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 +==== 9 Upgrade notes for 4.4.0 ====
 +​<note important>​Zabbix 4.4.0 is not released yet.</​note>​
 +=== Changed host export format ===
 +The format of host/​template export in XML/JSON has been changed. For more details, see [[:​manual/​introduction/​whatsnew440#​changed_host_export_format|What'​s new in 4.4.0]].
 +=== Items table split ===
 +Realtime fields have been split from the ''​items''​ table into a new table called ''​item_rtdata''​. See also [[:​manual/​introduction/​whatsnew440#​items_table_split|What'​s new in 4.4.0]].