Notes de publication pour Zabbix 2.3.0

L’équipe Zabbix a le plaisir d’annoncer la sortie de Zabbix 2.3.0.

Zabbix est une solution open source de supervision distribuée destinée aux entreprises. Zabbix est distribué sous licence publique générale (GPL). Il est donc gratuit pour les usages commerciaux et non commerciaux. Les conditions complètes de cette licence sont disponibles sur

Ce document contient les notes de publication pour Zabbix 2.3.0. Téléchargez-le depuis download.

Les sections ci-dessous décrivent la version en détail et donnent des informations de dernière minute ou d’autres renseignements qui complètent la documentation principale.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-1782 Added support for newlines and tabs in trigger expressions API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-1782 Added support of new trigger expression operators ">=", "<=", "<>", "and", "or" and "not"; removed existing "#", "|" and "&" API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-2203 Added information on the reason items become not supported Agent Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-734 Implemented support for URL as dynamic screen element and added macro support Frontend
ZBXNEXT-497 Added support for patterns in "Include" configuration directive Agent Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-1506 Added support for[] and[] on AIX; thanks to Jairo Lopez and Boris Manojlovic for patches Agent
ZBX-5430 Implemented ISO 8601 standard date format "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss" as default Frontend
ZBX-7981 Deprecated "exists" API methods API
ZBX-7949 Improved multibyte string support API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2270 Changed "Status" dropdown in host and host prototype forms to "Enabled" checkbox Frontend
ZBX-7941 Changed page footer to not show debug in fullscreen mode Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1343 Removed support of old style node-based distributed monitoring API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-2256 Added support of host level macros like {HOST.*} along with user macros in LLD filter regexps Server
ZBX-7979 Added button "Clear history and trends" to scenarios form Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2065 Added a filter option to hide recently resolved triggers in Monitoring -> Triggers Frontend
ZBXNEXT-949 Improved filters by adding different titles for open and collapsed states Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2107 Added links to dependency triggers and added comma separated host list if dependency trigger belongs to multiple hosts in trigger edit and massupdate forms Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2225 Added a percentage free parameter to system.swap.size item; changed the way swap size is calculated Agent
ZBXNEXT-1119 Changed the global search to also search by technical host and template names Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2194 Added configuration option to include all files in a directory on Windows Agent
ZBXNEXT-751 Added support of user macros in the notifications and commands Server
ZBXNEXT-2123 Implemented the application and host inventory filters on the trigger monitoring page API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2117 Added "Description" field for templates, hosts and proxies API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-1533 Added "Action name" in "History of actions" screen and added a patch to change screen item sort order Frontend Installation
ZBX-7850 Unified the "Go to" section of host pop-up menus displayed in maps and other other places and made menu links disabled instead of hidden Frontend
ZBXNEXT-421 Implemented user name in action audit page Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2167 Improved info column in latest data monitoring and item, trigger, discovery host configuration Frontend
ZBX-6374 Added pagination in availability reports Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1533 Added "Action name" in Audit -> Action log Frontend
ZBX-7742 Added error message upon encountering trailing data for zabbix_sender when reading from file Agent
ZBXNEXT-581 Implemented the ability to filter by multiple LLD macros API Frontend Installation Server
ZBX-7361 Implemented alphabetic host ordering when trigger has many hosts Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1632 Added graph link in host menu popup "Go to" section Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1735 Removed graph and history link from items in latest data page, if history and trends are disabled Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1910 Added active since and active till columns in maintenance page Frontend
ZBX-7095 Added 'Cancel' button in dashboard configuration Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2140 Enabled Monitoring -> Latest data filter option "Show items without data" by default Frontend
ZBX-7713 Changed the event details page to display all hosts used in a trigger Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1700 Added informative messages about database connection restoration Proxy Server
ZBX-7609 Improved frontend messages mute/unmute Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1291 Added clickable links for template names in host, template, host prototype and discovered host property templates tab Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2073 Improved dashboard refresh time menu Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2073 Improved dashboard favourite menu Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2073 Improved service configuration menu Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2073 Improved slide show refresh multiplier popup menu Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2073 Improved trigger log menu Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2073 Improved trigger macros menu Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2073 Updated jQuery to latest 1.10.2 Frontend
ZBXNEXT-453 Added a new parameter 'User' to daemon configuration that allows dropping privileges to the specified user Agent Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-581 Split database upgrade patches over multiple files for easier maintenance Installation Server
ZBX-7345 Removed deprecated API features API

