Notes de publication pour Zabbix 2.1.0

L’équipe Zabbix a le plaisir d’annoncer la sortie de Zabbix 2.1.0.

Zabbix est une solution open source de supervision distribuée destinée aux entreprises. Zabbix est distribué sous licence publique générale (GPL). Il est donc gratuit pour les usages commerciaux et non commerciaux. Les conditions complètes de cette licence sont disponibles sur

Ce document contient les notes de publication pour Zabbix 2.1.0. Téléchargez-le depuis download.

Les sections ci-dessous décrivent la version en détail et donnent des informations de dernière minute ou d’autres renseignements qui complètent la documentation principale.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-1653 Added regexp extraction support to file/web/log keys Agent
ZBXNEXT-322 Implemented value cache Server
ZBXNEXT-1571 Added support for proc.num for HP-UX Agent
ZBX-6299 Added JSON validator Agent Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-1726 Added support for optional host metadata to active agent for auto-registration API Frontend Agent Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-1114 Improved multiselect support in action condition configuration page Frontend
ZBXNEXT-367 Added printing Aliases and PerfCounters when agent is run with -p option Agent
ZBX-6581 Added printing host name to a web scenario error log message Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-1408 Added multiselect in Action -> Conditions and Operations, in Scripts and in Item filter. Redesigned Host -> Templates form and added multiselect. Improved multiselect, added possibility to ignore elements API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1124 Implemented minimum trigger severity filter in maps Frontend Installation
ZBXNEXT-928 Changed application inheritance logic to allow linking multiple templates with the same applications API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-928 Allowed to delete applications used in HTTP tests API
ZBXNEXT-1051 Added possibility to add new elements in multiselect, added multiselect in hosts mass update and in items mass update form, and fixed regressions in application.massadd and in application filter API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-8 Added used swap size support for Windows and OSF Agent
ZBXNEXT-1597 Added support for content retrieval based on regular expressions in web monitoring Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-1438 Added SNMPv3 context name support Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-1407 Implement multiselect in multiple pages for host and host groups Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1 Added support of {host:key.last/min/avg/max()} macros in graph titles API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-1649 Added fine grained control of housekeeper tasks Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-1712 Improved create button for applications, items, triggers and web scenarios Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1712 Removed useless host name field in applications, items and web scenarios Frontend
ZBXNEXT-384 Added support of new notification macros {ACTION.*} and {EVENT.RECOVERY.*}; {EVENT.*} macros now return information of the event which triggered an action Server
ZBXNEXT-1105 Added logging of used configuration file name for agentd, server and proxy daemons Agent Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-1575 Implemented internal event and notification support API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-1575 The error icon in the item, LLD rule and trigger lists will no longer be displayed for disabled objects Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1575 New triggers will now be created in OK state API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-1575 The status indicator in the trigger list will also display the "Unknown" status Frontend
ZBXNEXT-579 Added support of net.if.discovery for FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD Agent
ZBXNEXT-300 Added support of IPMI discrete sensors Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-1659 Added support of anti-aliased normal and bold lines for graphs and map connectors Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1399 Implemented multiselect in dashboard configuration Frontend
ZBX-6292 Added support of time postfixes in trigger expression constructor Frontend
ZBXNEXT-354 Added macro expansion for allowed hosts setting in trapper items Server
ZBXNEXT-109 Implemented discovery rule check editing Frontend
ZBXNEXT-109 Improved discovery rule check deleting API
ZBXNEXT-1550 Added support of loadable modules for extending Zabbix agent checks, also server and proxy simple checks Agent Installation Proxy Server
