Notes de publication pour Zabbix 2.2.12

L’équipe Zabbix a le plaisir d’annoncer la sortie de Zabbix 2.2.12.

Zabbix est une solution open source de supervision distribuée destinée aux entreprises. Zabbix est distribué sous licence publique générale (GPL). Il est donc gratuit pour les usages commerciaux et non commerciaux. Les conditions complètes de cette licence sont disponibles sur

Ce document contient les notes de publication pour Zabbix 2.2.12. Téléchargez-le depuis download.

Les sections ci-dessous décrivent la version en détail et donnent des informations de dernière minute ou d’autres renseignements qui complètent la documentation principale.

New Features and Improvements

ZBX-1357 Enabled Chinese (China), Greek, Korean, Romanian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese translations to be displayed by default API Frontend
ZBX-1357 Updated Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), English (United States), French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese translations; thanks to Zabbix translators API Frontend
ZBX-9859 Improved performance of screen.get method for an unprivileged user API

Corrections de bugs

ZBX-9162 Fixed performance of the hostgroup.get method under MySQL API
ZBX-10493 Fixed memory leak when trying to reconnect to URL Proxy Server
ZBX-6491 Fixed resolving of {ITEM.VALUE} macro in "System status" widget and Monitoring -> Triggers Frontend
ZBX-10510 Fixed action condition time period checking Server
ZBX-10155 Prohibited creation of a trigger prototype which belongs to a host and a template simultaneously API
ZBX-10155 Prohibited creation of a trigger prototype without item prototypes in the expression API
ZBX-10155 Prohibited creation of a trigger prototype without permissions to a host or template in the expression API
ZBX-6744 Fixed "expression tree is too large (maximum depth 1000)" error when using SQLite3 in a large environment Proxy
ZBX-10316 Fixed the regular expression preventing from adding web scenario steps API Frontend
ZBX-10257 Changed VMware items to become not supported if no VMware collector processes are started Proxy Server
ZBX-10262 Fixed item.update modifying "delta" field for a templated item API
ZBX-10372 Fixed searching of network interface statistics in Solaris kstat Agent
ZBX-4842, ZBX-10532 Improved auditing of maintenance API operations API Frontend
ZBX-10387 Fixed overview vertical column rotation for IE in Japanese language Frontend
ZBX-10369 Fixed unexpected deleting of screen items in screen.update API method API
ZBX-10342 Fixed item value not being cached by value cache if its timestamp seconds matches the oldest cached value timestamp, but the nanoseconds value is less Server
ZBX-4894 Fixed fping 3.x source IP option detection Proxy Server
ZBX-10320 Fixed NFS based VMware datastore statistics Proxy Server
ZBX-10356 Fixed user media form "send to" and "period" fields having incorrect "maxlength" property Frontend
ZBX-10221 Fixed MySQL transaction handling when execute query fails Proxy Server
ZBX-10366 Fixed parsing of VMware responses containing too deep XML data Proxy Server
ZBX-9991 Fixed functionality that adds last selected host group to new host groups list Frontend
ZBX-10319 Fixed graphs consuming 100% CPU when given incorrect "stime" parameter in URL Frontend
ZBX-10358 Fixed error message in template screen cloning API
ZBX-10215 Fixed host availability not being updated for connection errors on timeouting items Proxy Server
ZBX-10313 Changed wmi.get[] to accept UTF-8 encoded namespace and WQL query, fixed wmi.get[] to return UTF-8 encoded strings Agent
ZBX-9661 Fixed bug when VMware collectors could sometimes use 100% of CPU without processing any data Proxy Server
ZBX-8635 Fixed undefined index in trigger expression constructor popup Frontend
ZBX-9938 Fixed displaying incorrect number of hosts that have acknowledged problematic triggers in dashboard host status widget when "Problem display" is "Unackowledged only" in dashboard filter Frontend
ZBX-10251 Fixed "countOutput" calculation in map.get API method API
ZBX-9733 Fixed possibility to start several agents on the same port on Windows Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-9991 Fixed functionality that adds last selected host group to new template groups list Frontend
ZBX-10270 Fixed HTTP proxy environment variables not being taken into account in Web monitoring Proxy Server
ZBX-10232 Fixed SQL errors with invalid "year" parameter in IT services report API Frontend
ZBX-1357 Added more details to README file about how to add new language API Frontend
ZBX-10150 Fixed "countOutput" calculation in screen.get API method API
ZBX-10170 Fixed column names vertical rotation in Firefox v43 Frontend
ZBX-9904 Fixed server response when active proxy sends in historical data, info string was missing Proxy Server
ZBX-10219 Fixed pointer type in sizeof() Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-10177 Fixed resource leak in sensor[] on Linux kernel versions 2.6 and higher Agent
ZBX-10154 Improved script to take advantage of buffering (increases performance and makes communication with daemons more robust) Installation
ZBX-10138 Fixed action based host removal when hosts to be deleted have host prototypes Server
ZBX-10064 Fixed history cache synchronisation with database on shutdown Server
ZBX-9458 Fixed low level discovery macro substitution in calculated item formulas Server
ZBX-10110 Fixed using Japanese in global search Frontend
ZBX-10099 Fixed buffer flushing error when executing script on a host Frontend
ZBX-10077 Fixed deleting of profile data for current user Frontend
ZBX-10126 Fixed compilation error in sensors.c on Linux 2.4 kernels Agent
ZBX-10084 Fixed removing trigger-related network map elements Server
ZBX-9928 Fixed triple SMS being sent by single action with Cinterion MC35i modem Server
ZBX-9931 Removed 2KB item key length limitation when sent to agent Proxy Server
ZBX-9932 Removed 1KB zabbix_get item key length limitation Agent
ZBX-9820 Fixed overview of items and triggers with same name and multiple hosts Frontend

Notes concernant l’installation et la mise à jour


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Mise à jour

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