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7 What's new in Zabbix 4.4.2

Problem export to CSV

Export to CSV in MonitoringProblems now exports problems from all pages, not just the selected page. Filter settings are still obeyed.


Support for the new {EVENT.TAGS.<tag name>} macro has been added. For more information, see Supported macros.

Agent 2 configuration parameters

The following general configuration parameters have been moved to plugin configuration parameters:

  • EnableRemoteCommands → Plugins.SystemRun.EnableRemoteCommands
  • LogRemoteCommands → Plugins.SystemRun.LogRemoteCommands
  • MaxLinesPerSecond → Plugins.Log.MaxLinesPerSecond

The internal plugin Configurator API also has been changed: another parameter has been added to the Configure() function, the format of passed plugin parameters to the Configure() function has been changed and the Validate() function has been added to validate plugin specific configuration.

Guest user disabled

The "guest" user is now disabled by default in new installations.

Guest user info

In previous versions, when logged in as guest, there was no way to tell what user you were logged in as, because the profile icon was hidden for the guest user. In the new version a slightly different version of the profile icon is displayed when you are logged in as guest - . This icon is not clickable and does not lead to the user profile. When the mouse is positioned over it, info is displayed with the name 'guest' to suggest the currently logged in user.

Webhook media type test usability improved

When performing a webhook media type test, it is now possible to see webhook script response type and webhook script response data in the test modal window.