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30 What's new in Zabbix 6.0.25

This minor version has no functional changes.

TimescaleDB 2.13 support

Support for TimescaleDB version 2.13 is now available.


Additional options

The[] item has been updated and now allows passing additional SSH options as a part of the item key. These options are supported only using libssh of version 0.9.0 and higher or libssh2. Supported option keys and values depend on the SSH library. See SSH checks for details.


Cache mode parameter for PostgreSQL plugin

New parameters for controlling the cache mode by default or on session name level have been added to the PostgreSQL plugin configuration:

  • Plugins.PostgreSQL.Default.CacheMode
  • Plugins.PostgreSQL.Sessions.<SessionName>.CacheMode

The cache mode parameter may have one of two allowed values: prepare (default) or describe. Note that "describe" is primarily useful when the environment does not allow prepared statements such as when running a connection pooler like PgBouncer.