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5 What's new in Zabbix 7.0.0

Breaking changes

Zabbix 7.0.0 does not have any breaking changes yet.


The system.sw.packages and system.sw.packages.get agent items are now supported on Gentoo Linux.

The system.hostname item now can return a Fully Qualified Domain Name, if the new fqdn option is specified in the type parameter.

The wmi.get and wmi.getall items used with Zabbix agent 2 now return JSON with boolean values represented as strings (for example, "RealTimeProtectionEnabled": "True" instead of "RealTimeProtectionEnabled": true returned previously) to match the output format of these items on Zabbix agent.

A new options parameter has been added to the icmpping, icmppingloss, and icmppingsec items. This parameter can be used to specify whether redirected responses should be treated as target host up or target host down. See simple checks for more details.


Updated functions

Several functions have been updated:

  • Aggregate functions now also support non-numeric types for calculation. This may be useful, for example, with the count and count_foreach functions.
  • The count and count_foreach aggregate functions support optional parameters operator and pattern, which can be used to fine-tune item filtering and only count values that match given criteria.
  • All foreach functions no longer include unsupported items in the count.
  • The function last_foreach, previously configured to ignore the time period argument, accepts it as an optional parameter.
  • Supported range for values returned by prediction functions has been expanded to match the range of double data type. Now timeleft() function can accept values up to 1.7976931348623158E+308 and forecast() function can accept values ranging from -1.7976931348623158E+308 to 1.7976931348623158E+308.

Increased character limit for configuration fields

URL fields

The character limit for all URL fields is now 2048 characters. This now includes: Tile URL for settings related to geographical maps, Frontend URL for configuring miscellaneous frontend parameters, URLs for network maps and network map elements, URL A-C for host inventory fields, and URL for the URL dashboard widget.

Authentication fields

The character limit for authentication fields User/User name and Password is now 255 characters. This applies to configuring HTTP authentication for HTTP agent items, web scenarios, and connectors, as well as configuring authentication for simple checks, ODBC monitoring, SSH checks, Telnet checks, and JMX monitoring.

The forms for configuring network discovery rules and global scripts, as well as the form for module details are now opened in modal (pop-up) windows.

Support for the old numeric type dropped

The old style of floating point values, previously deprecated, is no longer supported, as numeric values of extended range are used.

Cloning simplified

Previously it was possible to Clone and Full clone hosts, templates and maps.

Now the option Clone has been removed, and the option Full clone has been renamed to Clone while still preserving all of the previous functionality of Full clone.

Versions displayed

Zabbix frontend and Zabbix server version numbers are now viewable on the System information page.

Expanded widget availability on template dashboards

Previously, on a template dashboard, you could create only the following widgets: Clock, Graph (classic), Graph prototype, Item value, Plain text, URL.

Now template dashboards support the creation of all widgets.

Collapsible advanced configuration

The Advanced configuration checkboxes, responsible for displaying advanced configuration options, have been replaced with collapsible blocks (see, for example, Connector configuration, Service configuration, Clock widget configuration, etc.). This improves user experience, as collapsing these blocks and saving the configuration will no longer reset the configured advanced options to their default values.


Default value of the BufferSize configuration parameter for Zabbix agent 2 has been increased from 100 to 1000.

Some dashboard widget parameters with the label Tags have been renamed for more clarity: Item tags (for Data overview widget), Scenario tags (for Web monitoring widget), Problem tags (for Graph, Problem hosts, Problems, Problems by severity, and Trigger overview widget).

New filtering option has been added to Latest data section: it now allows you to filter items by their state (supported/unsupported).

New Acknowledgement status filtering option has been added to Problems section: it now allows you to filter problems by their state (unacknowledged/acknowledged/acknowledged by me).