ZBX-6226 Added command request (global script) result logging Server
ZBXNEXT-1243 Added support for agent system.swap.size key on AIX Agent
ZBXNEXT-1574 Removed unknown event support API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-1574 Dropped the event value_changed property API Installation
ZBX-6126 Changed the proxy.delete, user.delete and host.delete methods to accept both objects and IDs API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1334 Added whitespace trimming for server lists in agent conf file and allowed hosts for trapper items Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-4393 Added usage of configuration parameter Timeout for SNMP checks Proxy Server
ZBX-6038 Added zfs to the default list of filesystems discovered by LLD based templates Installation
ZBXNEXT-1500 Added support of full 64 bit address space for object IDs in non-DM setup API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-1466 Implemented macro support in trigger comments API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-1491 Implemented property array support for all get methods API
ZBXNEXT-1491 Implemented the map.get selectUrls parameter API
ZBXNEXT-1491 Implemented the itemprototype.get selectDiscoveryRule parameter API
ZBXNEXT-484 Added filtering by application in Monitoring -> Overview and Data/Triggers overview screen elements API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1089 Added support of user macros in global scripts Server
ZBXNEXT-1526 Added support of configurable number of retries per web scenario API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-1286 Added support of low-level discovery macros in trigger prototype expressions API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-450 Added support of SHA authentication protocol and AES privacy protocol for SNMPv3 chacks API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-308 Added support of web monitoring using HTTP proxy API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-20 Added support of templated web scenarios API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-887 Changed permission logic so that read permission does not override write permission anymore API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1492 Dropped support of output shorten for the API get methods API
ZBXNEXT-1410 Increased performance of operation with historical and configuration caches Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-1304 Added resolving of LLD macros in item prototype and a trigger prototype descriptions Server
ZBXNEXT-1472 Added support of parallel processing of time-based functions Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-1323 Implemented macros in script confirmation text API Frontend
ZBX-3449 Added support of multiple dynamic SNMP indexes Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-1441 Added media type name to action operations description Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1186 Increased length to 2048 characters of expression field for triggers API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-1433 Moved operation delay field to Operation tab Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1322 Implemented automatic update of database structure when upgrading to newer version Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBX-3236 Added support of value mapping for character data Frontend Server
ZBX-3817 Improved performance of the "data sender" process Proxy
ZBX-5436 Added support of AllowRoot parameter by server and proxy daemons Proxy Server
ZBX-5180 Redesigned maintenance periods form Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1335 Changed pingers to work without connection to a database Proxy Server
ZBX-5127 Redesigned regular expressions form Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1663 Added support for notification macros {TRIGGER.NAME.ORIG}, {ITEM.NAME.ORIG}, {ITEM.KEY.ORIG} Server

Corrections de bugs

ZBX-2622 Added link to last event in monitoring triggers page Frontend
ZBX-6362 Fixed proxy interface array structure API Frontend
ZBX-6645 Suppressed PHP error messages for DB connection tests in installation wizard step 3 Frontend Installation
ZBXNEXT-484 Fixed displaying data and triggers in monitoring overview page if no applications defined Frontend
ZBX-6429 Fixed Monitoring -> Events filter clearing and events acknowledging API Frontend
ZBX-6648 Improved trigger filter popup - shows hosts and groups that are enabled and have monitored triggers Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1682 Added negative number validation for "New flexible interval" field Frontend
