Заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 1.6.3

Команда Zabbix рада сообщить о доступности Zabbix 1.6.3.

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Fixes and minor improvements

ZBX-815 fixed month representation in seconds in most busy triggers report
DEV-267 improved item template-update
ZBX-814 fixed bad performance of the string functions - added two database indexes
ZBX-804 added support of text items for functions str, regexp and iregexp
ZBX-668 "Cannot open Json object" message replaced with a better one in agent log
ZBX-812 fixed Windows agent crash when using incorrect third parameter in proc_info metric
ZBX-809 fixed memory leak while processing proc.num metric under Win2008
ZBX-26 added support of iowait,interrupt,softirq and steal for system.cpu.util under Linux
ZBX-806 fixed data loss of text values processed by proxy
ZBX-805 fixed problem with lost actions when upgrading database to 1.6.x
ZBX-772 trailing newline added in the end of exported xml
DEV-315 when graph shows current time values, ">>" character is shown near end time
DEV-311 added caching of dynamic SNMP indexes
ZBX-685 fixed "System status" cell colours with 0 active triggers
ZBX-799 fixed hosts massupdate with "new group" and "use profile"
ZBX-673 fixed problem with adding the graphs on an autodiscovered hosts
ZBX-795 fixed SQL error when try to activate auto-login in profile
ZBX-794 fixed SQL error on login screen when postgre is used, small GUI typos fix
ZBX-702 events duration now counts weeks instead of months, small GUI typos fix
ZBX-537 Distributed monitoring: PostgreSQL related fixes
ZBX-792 fixed server memory leak in processing remote commands in actions
ZBX-537 Distributed monitoring: added update of Last check and Last value fields
ZBX-537 Distributed monitoring: fixed deadlocks
ZBX-760 historical data is now available for "not supported" items
ZBX-789 fixed error when try to remove trigger comment
ZBX-782 added host name of depending trigger
ZBX-786 fixed undefined argument on graph delete
ZBX-776 changed disabled auto-logout indication
ZBX-784 added extension to hosts when importing graph to template
ZBX-774 display correct error message if file import fails
ZBX-777 default autologout time is set to 900
DEV-268 added support of vfs.dev.read/write under FreeBSD
ZBX-448 fixed Zabbix server status when frontend and backend are on different servers
ZBX-660 fixed screen clock set to server time showed local time
ZBX-603 fixed min autologout value to 90 seconds
ZBX-762 improved performance of processing of log and text items
ZBX-749 details box is open by default if any error occurred
ZBX-751 expanded details box added for triggers copying messages
DEV-268 added support of <mode> for system.cpu.util under Solaris
ZBX-737 the behaviour of the agent's key "vfs.fs.size" improved to be similar to the "df" command
ZBX-599 the purpose of the configuration parameter StartAgents clarified
ZBX-756 added tooltip in "status of ZABBIX" report for number of items and triggers parameter
ZBX-740 fixed wrong aggregate graph drawing
ZBX-747 fixed template linkage not working properly
ZBX-746 fixed incorrect processing of net.tcp.listen
ZBX-745 fixed "invalid URL" when use small popup menus like ping etc
ZBX-744 fixed "invalid URL" when add user to user group
ZBX-743 fixed problem with "Too many open files" by agent under Solaris 2.5, 2.6
ZBX-728 fixed displaying "no status update" error for template triggers
ZBX-738 fixed processing of existing data when -n parameter is used for zabbix_server
ZBX-736 fixed "Undefined index error" during frontend installation
ZBX-735 fixed filter in audit filtering only logs
ZBX-734 fixed evaluation of {ITEM.LASTVALUE} if the trigger expression consists of several items
ZBX-732 fixed wrong action count in audit log
ZBX-731 fixed resetting of web graph periods
ZBX-730 fixed possible Windows agent crash when processing eventlog[]
ZBX-555 added entity counts on interfaces
ZBX-724 improved queries in "Graphs" page
ZBX-725 added new default user group "Disabled"
ZBX-723 fixed Wrong URL when add rights to user group
ZBX-720 edited configure.in file to make some error messages more sensible
ZBX-665 corrected some typos in misc/conf/zabbix_server.conf
corrected some typos in test/env/standalone/conf/template_server.conf
ZBX-615 fixed processing of four-character-long item keys
ZBX-697 trigger description in "Last 20 issues" is link to the URL defined in trigger parameters + minor GUI typos fix
ZBX-473 fixed SNMP-related compilation problem with undefined 'localname' under some platforms
ZBX-718 fixed web graphs start time not changing
ZBX-699 fixed recursion detection in Include directive for config files
ZBX-301 fixed minor GUI text errors
ZBX-716 fixed wrong caption for graph item editing form
ZBX-717 all templates linked to group Templates in default config
ZBX-715 fixed "Invalid URL" error when choose History from history submenu
ZBX-713 fixed "values per second" having too many decimal places
ZBX-710 fixed duplicating entries in hosts groups after import
ZBX-709 improved item graph exporting
ZBX-712 fixed simple/advanced item filter switch
ZBX-707 fixed sql error when filter items by host group
ZBX-706 fixed element validation in sysmap elements
ZBX-705 improved {ESC.HISTORY} macro in recovery notifications
ZBX-647 fixed audit log record for graph update action "added" -> "updated"
ZBX-700 fixed possible server crash when using {TRIGGER.NAME} for notifications
DEV-286 improved Zabbix main menu
ZBX-311 fixed PostgreSQL errors with out of range string data
ZBX-696 fixed import of triggers with {HOSTNAME} macro
ZBX-677 fixed handling of -c parameter in zabbix_sender. Thanks to Jakov Sosic
ZBX-693 fixed timeout handling for SNMP connect
ZBX-690 fixed memory leak if trigger evaluation fails
DEV-285 added configurable the first dropdown selection
ZBX-689 allowed processing of non-agent based checks for unreachable hosts
ZBX-683 removed "Step" field for recovery messages from Event details
ZBX-680 fixed login while entering any page with HTTP auth enabled
ZBX-678 default number of HTTP pollers was decreased to one
ZBX-676 fixed sql problem with deletion of many hosts
ZBX-675 fixed wrong result of function "nodata" after server restart
ZBX-672 added polish locale
ZBX-671 removed net-snmp debug messages from server logs
ZBX-662 fixed support of quotation marks in command in UserParameter's
ZBX-658 fixed deadlocks in dbcache module
ZBX-659 added define for menu caching
ZBX-581 fixed latest data auto-refresh cripples filter viewing issue
ZBX-657 improved performance of the graph related screen due to missing index
ZBX-656 fixed warning zbx_malloc: allocating already allocated memory in json.c
DEV-282 fixes frontend vulnerabilities

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