Notas de Lançamento para o Zabbix 2.3.0

A Equipe Zabbix tem o prazer de anunciar a disponibilidade do Zabbix 2.3.0.

O Zabbix é uma solução de monitoramento distribuído empresarial de código aberto. O Zabbix é distribuído sob a GPL, portanto, é gratuito para uso comercial e não comercial. A licença completa está disponível em

Este documento contém as notas de lançamento do Zabbix 2.3.0. Para efetuar o download clique aqui.

As seções a seguir descrevem o lançamento em detalhes e fornecem as informações mais recentes ou outras informações que complementam a documentação principal.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-1782 Added support for newlines and tabs in trigger expressions
ZBXNEXT-1782 Added support of new trigger expression operators ">=", "<=", "<>", "and", "or" and "not"; removed existing "#", "|" and "&"
ZBXNEXT-2203 Added information on the reason items become not supported
ZBXNEXT-734 Implemented support for URL as dynamic screen element and added macro support
ZBXNEXT-497 Added support for patterns in "Include" configuration directive
ZBXNEXT-1506 Added support for[] and[] on AIX; thanks to Jairo Lopez and Boris Manojlovic for patches
ZBX-5430 Implemented ISO 8601 standard date format "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss" as default
ZBX-7981 Deprecated "exists" API methods
ZBX-7949 Improved multibyte string support
ZBXNEXT-2270 Changed "Status" dropdown in host and host prototype forms to "Enabled" checkbox
ZBX-7941 Changed page footer to not show debug in fullscreen mode
ZBXNEXT-1343 Removed support of old style node-based distributed monitoring
ZBXNEXT-2256 Added support of host level macros like {HOST.*} along with user macros in LLD filter regexps
ZBX-7979 Added button "Clear history and trends" to scenarios form
ZBXNEXT-2065 Added a filter option to hide recently resolved triggers in Monitoring -> Triggers
ZBXNEXT-949 Improved filters by adding different titles for open and collapsed states
ZBXNEXT-2107 Added links to dependency triggers and added comma separated host list if dependency trigger belongs to multiple hosts in trigger edit and massupdate forms
ZBXNEXT-2225 Added a percentage free parameter to system.swap.size item; changed the way swap size is calculated
ZBXNEXT-1119 Changed the global search to also search by technical host and template names
ZBXNEXT-2194 Added configuration option to include all files in a directory on Windows
ZBXNEXT-751 Added support of user macros in the notifications and commands
ZBXNEXT-2123 Implemented the application and host inventory filters on the trigger monitoring page
ZBXNEXT-2117 Added "Description" field for templates, hosts and proxies
ZBXNEXT-1533 Added "Action name" in "History of actions" screen and added a patch to change screen item sort order
ZBX-7850 Unified the "Go to" section of host pop-up menus displayed in maps and other other places and made menu links disabled instead of hidden
ZBXNEXT-421 Implemented user name in action audit page
ZBXNEXT-2167 Improved info column in latest data monitoring and item, trigger, discovery host configuration
ZBX-6374 Added pagination in availability reports
ZBXNEXT-1533 Added "Action name" in Audit -> Action log
ZBX-7742 Added error message upon encountering trailing data for zabbix_sender when reading from file
ZBXNEXT-581 Implemented the ability to filter by multiple LLD macros
ZBX-7361 Implemented alphabetic host ordering when trigger has many hosts
ZBXNEXT-1632 Added graph link in host menu popup "Go to" section
ZBXNEXT-1735 Removed graph and history link from items in latest data page, if history and trends are disabled
ZBXNEXT-1910 Added active since and active till columns in maintenance page
ZBX-7095 Added 'Cancel' button in dashboard configuration
ZBXNEXT-2140 Enabled Monitoring -> Latest data filter option "Show items without data" by default
ZBX-7713 Changed the event details page to display all hosts used in a trigger
ZBXNEXT-1700 Added informative messages about database connection restoration
ZBX-7609 Improved frontend messages mute/unmute
ZBXNEXT-1291 Added clickable links for template names in host, template, host prototype and discovered host property templates tab
ZBXNEXT-2073 Improved dashboard refresh time menu
ZBXNEXT-2073 Improved dashboard favourite menu
ZBXNEXT-2073 Improved service configuration menu
ZBXNEXT-2073 Improved slide show refresh multiplier popup menu
ZBXNEXT-2073 Improved trigger log menu
ZBXNEXT-2073 Improved trigger macros menu
ZBXNEXT-2073 Updated jQuery to latest 1.10.2
ZBXNEXT-453 Added a new parameter 'User' to daemon configuration that allows dropping privileges to the specified user
ZBXNEXT-581 Split database upgrade patches over multiple files for easier maintenance
ZBX-7345 Removed deprecated API features

