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15 What's new in Zabbix 6.0.10

Filter settings remembered

In several Monitoring pages (Problems, Hosts, Latest data) the current filter settings are now remembered in the user profile. When the user opens the page again, the filter settings will have stayed the same.

Additionally, the marking of a changed (but not saved) favorite filter is now a green dot next to the filter name, instead of the filter name in italics.

TimescaleDB 2.8 support

The maximum supported version for TimescaleDB is now 2.8.

PostgreSQL 15 support

PostgreSQL 15 is now supported. Note that TimescaleDB does not support PostgreSQL 15 yet.

Possible to build Zabbix agent 2 offline

Zabbix agent 2 now can be built offline. The source tarball now includes the src/go/vendor directory, which should make sure that golang is not forced to download dependency modules automatically. It is still possible to update to the latest modules manually by using go mod tidy or go get commands.

PostgreSQL plugin loadable

The PostgreSQL plugin is now loadable in Zabbix agent 2 (previously built-in).

See also: PostgreSQL loadable plugin repository


  • Warnings about incorrect housekeeping configuration for TimescaleDB are now displayed if history or trend tables contain compressed chunks, but Override item history period or Override item trend period options are disabled. For more information, see TimescaleDB setup.