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9 What's new in Zabbix 4.4.4

Webhook integrations

Several new integrations are available allowing to use webhook media types for pushing Zabbix notifications to:

See also: Webhook media type

Import option to remove existing template linkage

During host or template import it is now possible to update template linkage using the Delete missing option. If using this option any template linkage that does not also exist in the import file will be deleted from the existing host/template along with all entities inherited from these unlinked templates (items, triggers, etc).

By default this option is unchecked and before it is possible to mark this checkbox a warning message is displayed that all inherited entities may be lost as a result.

Zabbix agent 2 (Windows)

Zabbix agent 2 can now be compiled from sources on the Windows platform.

Escaping special characters from LLD macro values in JSONPath

When low-level discovery macros are used in JSONPath preprocessing and their values are resolved, new rules of escaping special characters are applied:

  • only backslash (\) and double quote (") characters are considered for escaping;
  • if the resolved macro value contains these characters, each of them is escaped with a backslash;
  • if they are already escaped with a backslash, it is not considered as escaping and both the backslash and the following special characters are escaped once again.

For more information, see Escaping special characters from LLD macro values in JSONPath.