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While Zabbix availability and performance monitoring solution is released under open source license, here at Zabbix we understand that the key element of true enterprise-class software for a corporate customer is the availability of professional on-time technical support.

Zabbix offers to its customers 5 different support tiers. From simple, per-incident based support plans up to complex support tiers that include remote troubleshooting, version upgrade, on-site training and on-site consulting; we believe every company will find a support level that meets its requirements.


By purchasing technical support, a customer:

  • gets access to the team of Zabbix experts that know every little bit of the source code and have extensive experience in solving a variety of issues that customers are facing every day;
  • receives assurance that no matter how complex the issue is, Zabbix support engineers will find a solution and deliver it according to the terms set in the contract.

Supported Languages

While English is the default language of support team, we may also provide support in Japanese, Russian and Latvian. If you require support provided to your organization in another language, please let us know.

Support Tier Offerings

Number of incidents48UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of authorized support contactstooltipA maximum number of unique persons assigned to use this support tier on behalf of a customer.11235+
Support availability times (h-d)8 x 58 x 58 x 524 x 724 x 7
Guaranteed response times *2 Days1 Day4 Hours4 Hours4 Hours
Online case submission     
Phone technical support     
Standard Zabbix buildstooltipZabbix Monitoring Solution installation packages (RPMs, deb packages) that include Zabbix Server and Zabbix Proxy are available for a number of selected OSs.     
Remote TroubleshootingtooltipA Zabbix service provided remotely by Zabbix engineers to fix customer's problems related to operation of Zabbix server or Zabbix proxy.     
Distributed monitoring with Zabbix ProxytooltipAn architecture where one Zabbix server and one or more Zabbix proxies are used to monitor customer IT environment. Zabbix proxies collect data and forward to Zabbix server for further processing.    Unlimited
Emergency response within 90 minutes     
Performance TuningtooltipA Zabbix service provided remotely or on-site by Zabbix engineers, which includes audit of customer's Zabbix installation followed by actual steps taken on customer's installation to improve installation performance.     
Pre-compiled software according to customer request     
Assigned primary support contact     
On-site visit **     
On-site professional training ***     
Upgrade to the latest version by Zabbix     
Environment ReviewstooltipA service provided remotely or on-site by Zabbix engineers, which includes audit of customer's Zabbix installation followed by written practical recommendations on improving installation performance, use of best practices and getting more out of Zabbix Monitoring Solution.     
Custom Zabbix buildstooltipZabbix Monitoring Solution installation packages (RPMs) that include Zabbix server and Zabbix proxy, created according to customer request.     
Sponsored development prioritytooltipCustomer has an option to request specific functionality or feature ordered within Zabbix Development services ahead of other scheduled developments.     
 Technical Support Terms and Conditions
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By phone:

Worldwide:+371 6 778 4742
USA toll-free:   1 877 4 ZABBIX
Japan:+81 03 3582 5388

By email:



Demo of Zabbix Monitoring Solution:

Channel:Webex session
Auditory:max. 15 participants
Questions:    Text chat
Language:    English

* While we offer specific timeframes within our support service level guarantees, every effort will be made to respond more quickly when resources are available.
** One 5 business day visit to a customer office by a leading consultant of Zabbix, which may be used to receive consultations, perform tuning of Zabbix installation, deliver additional training etc.
***   Zabbix Certified Specialist and Zabbix Certified Professional training at a customer location for up to 5 customer's employees. According to a customer request a standard program can be adjusted to cover topics selected by a customer.

Please note that you may ask Zabbix to create a tailored Gold and Platinum support tier to meet your specific requirements by adding missing services. An Enterprise tier will be tailored according to customer request.


The actual cost of support tier depends on the number of Zabbix servers and Zabbix proxies that require support, as well as on the complexity of customer environment. To get a quick price estimate for desired support tier, please complete Express Price Inquiry Form.

Not sure which support tier is best for you? Please select "Help me decide" for support tier in Express Price Inquiry Form or contact our sales team.

Purchase Technical Support

Purchasing technical support is made easy:

  1. Request a quote
  2. Confirm your order by e-mail or PO
  3. Accept Terms & Conditions by paying invoice
  4. Receive Technical Support Agreement from Zabbix and start using support
Support process

Communication Channels

The main goal of technical support service is to provide responsive, dependable, quality support to resolve any issues regarding installation, operation and use of Zabbix.

The primary support delivery channel that is available to all support customers is Zabbix Support System, which ensures online messaging for prompt and easy communication between customers and our technical specialists. As an emergency alternative, e-mail can be used to communicate with Zabbix support. In this case, all information will be entered into the support system by technical specialists to keep track of customer issues and resolutions.

Customers with advanced support tiers may access support services by phone, calling dedicated numbers.

On-site visits by lead technical engineers are included into Enterprise support tier.

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