Corrections de bugs

ZBX-8014 Fixed evaluation of calculated item and trigger expressions not being precise enough Server
ZBX-8212 It is not possible to add triggers from templates to maps anymore Frontend
ZBX-8227 Fixed the "applicationids" parameter in trigger.get overriding the "groupids" parameter API
ZBX-8169 Fixed SLA period calculation to account for DST changes API
ZBX-8172 Fixed numeric value extraction from json data to ensure compatibility with third party tools that sends data as numeric values instead of strings Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-8048 Fixed bug where proxy would truncate execute scripts of telnet, SSH and database monitoring items to 2kB Proxy
ZBX-8193 Changed web scenario default timeout to 15 API
ZBX-6190 Added a more informative message to return when an item does not have enough information to perform nodata() calculations Server
ZBX-8157 Fixed size and style of custom user agent in web scenario edit form and fixed IE displaying input field on second click Frontend
ZBX-6834 Fixed trigger.get not returning any results when using the "host" parameter API
ZBX-8190 Fixed validation in API to prevent SQL errors with Oracle database when string with excessive length is stored API Frontend
ZBX-8160 Removed justification in warning message Frontend
ZBX-8141 Corrected 'URL' abbreviation string to uppercase Frontend
ZBX-7839 Fixed cloning of graphs and hosts to use changed form values Frontend
ZBX-8165 Fixed issue when maintenance items with its hosts/host groups removed are not accessible in configuration Frontend
ZBX-2196 Changed status codes of various exit calls to library macros for consistency Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-1274 Fixed negative values, received from SNMP agent, being displayed as large unsigned integers Server
ZBX-8031 Removed pre-processor aliases for Windows string functions; converted all references of Windows types to standard C types Agent
ZBX-8158 Fixed disabled hosts not shown in trigger selection popup when in configuration Frontend
ZBX-8118 Changed image update so that image type can not be changed after create API Frontend
ZBX-7553 Fixed graph not getting period when coming from screen Frontend
ZBX-7890 Fixed broken make distclean Installation
ZBX-7981 Fixed validation when renaming host to an existing template in host.massupdate; fixed validation when renaming template to an existing host in template.massupdate API
ZBX-7436 Changed string "comment" to "description" in trigger list and trigger comments Frontend
ZBX-8159 Fixed missing history bar when viewing or editing trigger descriptions Frontend
ZBX-7949 Fixed inherited graph and graph prototype case insensitive name comparison API
ZBX-7534 Removed the limit of dservice value and removed the limit of authorization string Proxy Server
ZBX-8132 Fixed image.get not properly returning all images for sysmaps API
ZBX-8108 Fixed reading /proc virtual files without rewinding the file position Agent
ZBX-5243 Increased the length of program name and command line that proc.mem[] and proc.num[] can match on AIX; thanks to Boris Manojlovic for patch Agent
ZBX-7448 Fixed Windows agents limit check Agent
ZBX-7335 Improved element copy dialog by having hosts, templates and host group in separate target types and empty groups are not shown Frontend
ZBX-3336 Fixed autodiscovery rule doesn't clear/rescan hosts in dhosts/dservices Proxy Server
ZBX-6497 Improved frontend filters, Filter and Reset now is submit buttons, removed JS form reset scripts, changed filter data saving process in profiles Frontend
ZBX-2840 Fixed map configuration with broken images Frontend
ZBX-6596 Fixed trigger sorting by hostname Frontend
ZBX-8012 Made links to other IT services from the dependency management to open in a new browser tab Frontend
ZBX-7624 Fixed pie charts legend alignment Frontend
ZBX-8029 Changed built-in font size from 0 to 1 for Zabbix home page and date in maps and graphs to support image functions for HHVM Frontend
ZBX-7625 Changed the execution order of API checks API
ZBX-8032 Enabled hyperlinks in host inventory overview page Frontend
ZBX-7120 Fixed undefined index in menu for event csv export Frontend
ZBX-6675 Removed host from the graph title if items from multiple hosts are included Frontend
ZBX-7781 Fixed no error being triggered when trying to pass the "auth" parameter to a method that does not require authentication API Frontend
ZBX-8001 Fixed host massupdate inventory tab being reset after choosing an inventory mode Frontend
ZBX-7873 Removed redundant error message in login page in event when frontend access for guest is not available Frontend
ZBX-7969 Fixed discovery checks sorting in action configuration page Frontend
ZBX-7969 Fixed sorting by name in discovery rule page Frontend
ZBX-7826 Fixed padding near textarea in acknowledges page Frontend
ZBX-4998 Fixed inconsistency of logging on Linux and Windows agents, and fixed information level logging at debug level 0 Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-6235 Fixed unnecessary compilation of C code when only --enable-java is passed to ./configure Installation
ZBX-5546 Removed formatting of JSON objects and escaping of forward slash/solidus Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-7749 Fixed possibility to set up database with default setting "Autocommit OFF" Frontend
ZBX-7140 Fixed SQL query to retrieve data for host updates sorted from the database Server
ZBX-7673 Removed strict necessity for a configuration for options that don't require it Agent
ZBX-7786 Fixed cell limit formatting with ellipsis Frontend
ZBX-7727 Added SQL connection error displaying for Oracle and DB2 Frontend
ZBX-5789 Removed unused fields in graph_discovery table Installation
ZBX-6350 Fixed incorrectly displayed table cell width in Event source details and Event details blocks Frontend
ZBX-7095 Fixed dashboard filter name to show pointer cursor Frontend
ZBX-7773 Fixed jQuery buttonset initializing Frontend
ZBX-7707 Fixed "Auto-logout" field to show submitted incorrect value Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2124 Implemented an application filter for host and host group map elements API Frontend Installation
ZBX-7109 Removed unused fields in trigger_discovery table Installation
ZBX-7168 Fixed template to properly link libcurl to all components independently Installation
ZBX-4772 Fixed possibility to pass incorrect host status value API
ZBX-7631 Fixed dashboard favourite widget width Frontend
ZBX-7622 Changed the default value of timeperiods.every field to '1' Installation
ZBX-7618 Removed partial matching for long format command line options Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-6940 Fixed frontend history links not remembering search queries Frontend
ZBX-7413 Fixed inconsistency of config file handling for loading and checking userparameters and aliases before starting the daemon Agent
ZBX-7412 Fixed alias parsing; colon symbols are now supported in alias parameters Agent
ZBX-7204 Fixed timestamp order of events generated during network discovery Server

Notes concernant l’installation et la mise à jour


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