host;
2 - discovered service.

Possible values for auto-registration events:
3 - auto-registered host.
objectid string ID of the related object.
source integer Type of the event.

Possible values:
0 - event created by a trigger;
1 - event created by a discovery rule;
2 - event created by active agent auto-registration.
value integer State of the related object.

Possible values for trigger events:
0 - OK;
1 - problem;
2 - unknown.

Possible values for discovery events:
0 - host or service up;
1 - host or service down;
2 - host or service discovered;
3 - host or service lost.

This parameter is not used for active agent auto-registration events.
value_changed integer Whether the state of the related object has changed since the previous event.