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5 What's new in Zabbix 5.2.0

Zabbix 5.2.0 is not released yet.

Time zone definition

The frontend time zone now can be set globally and also adjusted for different users.

The default global timezone:

  • can be set manually when installing the frontend
  • can be modified in AdministrationGeneralGUI

User-level time zone:

Export to YAML

Zabbix configuration elements now can also be exported and imported in the YAML format, which is easy to read and edit.

Note that the LibYAML library (version 2.0.2 or higher) is now required for configuration export to YAML.


  • {ITEM.LOG.*} macros are now also supported in:
    • trigger names, operational data, URLs and descriptions
    • event tags and values


Ability to change the default language

It is now possible to choose the default language for the Zabbix frontend during the installation process. After the installation, the system default language can be changed in the Administration→General→GUI section. If a user has not specified another language in the profile settings, the system-wide setting is used. Login page for all users is displayed in the chosen default language.

New configuration parameters

Several parameters, that previously could only be modified through editing file, can now be configured directly via the frontend. This makes Zabbix frontend configuration more flexible and ensures that custom changes will be preserved after an upgrade.

AdministrationGeneral frontend section has been modified to accommodate more parameters:

  • General → GUI page now
    • includes Working hours field (used to be on a separate page);
    • contains new parameters: Max number of columns and rows in overview tables, Show technical errors, Max history display period, Default period (for graphs and dashboards), Max period (for graphs and dashboards).
  • Working time page has been removed.
  • Trigger severities page is moved to Trigger displaying options.
  • Other page now includes three additional parameter groups:
    • Authorization, which allows to set number of failed login attempts and period of blocking login page after exceeding this limit;
    • Security, which allows to set URI scheme validation rules, X-Frame-Options HTTP header, and custom iframe sandboxing restrictions;
    • Communication with Zabbix server, which allows to customise timeout limits.

Adding hosts without interfaces

It is now possible to add a host without interfaces, which may be useful for hosts with only trapper items or web checks.

For a new host now no interfaces are defined by default. To add a new interface, click on Add in the Interfaces block and select the interface type from a dropdown.