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1 Login and configuring user


In this section you will learn how to log in and set up a system user in Zabbix.


This is the Zabbix "Welcome" screen. Enter the user name Admin with password zabbix to log in as a Zabbix superuser.

When logged in, you will see 'Connected as Admin' in the lower right corner of the page. Access to Configuration and Administration menus will be granted.

Protection against brute force attacks

In case of five consecutive failed login attempts, Zabbix interface will pause for 30 seconds in order to prevent brute force and dictionary attacks.

The IP address of a failed login attempt will be displayed after a successful login.

Adding user

To view information about users, go to Administration → Users.

To add a new user, click on Create user.

In the new user form, make sure to add your user to one of the existing user groups, for example 'Zabbix administrators'.

All mandatory input fields are marked with a red asterisk.

By default, new users have no media (notification delivery methods) defined for them. To create one, go to the 'Media' tab and click on Add.

In this pop-up, enter an e-mail address for the user.

You can specify a time period when the medium will be active (see Time period specification page for description of the format), by default a medium is always active. You can also customise trigger severity levels for which the medium will be active, but leave all of them enabled for now.

Click on Add, then click Add in the user properties form. The new user appears in the userlist.

Adding permissions

By default, a new user has no permissions to access hosts. To grant the user rights, click on the group of the user in the Groups column (in this case - 'Zabbix administrators'). In the group properties form, go to the Permissions tab.

This user is to have read-only access to Linux servers group, so click on Select next to the user group selection field.

In this pop-up, mark the checkbox next to 'Linux servers', then click Select. Linux servers should be displayed in the selection field. Click the 'Read' button to set permission level and then Add to add the group to the list of permissions. In the user group properties form, click Update.

In Zabbix, access rights to hosts are assigned to user groups, not individual users.

Done! You may try to log in using the credentials of the new user.