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1 Simple graphs


Simple graphs are provided for the visualization of data gathered by items.

No configuration effort is required on the user part to view simple graphs. They are freely made available by Zabbix.

Just go to Monitoring → Latest data and click on the Graph link for the respective item and a graph will be displayed.

Take note of the time period selector above the graph. It allows you to select the desired time period easily.

The slider within the selector can be dragged back and forth as well as resized. Links are also provided within the selector allowing to choose often-used predefined periods and move them back and forth in time.

Simple graphs are provided for all numeric items. For textual items, a link to History is available in Monitoring → Latest data.

Working time (working days) is displayed in graphs as a white background, while non-working time is displayed in grey (with the Original blue default frontend theme).

Working time is always displayed in simple graphs, whereas displaying it in custom graphs is a user preference.

Working time is not displayed if the graph shows more than 3 months.