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manual:appendix:protocols:header_datalen [2019/05/14 07:15]
vso ZBX-16123 fixed bash script
manual:appendix:protocols:header_datalen [2019/05/14 08:05] (current)
vso ZBX-16123 fixed for loop to work on older bash versions
Line 23: Line 23:
 printf -v LENGTH '​%016x'​ "​${#​DATA}"​ printf -v LENGTH '​%016x'​ "​${#​DATA}"​
 PACK=""​ PACK=""​
-for i in {14..0..-2}; do PACK="​$PACK\\x${LENGTH:​$i:​2}";​ done+for (( i=14; i>=0; i-=)); do PACK="​$PACK\\x${LENGTH:​$i:​2}";​ done
 printf "​ZBXD\1$PACK%s"​ "​$DATA"​ printf "​ZBXD\1$PACK%s"​ "​$DATA"​
 </​code>​| </​code>​|