Notes de publication pour Zabbix 6.0.15

L’équipe Zabbix a le plaisir d’annoncer la sortie de Zabbix 6.0.15.

Zabbix est une solution open source de supervision distribuée destinée aux entreprises. Zabbix est distribué sous licence publique générale (GPL). Il est donc gratuit pour les usages commerciaux et non commerciaux. Les conditions complètes de cette licence sont disponibles sur

Ce document contient les notes de publication pour Zabbix 6.0.15. Téléchargez-le depuis download.

Les sections ci-dessous décrivent la version en détail et donnent des informations de dernière minute ou d’autres renseignements qui complètent la documentation principale.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-8312 Increased TimescaleDB maximum supported version to 2.10
ZBXNEXT-8317 Increased MariaDB maximum supported version to 10.11
ZBXNEXT-7759 Added array and Buffer support to JavaScript btoa function and HttpRequest post/put methods
ZBXNEXT-8071 Added sysdba, sysasm and sysoper login options to Zabbix agent 2 Oracle plugin and updated Oracle by Zabbix agent 2 template documentation
ZBXNEXT-8241 Added support of signing data using rs256 to JavaScript engine
ZBXNEXT-8208 Added storage accounts in azure template

Corrections de bugs

ZBX-22622 Fixed alert script path validation
ZBX-22588 Fixed unauthorised file system access when using cURL
ZBX-22097 Fixed exiting process when connection to the database is lost
ZBX-21576 Optimized preprocessing in ClickHouse by HTTP template and added lld rule
ZBX-21669 Added the possibility to filter System user in the audit log
ZBX-22261 Added value mapping in the template PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent 2 for item Checksum failures
ZBX-22413 Fixed autofocus for inherited web scenario edit
ZBX-22507 Fixed positioning of the debug information on dashboards in the editing mode
ZBX-22506 Fixed horizontal scrollbar occasionally appearing on Graph widgets
ZBX-22512 Fixed occasional jumping of hint-boxes of Graph widgets, when made static
ZBX-22403 Added license information to the Readme for Veeam Backup templates
ZBX-21596 Optimized preprocessing steps in the Redis by Zabbix agent 2 template
ZBX-22520 Fixed the versions of integrations
ZBX-19466 Changed global script name validation to include a menu path into its scope of uniqueness check
ZBX-22073 Fixed subfilters of the Latest data and Graphs occasionally hiding the selected options
ZBX-22490 Fixed HttpRequest limit in JavaScript being reached even if all objects are destroyed
ZBX-21578 Optimized HAProxy http/agent templates to spread the load across the workers
ZBX-21906 Fixed recovery of dependent items when throttling is used
ZBX-21723 Removed syslog LogType from config file for Zabbix agent 2 on Windows
ZBX-22407 Fixed a crash when testing an item with the aggregated function count containing invalid argument
ZBX-22056 Fixed the "No data found" message style in Monitoring->Problems
ZBX-22026 Fixed SNMP agent item going to unsupported state on NULL result
ZBX-22411 Fixed incorrect time in the dashboard Graph widget hintbox
ZBX-21902 Emphasized the HTML type in the attribution field in the Administration->Geographical Maps
ZBX-18288 Fixed undefined offset runtime error in the Graph prototype preview
ZBX-21963 Fixed $ZBX_SERVER value being ignored unless $ZBX_SERVER_PORT is also defined
ZBX-21802 Fixed Enabled button in the discovered calculated items
ZBX-21642 Fixed a filter not clearing when clicking on a specific host in the Monitoring
ZBX-22186 Fixed wrong color update after item order change in graphs
ZBX-19339 Fixed import and export of dependent LLD rules if master item is a web item
ZBX-21813 Fixed User role update page when an empty user role name has been submitted
ZBX-22188 Changed parameters of the wmi.get and wmi.getall keys to mandatory
ZBX-21238 Fixed the inability to update status and other fields of a templated item, item prototype and discovery rule of script type
ZBX-21834 Fixed the map navigation tree breaking if there is a disabled trigger used as a link indicator between two elements in a map
ZBX-22259 Fixed quoted parameter escaping in the trigger expression functions
ZBX-22241 Fixed map link color and drawing style selection when multiple triggers are in the problem state
ZBX-22203 Fixed the tabfilter item click event being executed at the end of the tabfilter sorting event in Firefox
ZBX-22434 Fixed race condition when starting Zabbix agent 2 with loadable plugins
ZBX-22229 Updated Zabbix web service dependencies
ZBX-20801 Updated the Readme in Docker template
ZBX-22298 Fixed metrics preprocessing in PVC discovery in Kubernetes cluster state by HTTP template, removed non-existing PVC statuses, combined state phases into single phase metrics, added PV discovery
ZBX-22079 Fixed "make clean" command when used from tar archive
ZBX-22222 Fixed applying item value maps on already converted values

Notes concernant l’installation et la mise à jour


Consultez le Manuel Zabbix pour plus d’informations.

Mise à jour

Consultez le Procédure de mise à jour for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 6.0.15.

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