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2 Actions


If you want some operations taking place as a result of events (for example, notifications sent), you need to configure actions.

Actions can be defined for the events of all three sources:

  • Triggers - when trigger status changes
  • Discovery - when discovery takes place
  • Auto registration - when new active agents auto-register

Configuring an action

To configure an action, do the following:

  • Go to Configuration → Actions
  • From the Event source dropdown select the required source
  • Click on Create action
  • Set general action attributes
  • Choose the operation to carry out, in Operations tab
  • Choose the conditions upon which the operation is carried out, in Conditions tab

General action attributes:

Parameter Description
Name Unique action name.
Default operation step duration Duration of one operation step by default (minimum 60 seconds).
For example, an hour-long step duration means that if an operation is carried out, an hour will pass before the next step.
Naming before Zabbix 2.0.2: Default escalation period
Default subject Default message subject. The subject may contain macros.
Default message Default message. The message may contain macros.
Recovery message Mark the checkbox to turn on a Recovery message.
Recovery message is a special way of getting notified for a resolved problem. If turned on, only a single message with a custom subject/body is sent if trigger value changes to OK.
Note: To receive a recovery message, "Trigger value=Problem" must be present in action conditions; "Trigger value=OK", however, must not be present. (If "Trigger value=OK" is set, the recovery message will not work; instead you will get a full escalation of defined messages and/or remote commands in the same way as for a problem situation).
Recovery message will be sent only to those who received any messages regarding the problem before.
Recovery subject Recovery message subject. It may contain macros.
Recovery message Recovery message. It may contain macros. Starting with Zabbix 2.0.4, recovery message can also be left empty.
Enabled Mark the checkbox to enable the action. Otherwise it will be disabled.