ZBX-6459 Improved localization in maintenance Frontend
ZBX-6748 Fixed event filter period resetting Frontend
ZBX-6693 Improved groups and hosts filter in available report, slide shows and screen monitoring pages Frontend
ZBX-6662 Fixed acknowledged message count for problem events in dashboard "system status" block Frontend
ZBX-6471 Fixed action operations step ordering Frontend
ZBX-6361 Fixed proxy interface creating through Proxy API API
ZBX-6651 Fixed template name for duplicate items in validation message API
ZBX-6268 Removed links from inactive subfilter items in item list Frontend
ZBX-6446 Removed unused getObjects() method from Script API API
ZBX-6710 Fixed item list display after item deletion Frontend
ZBX-6718 Fixed "placeholder" attribute for IE9 Frontend
ZBX-6399 Fixed map element linking API
ZBX-6447 Fixed time control start time calculation filter in Administration -> Audit Frontend
ZBX-6678 Added write permission check in graphs and graph prototypes for Y axis MIN/MAX items API Frontend
ZBX-5672 Fixed horizontal grid and Y axis for graphs Frontend
ZBX-6692 Fixed displaying age and last change in monitoring triggers page Frontend
ZBX-5711 Fixed favorites not being added in dashboard Frontend
ZBX-4620 Added escaping of HTML entities for search results as well for item and trigger pages Frontend
ZBX-4620 Fixed inability to unset sub-filters in item configuration list Frontend
ZBX-5620 Fixed layout of edit forms Frontend
ZBX-6597 Removed debug trace in frontend for unsuccessful login if debug mode is enabled for guest group Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1550 Fixed agent crash on Microsoft Windows Agent
ZBX-6679 Fixed monitoring event filter, it will now ignore groups and hosts without active triggers Frontend
ZBX-6685 Fixed multiselect available data sorting in jsrpc Frontend
ZBX-6356 Fixed displaying web scenarios for administrator users API
ZBX-6667 Fixed unused hostid parameter in maintenance configuration page Frontend
ZBX-6649 Added numeric validation when selecting item for graphs and graph prototypes API Frontend
ZBX-6668 Fixed possibility to update action conditions and operations alone API
ZBX-6666 Fixed passing incorrect host and template ID directly from URL Frontend
ZBX-6650 Fixed minor layout issues for reset button and buttons in edit forms Frontend
ZBX-6642 Fixed not being able to use web items in plain text screen elements Frontend
ZBX-6642 Fixed disabled items not being displayed in screen element item selection pop ups Frontend
ZBX-6654 Fixed inconsistent column order in the item prototype list Frontend
ZBX-6644 Fixed sorting by history and trends fields in itemprototype.get API API
ZBX-6631 Made the "Debug" link available for guest users Frontend
ZBX-5589 Added validation of timeout and retry count parameters of net.dns item Agent
ZBX-6575 Fixed frontend permission validation for actions, hosts, maintenance, maps, proxies, screens and templates Frontend
ZBX-6626 Fixed time displaying for graphs Frontend
ZBX-6562 Fixed incorrect rounding in graphs for "s" units, fixed < 1 ms and 0s interval Frontend
ZBX-5953 Added output of web monitoring status (yes/no) when configuring proxy or server Installation Proxy Server
ZBX-6613 Fixed trigger prototype create/update error message API
ZBX-6619 Fixed template context not remembered when deleting screen from template with mass delete Frontend
ZBX-6614 Fixed array_keys() expecting array when calling CTemplateScreen get() with countOutput parameter API
ZBX-6595 Fixed empty "sort" parameter in the GET request causing the web monitoring list to be displayed incorrectly Frontend
ZBX-4636 Fixed broken UFT-8 characters in log item on Windows agent when encoding parameter is not set Agent
ZBX-6465 Fixed undefined index, when inventory mode is not set in API call API
ZBX-6580 Fixed space between name and count in item subfilter Frontend
ZBX-6476 Fixed trigger function validation Frontend Server
ZBX-6529 Changed iteration in DBConditionInt() from cursor to foreach() which doesn't copy whole input ID list, thus decreasing memory usage Frontend
ZBX-6465 Fixed host inventory mode being enabled even if only some inventory fields were updated API
ZBX-6530 Formatted some exception messages in CImage.php which where incorrectly formatted and not translated API
ZBX-4590 Added support for multibyte path to logrt items on Windows Agent
ZBX-6460 Fixed HTML entity encoding in condition names in action configuration page Frontend
ZBX-6435 Fixed compiler warnings Proxy Server
ZBX-6305 Fixed display name support in email sender Frontend Server
ZBX-6480 Fixed default timeout being shown instead of the stored one in web scenario step properties Frontend