Correções de bugs

ZBX-8014 Fixed evaluation of calculated item and trigger expressions not being precise enough
ZBX-8212 It is not possible to add triggers from templates to maps anymore
ZBX-8227 Fixed the "applicationids" parameter in trigger.get overriding the "groupids" parameter
ZBX-8169 Fixed SLA period calculation to account for DST changes
ZBX-8172 Fixed numeric value extraction from json data to ensure compatibility with third party tools that sends data as numeric values instead of strings
ZBX-8048 Fixed bug where proxy would truncate execute scripts of telnet, SSH and database monitoring items to 2kB
ZBX-8193 Changed web scenario default timeout to 15
ZBX-6190 Added a more informative message to return when an item does not have enough information to perform nodata() calculations
ZBX-8157 Fixed size and style of custom user agent in web scenario edit form and fixed IE displaying input field on second click
ZBX-6834 Fixed trigger.get not returning any results when using the "host" parameter
ZBX-8190 Fixed validation in API to prevent SQL errors with Oracle database when string with excessive length is stored
ZBX-8160 Removed justification in warning message
ZBX-8141 Corrected 'URL' abbreviation string to uppercase
ZBX-7839 Fixed cloning of graphs and hosts to use changed form values
ZBX-8165 Fixed issue when maintenance items with its hosts/host groups removed are not accessible in configuration
ZBX-2196 Changed status codes of various exit calls to library macros for consistency
ZBX-1274 Fixed negative values, received from SNMP agent, being displayed as large unsigned integers
ZBX-8031 Removed pre-processor aliases for Windows string functions; converted all references of Windows types to standard C types
ZBX-8158 Fixed disabled hosts not shown in trigger selection popup when in configuration
ZBX-8118 Changed image update so that image type can not be changed after create
ZBX-7553 Fixed graph not getting period when coming from screen
ZBX-7890 Fixed broken make distclean
ZBX-7981 Fixed validation when renaming host to an existing template in host.massupdate; fixed validation when renaming template to an existing host in template.massupdate
ZBX-7436 Changed string "comment" to "description" in trigger list and trigger comments
ZBX-8159 Fixed missing history bar when viewing or editing trigger descriptions
ZBX-7949 Fixed inherited graph and graph prototype case insensitive name comparison
ZBX-7534 Removed the limit of dservice value and removed the limit of authorization string
ZBX-8132 Fixed image.get not properly returning all images for sysmaps
ZBX-8108 Fixed reading /proc virtual files without rewinding the file position
ZBX-5243 Increased the length of program name and command line that proc.mem[] and proc.num[] can match on AIX; thanks to Boris Manojlovic for patch
ZBX-7448 Fixed Windows agents limit check
ZBX-7335 Improved element copy dialog by having hosts, templates and host group in separate target types and empty groups are not shown
ZBX-3336 Fixed autodiscovery rule doesn't clear/rescan hosts in dhosts/dservices
ZBX-6497 Improved frontend filters, Filter and Reset now is submit buttons, removed JS form reset scripts, changed filter data saving process in profiles
ZBX-2840 Fixed map configuration with broken images
ZBX-6596 Fixed trigger sorting by hostname
ZBX-8012 Made links to other IT services from the dependency management to open in a new browser tab
ZBX-7624 Fixed pie charts legend alignment
ZBX-8029 Changed built-in font size from 0 to 1 for Zabbix home page and date in maps and graphs to support image functions for HHVM
ZBX-7625 Changed the execution order of API checks
ZBX-8032 Enabled hyperlinks in host inventory overview page
ZBX-7120 Fixed undefined index in menu for event csv export
ZBX-6675 Removed host from the graph title if items from multiple hosts are included
ZBX-7781 Fixed no error being triggered when trying to pass the "auth" parameter to a method that does not require authentication
ZBX-8001 Fixed host massupdate inventory tab being reset after choosing an inventory mode
ZBX-7873 Removed redundant error message in login page in event when frontend access for guest is not available
ZBX-7969 Fixed discovery checks sorting in action configuration page
ZBX-7969 Fixed sorting by name in discovery rule page
ZBX-7826 Fixed padding near textarea in acknowledges page
ZBX-4998 Fixed inconsistency of logging on Linux and Windows agents, and fixed information level logging at debug level 0
ZBX-6235 Fixed unnecessary compilation of C code when only --enable-java is passed to ./configure
ZBX-5546 Removed formatting of JSON objects and escaping of forward slash/solidus
ZBX-7749 Fixed possibility to set up database with default setting "Autocommit OFF"
ZBX-7140 Fixed SQL query to retrieve data for host updates sorted from the database
ZBX-7673 Removed strict necessity for a configuration for options that don't require it
ZBX-7786 Fixed cell limit formatting with ellipsis
ZBX-7727 Added SQL connection error displaying for Oracle and DB2
ZBX-5789 Removed unused fields in graph_discovery table
ZBX-6350 Fixed incorrectly displayed table cell width in Event source details and Event details blocks
ZBX-7095 Fixed dashboard filter name to show pointer cursor
ZBX-7773 Fixed jQuery buttonset initializing
ZBX-7707 Fixed "Auto-logout" field to show submitted incorrect value
ZBXNEXT-2124 Implemented an application filter for host and host group map elements
ZBX-7109 Removed unused fields in trigger_discovery table
ZBX-7168 Fixed template to properly link libcurl to all components independently
ZBX-4772 Fixed possibility to pass incorrect host status value
ZBX-7631 Fixed dashboard favourite widget width
ZBX-7622 Changed the default value of timeperiods.every field to '1'
ZBX-7618 Removed partial matching for long format command line options
ZBX-6940 Fixed frontend history links not remembering search queries
ZBX-7413 Fixed inconsistency of config file handling for loading and checking userparameters and aliases before starting the daemon
ZBX-7412 Fixed alias parsing; colon symbols are now supported in alias parameters
ZBX-7204 Fixed timestamp order of events generated during network discovery

Notas de instalação e atualização


Veja Manual do Zabbix para maiores detalhes.


Veja Procedimento de atualização for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 2.3.0.

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