Notes de publication pour Zabbix 3.4.8

L’équipe Zabbix a le plaisir d’annoncer la sortie de Zabbix 3.4.8.

Zabbix est une solution open source de supervision distribuée destinée aux entreprises. Zabbix est distribué sous licence publique générale (GPL). Il est donc gratuit pour les usages commerciaux et non commerciaux. Les conditions complètes de cette licence sont disponibles sur

Ce document contient les notes de publication pour Zabbix 3.4.8. Téléchargez-le depuis download.

Les sections ci-dessous décrivent la version en détail et donnent des informations de dernière minute ou d’autres renseignements qui complètent la documentation principale.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-4374 Implemented the widget configuration fields clearing when changing the type Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4045 Implemented maximum size for graphs in widgets Frontend
ZBX-1357 Enabled Hebrew translation to be displayed by default API Frontend
ZBX-1357 Updated Chinese (China), Czech, English (United States), French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators API Frontend

Corrections de bugs

ZBX-13542 Fixed http steps on template not inheriting hosts application setting Frontend
ZBX-13618 Fixed wrong variables order in translatable error message Frontend
ZBX-13344 Fixed trigger based actions having a default "not in maintenance" condition Frontend
ZBX-13613 Improved a history syncer when backend elasticsearch is not available Server
ZBX-13544 Fixed agent crashes when using regex with 'Log' item for Mac OSX Agent
ZBX-13611 Fixed lld rules not always saving their state/error message changes Server
ZBX-13571 Fixed regression that resulted in slow history data queries on partitioned tables Server
ZBX-13424 Added possibility to select web items as master items and improved copying of dependent items to destination hosts and templates API Frontend
ZBX-13573 Fixed undefined index message changing Action "Acknowledgment operations" from "Remote command" to "Notify all involved" API
ZBX-13570 Fixed undefined index in API call API
ZBX-13331 Removed "recovery" property from action.get API method response API
ZBX-13309 Fixed displaying of Problem/Recovery time Frontend
ZBX-13450 Fixed server and proxy compilation problem for Solaris 10 Proxy Server
ZBX-13458, ZBX-13494 Fixed resolving of the macros in map labels for non-superadmin users API Frontend
ZBX-13526 Fixed widget placeholder jumping instead of resizing while dashboard edit Frontend
ZBX-13362 Fixed potentially wrong rows deleting by housekeeper in PostgreSQL Proxy Server
ZBX-13506 Fixed linked trigger is moved to sibling map element Frontend
ZBX-13586 Fixed trigger-based event correlation - suspend creation of event if no problems are recovered by it Server
ZBX-13339 Improved deallocation of memory Server
ZBX-13340 Fixed pie graphs displaying incorrect data Frontend
ZBX-13412 Fixed JS error and wrong form behaviour when changing item type, type of information, data type Frontend
ZBX-13257 Fixed display of the latest item in Audit log Frontend
ZBX-13447 Fixed trigger name readability on map in dark theme Frontend
ZBX-13360 Fixed HTML5 placeholder color that previously appeared like actual input data Frontend
ZBX-13351 Improved OpenSSL error messages Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-13147 Fixed inconsistent number on map navigation tree Frontend
ZBX-13537 Fixed "Inaccessible user" in Dashboard System status widgets acknowledgement popup Frontend
ZBX-13472 Fixed description of "Server" and "ServerActive" configuration options Installation
ZBX-13455 Added frontend error message when templates cannot be linked to LLD host Server
ZBX-13434 Fixed incorrect trigger dependencies being set after copying triggers to multiple hosts; thanks to Kotaro Miyashita for the patch Frontend
ZBX-12883 Fixed incorrect ordering the list of triggers after saving a map Frontend
ZBX-12940 Fixed content does not fit dialog window Frontend
ZBX-13401 Fixed successful items mass update with invalid update interval Frontend
ZBX-13342 Fixed order by query in frontend Maintenance tab Frontend
ZBX-6167 Fixed partial updating in maintenance.update API
ZBX-13062 Banned using of mutex in threads of metrics collection Agent
ZBX-13236 Fixed error message of function parameters parse Server
ZBX-13398 Fixed configure script for Debian GNU/Linux "buster" and "sid" to work with PostgreSQL Installation
ZBX-13428 Fixed long name of map outside go back button in map widget Frontend
ZBX-12754 Fixed undefined index error in map import API Frontend
ZBX-13166 Fixed daily and yearly notification reports not including current day/last day of leap-year Frontend
ZBX-13498 Added optional MySQL upgrade patch for "problem" table to drop redundant index after another index that can be used to enforce the foreign key constraint has been created Proxy Server
ZBX-13452 Fixed Elasticsearch history storage default value types Server
ZBX-12941 Fixed checkbox overlay's position over the checkbox Frontend
ZBX-13334 Fixed translations of Widget parameters window Frontend
ZBX-13248 Fixed field trapper_hosts to optional for trapper item.create API
ZBX-13307 Fixed map scaling and position to the widget left side Frontend
ZBX-6118 Fixed poor performance of changing an item on the template which linked with many hosts API
ZBX-13141 Fixed invalid value for "Update interval" field in mass update form on submit was redirecting to items list Frontend

Notes concernant l’installation et la mise à jour


Consultez le Manuel Zabbix pour plus d’informations.

Mise à jour

Consultez le Procédure de mise à jour for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 3.4.8.

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