Notes de publication pour Zabbix 5.2.0beta1

L’équipe Zabbix a le plaisir d’annoncer la sortie de Zabbix 5.2.0beta1.

Zabbix est une solution open source de supervision distribuée destinée aux entreprises. Zabbix est distribué sous licence publique générale (GPL). Il est donc gratuit pour les usages commerciaux et non commerciaux. Les conditions complètes de cette licence sont disponibles sur

Ce document contient les notes de publication pour Zabbix 5.2.0beta1. Téléchargez-le depuis download.

Les sections ci-dessous décrivent la version en détail et donnent des informations de dernière minute ou d’autres renseignements qui complètent la documentation principale.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-1660 Added ability to retrieve database credentials and macro values from HashiCorp Vault API Documentation Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-2943 Added support for multiple hosts in active check mode Agent
Implemented ability to dump the history cache contents API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6196 Increased storage size of fields "description", "headers", "params" and "posts" for items, item prototypes and discovery rules for Oracle backend API Installation
Added MQTT support for Zabbix agent 2 API Frontend Agent Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6159 Added "Template App PHP-FPM by HTTP" and "Template App PHP-FPM by Zabbix agent" Templates
ZBXNEXT-6184 Added formatting macro functions fmttime and fmtnum Server
ZBXNEXT-6157 Reworked UI for setup to simplify db encryption configuration Frontend
ZBXNEXT-6194 Simplifed maintenance form by union all tabs to one form Frontend
ZBXNEXT-6118 Added template "Template DB Oracle by Zabbix Agent 2" Templates
ZBXNEXT-6171 Added UserParameterDir config option to agent and agent2 Agent
ZBXNEXT-6090 Added modbus support for Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBXNEXT-6093 Added modbus support for Zabbix agent Agent
ZBXNEXT-6023 Added Windows service support for Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBXNEXT-6019 Added Oracle Database plugin Agent
Added support of digest authentication for HTTP Agent API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-4803 Added tab indicator to show clearly that a tab in Zabbix UI contains non-empty list or enabled some functionality Frontend
ZBXNEXT-6139 Added GetHeaders method to CurlHttpRequest javascript object Server
ZBXNEXT-6116 Added SysAid media type Templates
ZBXNEXT-6167 Added diaginfo runtime command to log internal diagnostic information Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6106 Added Host context menu to hosts listed on 'Web monitoring' page Frontend
ZBXNEXT-6065 Added SolarWinds Service Desk webhook Templates
ZBXNEXT-6117 Added media "TOPdesk" Templates
ZBXNEXT-5540 Added LLD rules for stand-alone and CAPsMAN APs Templates
ZBXCTR-10 Added iLert media type Templates
ZBXNEXT-5898 Added user macro expanding in item description Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-6085 Added host prototype tag support API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-2603 Increased user macros values maximum size from 255 to 2048 Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-5965 Added support for load balancing by change user session storage driver from file based to encrypted cookies API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6073 Added item log macros support in trigger names, operational data, descriptions, event tags, event values and trigger URL Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-82 Reworked part of parameters from definitions file to configurable parameters using frontend; added new API for settings, authentication, housekeepeing API Frontend Installation
ZBXNEXT-2156 Implemented ability to create hosts without interfaces API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2754 Added YAML as default import/export format API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-250 Added support of global and per-user time zones for frontend, notifications and for time limit when notifications are sent API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-3362 Added ability to set the default system language API Frontend Server

