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object hostgroup.delete(array hostGroupIds)

This method allows to delete host groups.

A host group can not be deleted if:

  • it contains hosts that belong to this group only;
  • it is marked as internal;
  • it is used by a host prototype;
  • it is used in a global script;
  • it is used in a correlation condition.

This method is only available to Admin and Super admin user types. Permissions to call the method can be revoked in user role settings. See User roles for more information.


(array) IDs of the host groups to delete.

Return values

(object) Returns an object containing the IDs of the deleted host groups under the groupids property.


Deleting multiple host groups

Delete two host groups.


           "jsonrpc": "2.0",
           "method": "hostgroup.delete",
           "params": [
           "auth": "3a57200802b24cda67c4e4010b50c065",
           "id": 1


           "jsonrpc": "2.0",
           "result": {
               "groupids": [
           "id": 1


CHostGroup::delete() in ui/include/classes/api/services/CHostGroup.php.