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> definitions

Object details

The table contains complete list of Item attributes.

Parameter Type Description Details
itemid int Item ID
type int Type
snmp_community string SNMP Community name
snmp_oid string SNMP OID
port int Item custom port
hostid int Host ID
name string Item name
key_ string Item key
delay int Check interval
history int How long to keep item history (days)
trends int How long to keep item trends (days)
lastvalue string Last value
lastclock int Last check
prevvalue string Previous value
status int Item status
value_type int Value type
trapper_hosts string
units string Value units
multiplier int Value multiplier
delta int Store values as delta
prevorgvalue string
snmpv3_securityname string SNMPv3 security name
snmpv3_securitylevel int SNMPv3 security level
snmpv3_authpassphrase string SNMPv3 authentication phrase
snmpv3_privpassphrase string SNMPv3 private phrase
formula string
error string Item check error
lastlogsize int Last log size
logtimefmt string Log time format
templateid int Parent item ID
valuemapid int Value map ID
delay_flex string Flexible delay
params string
ipmi_sensor string IPMI sensor
data_type int
authtype int
username string
password string
publickey string
privatekey string
mtime int Micro time
interfaceid int Host interface ID
description string Item description
inventory_link int Host inventory field number, that will be updated with the value returned by the item
flags int Discovery flag

Field values


Value Type
0 Zabbix agent
1 SNMPv1
2 Trapper
3 Simple check
4 SNMPv2
5 Internal
6 SNMPv3
7 Zabbix agent (active)
8 Aggregate
9 HTTP test (web monitoring scenario step)
10 External
11 Database monitor
13 SSH
14 telnet
15 Calculated
16 JMX
17 SNMP trap


Value Type
0 active
1 disabled
3 not supported

Value type

Value Type
0 Numeric (float)
1 Character
2 Log
3 Numeric (unsigned)
4 Text

Data type

Value Type
0 Decimal
1 Octal
2 Hexadecimal
3 Boolean


Value Status
0 As is
1 Delta (speed per second)
2 Delta (simple change)

Discovery flags

Value Type
0 Normal item
1 Discovery rule
2 Item prototype. Note - there is an ItemPrototype class to manage item prototypes
4 Auto-created item

Common tasks

The table contains list of common item-related tasks and possible implementation using Zabbix API

Add an item Use method item.create
Add a bunch of new items Use method item.create with array of Item objects
Enable an item Use method item.update, set “status”:0
Disable an item Use method item.update, set “status”:1
Retrieve item details by Item IDs Use method item.get with parameter itemids
Retrieve items details by Host name Use method item.get with parameter filter, specify “host”: [“<your host1>”]