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Proxy group object

The following objects are directly related to the proxygroup API.

Proxy group

The proxy group object has the following properties.

Property Type Description
proxy_groupid ID ID of the proxy group.

Property behavior:
- read-only
- required for update operations
name string Name of the proxy group.

Property behavior:
- required for create operations
description text Description of the proxy group.
failover_delay string Failover period for each proxy in the group to have online/offline state.

Time suffixes are supported, e.g. 30s, 1m.
User macros are supported.

Possible values: 10s-15m.

Default: 1m.
min_online string Minimum number of online proxies required for the group to be online.

User macros are supported.

Possible values range: 1-1000.

Default: 1.
state integer State of the proxy group.

Possible values:
0 - Unknown - on server startup;
1 - Offline - less that minimum number of proxies are online;
2 - Recovering - transition from offline to online state;
3 - Online - minimum number of online proxies are online;
4 - Degrading - transition from online to offline state.

Property behavior:
- read-only