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 +===== - #7 Notifications upon events =====
 +=== Overview ===
 +Assuming that we have configured some items and triggers and now are getting some events happening as a result of triggers changing state, it is time to consider some actions.
 +To begin with, we would not want to stare at the triggers or events list all the time. It would be much better to receive notification if something significant (such as a problem) has happened. Also, when problems occur, we would like to see that all the people concerned are informed.
 +That is why sending notifications is one of the primary actions offered by Zabbix. Who and when should be notified upon a certain event can be defined.
 +To be able to send and receive notifications from Zabbix you have to:
 +  * [[manual:​config:​notifications:​media|define some media]]
 +  * [[manual:​config:​notifications:​action|configure an action]] that sends a message to one of the defined media 
 +Actions consist of //​conditions//​ and //​operations//​. Basically, when conditions are met, operations are carried out. The two principal operations are sending a message (notification) and executing a remote command.
 +For discovery and auto-registration created events, some additional operations are available. Those include adding or removing a host, linking a template etc.