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martins-v discovery of block devices
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 +===== 5 What's new in Zabbix 4.4.0 =====
 +<note important>​Zabbix 4.4.0 is not released yet.</​note>​
 +==== Low-level discovery of block devices ====
 +Low-level discovery of block devices and their type is supported using a new built-in discovery key:
 +   ​
 +The discovery will return a JSON with the values of two macros - {#DEVNAME} and {#DEVTYPE}, identifying the block device name and type respectively. ​
 +These macros can be used to create item prototypes using the ''​[]''​ and ''​[]''​ agent items, i.e. ''​[{#​DEVNAME},​sps]''​. See also: [[:​manual/​discovery/​low_level_discovery/​devices|Discovery of block devices]].