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19 What's new in Zabbix 6.0.14

Loadable plugins

Encrypted MongoDB plugin connection

MongoDB plugin now supports TLS encryption when connecting to MongoDB using named sessions.

Updated plugin (MongoDB plugin 1.2.1) is included into Zabbix official packages starting from Zabbix 6.0.14. Note that MongoDB is a loadable plugin and can be installed separately either from packages or from sources. The plugin will work with any minor version of Zabbix 6.0. For more details see MongoDB plugin.

PHP support

The maximum supported version for PHP is now 8.2.

Limits for JavaScript objects in preprocessing

The following limits for JavaScript objects in preprocessing have been introduced:

  • The total size of all messages that can be logged with the Log() method has been limited to 8 MB per script execution.
  • The initialization of multiple HttpRequest objects has been limited to 10 per script execution.
  • The total length of header fields that can be added to a single HttpRequest object with the addHeader() method has been limited to 128 Kbytes (special characters and header names included).