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 +===== 5 What's new in Zabbix 5.2.0 =====
 +<note important>​ Zabbix 5.2.0 is not released yet.</​note>​
 +==== Time zone definition ====
 +The frontend time zone now can be set globally and also adjusted for different users.
 +The default global timezone:
 +  * can be set manually when [[:​manual/​installation/​install#​installing_zabbix_web_interface|installing]] the frontend
 +  * can be modified in //​Administration//​ -> //General// -> //​[[:​manual/​web_interface/​frontend_sections/​administration/​general#​gui|GUI]]//​
 +User-level time zone:
 +  * can be set when [[:​manual/​config/​users_and_usergroups/​user#​general_attributes|configuring/​updating]] a user 
 +  * can be set by each user in their [[:​manual/​web_interface/​user_profile#​configuration|user profile]]:
 +==== Export to YAML ====
 +Zabbix configuration elements now can also be [[:​manual/​xml_export_import|exported]] and imported in the YAML format, which is easy to read and edit.
 +Note that the LibYAML library (version 2.0.2 or higher) is now required for configuration export to YAML.
 +==== Macros ====
 +  * {ITEM.LOG.*} [[:​manual/​appendix/​macros/​supported_by_location|macros]] are now also supported in:
 +    * trigger names, operational data, URLs and descriptions
 +    * event tags and values
 +==== Frontend ==== 
 +=== Ability to change the default language ===
 +It is now possible to choose the default language for the Zabbix frontend during the [[:​manual/​installation/​install#​installing_zabbix_web_interface| installation]] process. After the installation,​ the system default language can be changed in the //​Administration->​General->​GUI//​ section. If a user has not specified another language in the profile settings, the system-wide setting is used. Login page for all users is displayed in the chosen default language.
 +=== New configuration parameters ===
 +Several parameters, that previously could only be modified through editing ''​''​ file, can now be configured directly via the frontend. This makes Zabbix frontend configuration more flexible and ensures that custom changes will be preserved after an upgrade. //​Administration//​ -> //General// [[:​manual/​web_interface/​frontend_sections/​administration/​general|frontend section]] has been modified to accommodate more parameters: ​
 +  * //General -> GUI// page
 +    * now includes //Working hours// (used to be on a separate page)
 +    * contains new parameters: //Max number of columns and rows in overview tables//, //Show technical errors//, //Max history display period//, //Default period// (for graphs and dashboards),​ //Max period// (for graphs and dashboards)
 +  * //Working time// page has been removed
 +  * //Trigger severities//​ page is moved to //Trigger displaying options//
 +  * //Other// page now includes three additional parameter groups:
 +    * //​Authorisation//​ allows to set number of failed login attempts and period of blocking login page afterwards ​
 +    * //​Security//​ allows to set URI scheme validation rules, X-Frame-Options HTTP header, and custom iframe sandboxing restrictions ​
 +    * //​Communication with Zabbix server// allows to customise timeout limits.
 +=== Adding hosts without interfaces ===
 +It is now possible to add a host without interfaces, which may be useful for hosts with only trapper items or web checks.
 +For a new host now no interfaces are defined by default. To add a new interface, click on //Add// in the Interfaces block and select the interface type from a dropdown.