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14 Discovery of host interfaces in Zabbix


It is possible to discover all interfaces configured in Zabbix frontend for a host.

Item key

The item to use in the discovery rule is the


internal item. This item is supported since Zabbix server 3.4.

This item returns a JSON with the description of interfaces, including:

  • IP address/DNS hostname (depending on the “Connect to” host setting)
  • Port number
  • Interface type (Zabbix agent, SNMP, JMX, IPMI)
  • If it is the default interface or not
  • If the bulk request feature is enabled - for SNMP interfaces only.

For example:


With multiple interfaces their records in JSON are ordered by:

  • Interface type,
  • Default - the default interface is put before non-default interfaces,
  • Interface ID (in ascending order).

Supported macros

The following macros are supported for use in the discovery rule filter and prototypes of items, triggers and graphs:

Macro Description
{#IF.CONN} Interface IP address or DNS host name.
{#IF.IP} Interface IP address.
{#IF.DNS} Interface DNS host name.
{#IF.PORT} Interface port number.
{#IF.TYPE} Interface type ("AGENT", "SNMP", "JMX", or "IPMI").
{#IF.DEFAULT} Default status for the interface:
0 - not default interface
1 - default interface
{#IF.SNMP.BULK} SNMP bulk processing status for the interface:
0 - disabled
1 - enabled
This macro is returned only if interface type is “SNMP”.