ZBX-5532 Updated 1.8 time format to 2.0 for "services_times" table Installation
ZBX-1511 Fixed division by zero in graphs Frontend
ZBX-1950 Fixed no values in graphs Frontend
ZBX-2424 Fixed duplicates and zero values in Y axis Frontend
ZBX-3311 Fixed duplicates in Y axis Frontend
ZBX-6287 Added Milli and Micro support in graphs Frontend
ZBX-6263 Fixed invisible negative points in graphs Frontend
ZBX-6271 Removed positive intervals if graph is negative Frontend
ZBX-2579 Fixed Y axis label rounding Frontend
ZBX-2579 Fixed incorrect zero line definition Frontend
ZBX-2579 Fixed interval rewriting Frontend
ZBX-2579 Fixed negative Y axis Frontend
ZBX-2579 Fixed small value rounding to zero Frontend
ZBX-2579 Fixed unit types in Y axis Frontend
ZBX-6445 Fixed unnecessary trimming for IPMI sensor field for item prototypes and discovery rules Frontend
ZBX-6335 Removed unused alerts.nextcheck field Installation
ZBX-6427 Added message noting that maximum number of flexible intervals has been reached Frontend
ZBX-6427 Fixed new flexible interval not being hidden when max number of flexible intervals reached Frontend
ZBX-6393 Fixed missing "New flexible interval" field validation in discovery rule editing form Frontend
ZBX-3643 Fixed trend average calculation for 64 bit unsigned integer values Server
ZBX-6397 Synchronized discovery rule username/password field validation with items Frontend
ZBX-6400 Fixed type list in discovery rule form Frontend
ZBX-6360 Fixed all items being listed in item configuration if nonexistent host is provided in filter "Host" field Frontend
ZBX-6387 Fixed navigation problems when opening profile page from trigger or graph prototype list Frontend
ZBX-6369 Fixed "Use custom multiplier" field validation in items Frontend
ZBX-6366 Fixed "New flexible interval" field validation in item prototypes Frontend
ZBX-6334 Fixed naming inconsistency in triggers and graph prototypes Frontend
ZBX-6336 Fixed "array to string conversion" error in triggers Frontend
ZBX-6332 Fixed button IDs in graph editing form Frontend
ZBX-6234 Improved validation of command request (global scripts) tag values Server
ZBX-6331 Fixed page title in graph prototypes Frontend
ZBX-3357 Fixed confusing naming and coloring in Monitoring -> Overview hint popup Frontend
ZBX-3357 Fixed incorrectly blinking colors in non default themes Frontend
ZBX-5990 Fixed permission check in graphs and triggers and fixed host full clone API
ZBX-5972 Fixed template items, LLD rules, item prototypes and applications being inherited incorrectly when changing their name and an object with the same already exists on a linked host API
ZBX-6221 Added failure response to proxy config/heartbeat requests with not matching hostname Server
ZBX-869 Fixed expanding/collapsing all groups without an application when only one was activated in Monitoring -> Latest data Frontend
ZBX-6192 Improved trigger update, must update only changed fields API Frontend
ZBX-6256 Fixed "limitSelect" in drule.get sorting dchecks and dhosts results by name instead of IDs API
ZBX-6256 Fixed drule.exists "druleids" parameter not working API
ZBX-6276 Fixed function to get URL parameter error message Frontend
ZBX-6245 Fixed monitoring trigger filter criteria saving Frontend
ZBX-6237 Fixed Y axis item adding field, now it is available also if item list is empty Frontend
ZBX-6123 Ensured sequential IT service updates by database syncers Server
ZBX-5668 Added upgrade patch to change "server_check_interval" field value to 10 Installation
ZBX-3078 Added signal handling to agent also when it's not ran as daemon Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-6229 Removed pretty formatting from Java gateway JSON responses Java gateway
ZBX-5549 Removed unused PERM_READ_LIST and PERM_MAX constants Frontend Proxy Server
ZBX-3646 Improved agent termination and resource cleanup on Windows Agent
ZBX-6219 Fixed proxy sending host availability data for templates Proxy
ZBX-6196 Added missing HTTPS and TELNET options to Service type condition in Action configuration Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1574 Changed the text in the "ack" column for triggers with no events in the trigger pop up of the "System status" widget to "No events" Frontend
ZBX-6006 Fixed URLs not displayed in map configuration Frontend
ZBX-6084 Fixed adding/removing items from dashboard favourites API Frontend
ZBX-6166 Fixed SQL error in Oracle, when linking a template Frontend
ZBX-5973 Improved performance of SNMP dynamic index item cache building in poller processes Proxy Server
ZBX-6169 Fixed colors in "Server info" and "Hosts info" screen items for dark orange/blue themes Frontend
ZBX-6172 Removed unknown trigger status code from maps Frontend
