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12 Execute now


Checking for a new item value in Zabbix is a cyclic process that is based on configured update intervals. While for many items the update intervals are quite short, there are others (including low-level discovery rules) for which the update intervals are quite long, so in real-life situations there may be a need to check for a new value quicker - to pick up changes in discoverable resources, for example. To accommodate such a necessity, it is possible to reschedule a passive check and retrieve a new value immediately.

This functionality is supported for passive checks only. The following item types are supported:

  • Zabbix agent (passive)
  • SNMPv1/v2/v3 agent
  • IPMI agent
  • Simple check
  • Zabbix internal
  • External check
  • Database monitor
  • JMX agent
  • SSH agent
  • Telnet
  • Calculated
  • HTTP agent
  • Script

The check must be present in the configuration cache in order to get executed; for more information see CacheUpdateFrequency. Before executing the check, the configuration cache is not updated, thus very recent changes to item/discovery rule configuration will not be picked up. Therefore, it is also not possible to check for a new value for an item/rule that is being created or has been created just now; use the Test option while configuring an item for that.


To execute a passive check immediately:

  • click on Execute now in an existing item (or discovery rule) configuration form:


  • click on Execute now for selected items/rules in the list of items/discovery rules:

In the latter case several items/rules can be selected and "executed now" at once.