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4 Recommended UnixODBC settings for MSSQL


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux:
# yum -y install freetds unixODBC 
  • Debian/Ubuntu:

Please refer to FreeTDS user guide to download necessary database driver for the corresponding platform.

For some additional information please refer to: installing unixODBC.


ODBC configuration is done by editing the odbcinst.ini and odbc.ini files. These configuration files can be found in /etc folder. The file odbcinst.ini may be missing and in this case it is necessary to create it manually.

Please consider the following examples:


$ vi /etc/odbcinst.ini
       Driver = /usr/lib64/


$ vi /etc/odbc.ini
       Driver = FreeTDS
       Server = <SQL server 1 IP>
       PORT = 1433
       TDS_Version = 8.0