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9 What's new in Zabbix 6.0.4

Text data for Top hosts widget

It is now possible to select items with any type of information (including Character, Text, and Log) in the Top hosts widget. For example, it is now possible to use this widget to display the versions of Zabbix agents running on each host.

OpenSSL 3.0 support

OpenSSL 3.0.x is now supported. Note that this change does not affect frontend encryption (which uses its own openssl-php package) and Java gateway JMX encrypted connections to monitoring targets (which uses its own Java encrypted libraries).


New templates are available: - TrueNAS SNMP - monitoring of TrueNAS storage OS by SNMP - Proxmox VE by HTTP - see setup instructions for HTTP templates

New macros allowing to define warning and critical thresholds of the filesystem utilization for virtual file system monitoring have been added to the templates HOST-RESOURCES-MIB storage SNMP, Linux by Prom, Linux filesystems SNMP, Linux filesystems by Zabbix agent active, Linux filesystems by Zabbix agent, Mellanox SNMP, PFSense SNMP, Windows filesystems by Zabbix agent active, Windows filesystems by Zabbix agent. Filesystem utilization triggers have been updated to use these macros.

You can get these templates:

  • In ConfigurationTemplates in new installations;
  • If you are upgrading from previous versions, you can download new templates from Zabbix Git repository or find them in the templates directory of the downloaded latest Zabbix version. Then, while in ConfigurationTemplates you can import them manually into Zabbix.

GLPi integration

A new GLPi integration is available allowing to use the webhook media type to create problems in GLPi Assistance section based on Zabbix problem notifications.

S.M.A.R.T. monitoring

Smart plugin, supported for Zabbix agent 2, now provides more efficient disk discovery and allows returning information about a specific disk, instead of all discovered disks. Zabbix agent 2 items smart.disk.discovery and smart.disk.get have been updated. The templates SMART by Zabbix agent 2 and SMART by Zabbix agent 2 (active) have also been modified to incorporate the new functionality.