Corrections de bugs

ZBX-17877 Fixed details not displayed on SNMP interfaces within select element Frontend
ZBX-18359 Fixed long data row formatting for OracleDB Installation
ZBX-18337 Fixed potential crash due to printing NULL pointer Agent
ZBX-17993 Fixed ZabbixWeb Test Item for Admin is not working Server
ZBX-13384 Fixed minor template issues to follow guidelines Templates
ZBX-18114 Fixed documentation for Agent2 PersistentBuffer Documentation Installation
ZBX-17842 Updated VMware template to follow guidelines Templates
ZBX-17848 Fixed fping interval detection, added log prints of detected options in debug mode, re-detect options every hour Proxy Server
ZBX-18341 Removed media_jira_with_CF_example.xml and moved example with custom fields example to readme Templates
ZBX-18131 Added support of single-select, checkbox and radio button customfield types and "__zbx" tag filter for labels in Jira webhook Templates
ZBX-18065 Add help flag to Zabbix Agent 2 Agent
ZBX-17906 Fixed HTTP agent JSON output when using HTTP/2; thanks to Mike Noordermeer for the patch Proxy Server
ZBX-18167 Fixed filter block in lld overrides popup Frontend
ZBX-18174 Fixed oracle errors for host macro updates when linking templates Server
ZBX-18188 Increased age and duration related macro resolution to seconds Server
ZBX-18152 Fixed incorrect selected menu option for template screens page Frontend
ZBX-18340 Added runtime command diaginfo option to command line help messages Proxy Server
ZBX-18250 Changed link to "Web monitoring" page in context menu with filtering parameters Frontend
ZBX-18170 Fixed LLD override for applications Server
ZBX-15904 Added check of required cache size for vmware event messages Proxy Server
ZBX-18121 Fixed SSH monitoring when compiled with libssh; thanks to MATSUDA Daiki for the patch Proxy Server
ZBX-17927 Fixed Agent2 user-defined parameter key testing Agent
ZBX-18314 Fixed description of URI field in Template DB MySQL by Zabbix agent 2 Templates
ZBX-18067 Fixed using outdated dynamic host when editing dynamic widgets on dashboard Frontend
ZBX-18261 Fixed performance of the "Latest data" screen with partitioned history tables Frontend
ZBX-18230 Fixed import data normalizer to convert strings recursively and process some of the custom extended rules and validations API
ZBX-18322 Enabled Memcached and MySQL plugins for Windows Agent
ZBX-17982 Added non-trigger event types support to webhooks Templates
ZBX-18190 Removed triggers for items Log growths, Log shrinks for MSSQL ODBC template Templates
ZBX-18122 Fixed russian character in setup section and templates for Oracle ODBC and PostgreSQL agent2 Templates
ZBX-18074 Fixed unresolved macros in item names in data overview table Frontend
ZBX-18195 Changed log level increase command for Agent 2 to match Agent 1 Agent
ZBX-17984 Added support of ipv6 and unix sockets for memcached plugin Agent
ZBX-18189 Fixed crash when performing housekeeping with disabled value cache Server
ZBX-18267 Fixed {ITEM.NAME<1-9>} and {ITEM.KEY<1-9>} macro expansion when host is configured without any interfaces Server
ZBX-18181 Fixed undefined index when importing host with non-existing interface and host interfaces not being deleted if interfaces are not present in import file API
ZBX-14503 Updated JMX template to follow guidelines Templates
ZBX-18196 Added overriding of triggers for IPMI Threshold sensors discovery Templates
ZBX-18021 Changed Opsgenie media to handle extra options Tags and Teams Templates
ZBX-18050 Removed proxy name from host breadcrumbs Frontend
ZBX-18202 Added new default item keys for item type "Zabbix aggregate" Frontend
ZBX-18124 Fixed discovered host group prototype saving during import Frontend
ZBX-17692 Fixed column sizes and paddings for items in graph edit form Frontend
ZBX-17812 Fixed incorrect copying of severeties in Problem widgets Frontend
ZBX-17886 Fixed SNMP type item test form not sending and resolving interface macros Frontend
ZBX-18183 Fixed displaying negative time in convertUnitsS() function Frontend
ZBX-18103 Fixed host connection macro in Slack media type Templates
ZBX-18072 Fixed Discord API version in Discord media type Templates
ZBX-17952 Fixed compression availability not being checked when deleting history API
ZBX-17981 Fixed Discord endpoint validation Templates
ZBXNEXT-6052 Fixed "Shared" tag being displayed for users that are not the dashboard owners Frontend
ZBX-18249 Fixed Oracle ODBC Template issues Templates
ZBXNEXT-6052 Added filter and showing additional details in the list of dashboards Frontend
ZBXNEXT-6054 Moved Configuration -> Applications to MVC Frontend
ZBX-17955 Fixed "medias" parameter named inconsistency in user.create and user.update API methods API
ZBX-17548 Don't store text items with history 0 in proxy history Proxy Server

Notes concernant l’installation et la mise à jour


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