Notes de publication pour Zabbix 2.2.8rc1

L’équipe Zabbix a le plaisir d’annoncer la sortie de Zabbix 2.2.8rc1.

Zabbix est une solution open source de supervision distribuée destinée aux entreprises. Zabbix est distribué sous licence publique générale (GPL). Il est donc gratuit pour les usages commerciaux et non commerciaux. Les conditions complètes de cette licence sont disponibles sur

Ce document contient les notes de publication pour Zabbix 2.2.8rc1. Téléchargez-le depuis download.

Les sections ci-dessous décrivent la version en détail et donnent des informations de dernière minute ou d’autres renseignements qui complètent la documentation principale.

New Features and Improvements

ZBX-4054 Added support for SNMP values of type OID
ZBX-1357 Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Polish and Russian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators

Corrections de bugs

ZBX-8582 Fixed SQL injection vulnerability in bar graphs
ZBX-8873 Fixed incorrect event being generated after maintenance in case there are out of order events due to proxy
ZBX-8882 Fixed message logging on DB2 errors
ZBX-8992 Made Zabbix prefer the threshold sensor over a discrete sensor, in case both are available under the same name
ZBX-8506 Fixed memory leak in wmi.get[]; thanks to Pedro Nunes for patch
ZBX-9016 Fixed items not being processed again in case these items or their hosts are disabled and then reenabled
ZBX-5077 Fixed percentile calculation formula and corrected accessed index, by which value is selected
ZBX-8486 Fixed re-linking templates with web scenarios
ZBX-8919 Fixed range selection in graphs in IE10 and IE11
ZBX-9017 Fixed hostgroup.create and hostgroup.update API calls allowing setting readonly "internal" param
ZBX-9004 Fixed visible corners in table cells in eventlog history
ZBX-8928 Fixed history-related macros to obey the ZBX_HISTORY_PERIOD
ZBX-8952 Fixed bug where an action condition of matching parent templates of a trigger worked with only the first template
ZBX-8982 Turned strict OID validation off for single-variable SNMP requests
ZBX-8328 Fixed UTF-8 string truncation for IBM DB2 databases to fit the column width
ZBX-8850 Fixed fatal error in graph generation when there is no data and ZBX_UNITS_ROUNDOFF_LOWER_LIMIT is set to "2"
ZBX-8476 Fixed queue being calculated incorrectly when there is even a slight time difference between server and proxy
ZBX-8832 Fixed template application inheritance when linking template other templates
ZBX-8978 Fixed propagation of the interfaces into discovered hosts in same order as in the parent host
ZBX-8849 Fixed redundant linking with -lcrypto when linking with Net-SNMP
ZBX-8913 Fixed JSON validation sometimes failing to process utf-8 sequences
ZBX-6542 Updated description of HousekeepingFrequency parameter in the default server and proxy configuration files
ZBX-8833 Fixed dynamic SNMP item cache working incorrectly for hosts with multiple SNMP interfaces, optimized cache performance
ZBX-8904 Fixed item.get API to not read all host interfaces when option "selectInterfaces" is used
ZBX-8538 Added Net-SNMP retry of 1 for cases where Zabbix will not be retrying itself
ZBX-8538 Changed the strategy to decrease the optimal number of variables two times only
ZBX-8232 Fixed performance issues in maps
ZBX-8948 Fixed memory leak when checking Template condition during action processing
ZBX-6353 Improved history cache performance when it's flooded with data from less than 1000 items

Notes concernant l’installation et la mise à jour


Consultez le Manuel Zabbix pour plus d’informations.

Mise à jour

Consultez le Procédure de mise à jour for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 2.2.8.

Assistance commerciale

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