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9 Template changes

This page lists all changes to the stock templates that are shipped with Zabbix.

Note that upgrading to the latest Zabbix version will not automatically upgrade the templates used. It is suggested to modify the templates in existing installations by:

  • Downloading the latest templates from the Zabbix Git repository;
  • Then, while in ConfigurationTemplates you can import them manually into Zabbix. If templates with the same names already exist, the Delete missing options should be checked when importing to achieve a clean import. This way the old items that are no longer in the updated template will be removed (note that it will mean losing history of these old items).


New templates

See the list of new templates in Zabbix 6.0.0

Changes in templates
  • The {#FSLABEL} macro has been added to the corresponding item names and descriptions in Windows by Zabbix agent and Windows by Zabbix agent active templates
  • The vfs.file.cksum[/etc/passwd] agent item has been changed to vfs.file.cksum[/etc/passwd,sha256]
  • A new check zabbix[process,odbc poller,avg,busy] has been added to Zabbix server, Zabbix proxy, Remote Zabbix server and Remote Zabbix proxy templates. The metric is used for monitoring the average time for which ODBC processes have been busy during the last minute (in percentage).


The template Generic Java JMX now contains two discovery rules: - Garbage collector discovery - Memory pool discovery


A new template OpenWeatherMap by HTTP is available.

The following changes have been made in the existing templates:

  • In the templates Windows services by Zabbix agent, Windows services by Zabbix agent active, Windows by Zabbix agent, Windows by Zabbix agent active {$SERVICE.NAME.NOT_MATCHES} macro value has been updated to filter out an extended list of services.

  • The template PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent 2 now will check the number of slow queries and generate a problem if the amount exceeds a threshold.


New templates are available:

  • TrueNAS SNMP - monitoring of TrueNAS storage OS by SNMP
  • Proxmox VE by HTTP - see setup instructions for HTTP templates

The templates SMART by Zabbix agent 2 and SMART by Zabbix agent 2 (active) have been updated: - the Attribute discovery LLD rule has been deleted, whereas the Disk discovery LLD rule will now discover disks based on the pre-defined vendor-specific set of attributes; - smart.disk.get item can now return information about a specific disk only, instead of all disks.

New macros allowing to define warning and critical thresholds of the filesystem utilization for virtual file system monitoring have been added to the templates HOST-RESOURCES-MIB storage SNMP, Linux by Prom, Linux filesystems SNMP, Linux filesystems by Zabbix agent active, Linux filesystems by Zabbix agent, Mellanox SNMP, PFSense SNMP, Windows filesystems by Zabbix agent active, Windows filesystems by Zabbix agent. Filesystem utilization triggers have been updated to use these macros.


New templates are available:

  • CockroachDB by HTTP
  • Envoy Proxy by HTTP
  • HashiCorp Consul Cluster by HTTP
  • HashiCorp Consul Node by HTTP

See setup instructions for HTTP templates.


New templates are available:

  • HPE MSA 2040 Storage by HTTP
  • HPE MSA 2060 Storage by HTTP
  • HPE Primera by HTTP

See setup instructions for HTTP templates.

PostgreSQL Agent 2 template has been updated:

A trigger for detecting checksum failures has been added to the Dbstat item of the PostgreSQL Agent 2 template. According to PostgreSQL documentation, you can use checksums on data pages to help detect corruption by the I/O system that would otherwise be silent.


A new template HPE Synergy by HTTP is available.

The templates HashiCorp Consul Node by HTTP and HashiCorp Consul Cluster by HTTP now support Consul namespaces.


A new template OPNsense by SNMP is available.


New templates are available:

  • AWS EC2 by HTTP
  • AWS by HTTP
  • AWS RDS instance by HTTP
  • AWS S3 bucket by HTTP

See setup instructions for HTTP templates.

The template Oracle by Zabbix agent 2 has been updated:

  • The following static items, that requested data for all existing relevant DB objects in a single query, have been removed:
    • "Oracle: Get archive log info"
    • "Oracle: Get ASM stats"
    • "Oracle: Get CDB and No-CDB info"
    • "Oracle: Get PDB info"
    • "Oracle: Get tablespaces stats"
  • The following agent item prototypes have been added to the corresponding discovery rules:
    • Archive log discovery rule: "Archivelog '{#DEST_NAME}': Get archive log info"
    • ASM disk groups discovery: "ASM '{#DGNAME}': Get ASM stats"
    • Database discovery: "Oracle Database '{#DBNAME}': Get CDB and No-CDB info"
    • PDB discovery: "Oracle Database '{#DBNAME}': Get PDB info"
    • Tablespace discovery: "Oracle TBS '{#TABLESPACE}': Get tablespace stats"


The template Azure by HTTP now also works with Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB.


A new template AWS ECS Cluster by HTTP (along with its Serverless Cluster version) is available.


New template is available:


New template is available: