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martins-v sender uses all ServerActive addresses
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martins-v relative path is ok for config since 3.4
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 does not read any configuration file. does not read any configuration file.
-Absolute path should be specified. 
 Only parameters <​B>​Hostname</​B>,​ <​B>​ServerActive</​B>,​ <​B>​SourceIP</​B>,​ <​B>​TLSConnect</​B>,​ <​B>​TLSCAFile</​B>,​ <​B>​TLSCRLFile</​B>,​ Only parameters <​B>​Hostname</​B>,​ <​B>​ServerActive</​B>,​ <​B>​SourceIP</​B>,​ <​B>​TLSConnect</​B>,​ <​B>​TLSCAFile</​B>,​ <​B>​TLSCRLFile</​B>,​
 <​B>​TLSServerCertIssuer</​B>,​ <​B>​TLSServerCertSubject</​B>,​ <​B>​TLSCertFile</​B>,​ <​B>​TLSKeyFile</​B>,​ <​B>​TLSPSKIdentity</​B>​ and <​B>​TLSPSKFile</​B>​ are supported. <​B>​TLSServerCertIssuer</​B>,​ <​B>​TLSServerCertSubject</​B>,​ <​B>​TLSCertFile</​B>,​ <​B>​TLSKeyFile</​B>,​ <​B>​TLSPSKIdentity</​B>​ and <​B>​TLSPSKFile</​B>​ are supported.