ZBX-6126 Implemented empty parameter validation in user.delete API
ZBX-6160 Changed the frontend to use temporary Oracle connections instead of persistent Frontend
ZBX-5034 Fixed vfs.file.exists incorrectly reporting file as not existing in the case of errors Agent
ZBX-6162 Fixed undefined indexes in Dashboard -> Host status Frontend
ZBX-6041 Fixed item sorting in log item filter Frontend
ZBX-6127 Fixed default value for type column in users table Installation
ZBXNEXT-1589 Removed 'win32floppy' directory Installation
ZBX-6098 Fixed profile key types Frontend Installation
ZBX-6119 Fixed displaying of events in Monitoring -> Triggers Frontend
ZBX-6093 Unified how the "access denied" page is displayed in different scenarios Frontend
ZBX-6125 Fixed empty new line in configuration of actions Frontend
ZBX-6108 Fixed time control position remembering in Monitoring -> Web Frontend
ZBX-6111 Removed unused profile key: web.popup.itemtype Frontend
ZBX-6073 Fixed page title in Zabbix installation page Frontend
ZBX-6102 Fixed type of web.httpconf.showdisabled profile record Frontend
ZBX-6099 Fixed event.get select_acknowledges count returning incorrect results if no acknowledgements exist API Frontend
ZBX-6065 Removed useless deletes when housekeeper deletes old history Server
ZBX-6078 Fixed graph item creating API
ZBX-6050 Fixed duplicate step name validation in httptest.create and httptest.update API
ZBX-5846 Removed the graphitem.getobjects method API
ZBX-5706 Fixed trigger.adddependencies returning an object instead of an array of trigger IDs API
ZBX-5916 Removed the unnecessary dhostids parameter from dcheck.get API
ZBX-5719 Fixed event.get returning only trigger events by default for admin users API
ZBX-5915 Fixed the host.get and template.get selectParentTemplates parameter using an incorrect property name when passing count API
ZBX-6049 Fixed "Undefined index" in web scenario steps Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1491 Fixed alert.get hostids and groupids parameters API
ZBXNEXT-1491 Fixed multiple subselects returning hashes instead of arrays API
ZBXNEXT-1491 Fixed item.get selectHosts returning double template objects API
ZBXNEXT-1491 Fixed itemprototype.get selectItems not returning web items API
ZBXNEXT-1491 Fixed template.get selectTemplates and selectHosts not working with count API
ZBXNEXT-1491 Fixed script.get subselects not working when not requesting the groupid and host_access properties API
ZBX-5944 Fixed displaying of trigger expression testing Frontend
ZBX-5909 Fixed proxy compilation when using '--with-sqlite3' Proxy
ZBX-5904 Fixed history filtering by items Frontend
ZBX-5927 Fixed selectMappings returning a hash of mappings instead of an array in iconmap.get API Frontend
ZBX-5927 Fixed preservekeys affecting selectSelements and selectLinks in map.get API Frontend
ZBX-5888 Fixed incorrect message in trigger expression test Frontend
ZBX-5895 Fixed including map in a map Frontend
ZBX-5718 Fixed unknown event generation for templated triggers API
ZBX-5749 Fixed macro resolving in triggers in network maps Frontend
ZBX-5752 Fixed incorrect API results, when deleting template objects API
ZBX-5709 Fixed trigger recreation after template trigger expression change caused event history deletion API
ZBX-5711 Added caching for frontend favorite values Frontend
ZBX-5711 Removed redundant queries when editing web scenario Frontend
ZBX-5565 Fixed HTML being returned on API requests if DB is down API Frontend
ZBX-3396 Added error message if FreeType support is missing Frontend
ZBX-4355 Fixed response for inode items on file systems not supporting them Agent
ZBX-5673 Fixed incorrect Y-scale if point value > 10 PB Frontend
ZBX-875 Fixed duplicate Y-scale Frontend
ZBX-3934 Unified color code validation in frontend Frontend
ZBX-5498 Improved performance of template linkage operations in API API
ZBX-5498 Applications API refactoring API
ZBX-5560 Fixed recovery sound being saved incorrectly in user profile Frontend
ZBX-2770 Added autofocus for first field in the frontend forms Frontend
ZBX-5463 Fixed inability to login if HTTP auth is enabled and frontend access is set to internal Frontend
ZBX-5383 Changed maximum data size accepted via Zabbix communication protocol to be 64 MB Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-5167 Fixed incorrect screen count on the templated screen configuration page Frontend
ZBX-5142 Changed media type field label from 'Description' to 'Name' Frontend
ZBX-5314 Increased size of autoincrement fields for PostgreSQL database Installation
ZBX-1845 Added tabs to host massupdate form Frontend

Notes concernant l’installation et la mise à jour


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