Заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 1.8.6

Команда Zabbix рада сообщить о доступности Zabbix 1.8.6.

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Fixes and minor improvements

ZBX-3990 fixed exiting proxy and server on cache reload using runtime control options
ZBX-3835 fixed possible security vulnerability in redirects
ZBX-3968 fixed issues with filtering in monitoring->events in Internet Explorer 7
ZBX-3469 fixed setting UNKNOWN trigger status when agent goes down
ZBX-3973 added logging of proxy mode (active/passive) at startup
ZBX-3902 fixed possible zombie states in UNIX, moved watchdog (server) and heartbeats (proxy) to separate processes (main process just waits), added more logging to exiting Windows agent
ZBX-3166 fixed application updating in Template linking event. Changed linked Template color in application page. Added param NOEMPTY for popup page witch allows hide Empty button in application and item pages
ZBX-3565 reformatting media types in notifications page, adding links to media types
ZBX-3784 added validation on duplicate discovery rule name
ZBX-3733 make possible to save Device uniqueness criteria status (discovery rule) in cloning event
ZBX-3845 check, if this user group is used in the config, if so it cannot be deleted
ZBX-3911 fixed wrong trigger expression parsing when key parameters contained "("
ZBX-3856 fixed new group creation from template page
ZBX-3840 fixed possible path disclosure
ZBXNEXT-849 added example MySQL UserParameter to monitor database and table size
ZBX-3935 fixed possible function redeclaration error
ZBX-3944 added support of multibyte NIC names for the net.if.* checks under Windows
ZBX-3947 fixed compilation under AIX 5.2 with fileset lower than
ZBX-3947 fixed compilation under AIX 5.2 with enabled IPv6
ZBX-3426 fixed application unlink and clear when it is linked from template
ZBX-1074 fixed compilation errors regarding sem_lock and sem_unlock on HP-UX; thanks to Brian Collins
ZBX-3877 fixed slow Housekeeper for PostgreSQL 7.4+; thanks to Ildefonso Camargo
ZBXNEXT-816 added support for reloading configuration cache from the command line
ZBX-3063 added compatibility with PostgreSQL 9+; thanks to Andrey Groshev for patch
ZBX-3890 added logging of ORACLE warning messages while connecting to the database
ZBX-3880 fixed repeated processing of log-files through proxy when disabling a host or item
ZBX-3420 fixed wrong error message being logged in case of DNS resolution errors
ZBX-3519 fixed unterminated processes when system.run[,wait] times out and added proper output handling for system.run[,nowait] on UNIX
ZBX-3768 fixed 'uptime' and 's' units as according to the documentation
ZBX-3490 added support for LVM devices and full path to devices to vfs.dev.read and vfs.dev.write; thanks to Takanori Suzuki
ZBX-3862 fixed broken popups in frontend in Internet Explorer 7
ZBX-3463 fixed MaxHousekeeperDelete configuration parameter being ignored for IBM DB2
ZBX-3854 added saving of state of dynamic/fixed setting for time lines on all pages
ZBX-3847 fixed item history clearing not deleting data in trends_uint table
ZBX-3797 fixed processing of vfs.dev.* checks under FreeBSD
ZBXNEXT-799 added support of SRV records to net.tcp.dns.query[]; thanks to Edward Rudd
ZBX-1029 added lookup of Jabber SRV records to Jabber notifications; thanks to Edward Rudd
ZBXNEXT-792 added type parameter for system.hostname[] on Windows to support both NetBIOS and host names
ZBXNEXT-791 added HostnameItem to Agent and Proxy configuration for setting the default Hostname
ZBX-3192 fixed SNMP index cache to support SNMP target for each entry; thanks to Ilia Sotnikov
ZBX-3825 fixed errors with single quotes in javascript messages
ZBXNEXT-782 added support of not-supported items in the history cache
ZBX-3072 fixed MySQL error when shutting down server
ZBX-3105 added processing of garbage in configuration files
ZBX-2083 fixed audit.details field cutting
ZBX-3824 fixed unnecessary synchronization of "profiles" table in DM setup
ZBX-3821 removed warning messages about failed evaluation of trigger expressions
ZBX-3826 fixed recovering unsupported icmpping* items when a key has been entered incorrectly
ZBX-3766 fixed "Do" button in item form
ZBX-3417 removed trailing and leading space from phrase " - all groups - "
ZBX-3806 fixed HTTP pollers being started on Zabbix proxy
ZBX-3808 updated Brazilian Portuguese translation; thanks to Murilo Moreira de Oliveira
ZBX-3682 fixed import of map elements having empty label; thanks to Takanori Suzuki
ZBX-3679 fixed incorrect "No nodes defined" when screen selection popup has no elements
ZBX-3638 fixed displaying of vertical text in case of special HTML characters
ZBX-3582 fixed screen import
ZBX-3801 added check for duplicate template IDs when creating host through API
ZBX-3802 fixed error when try to open custom screen from history link
ZBX-3794 added timeout support to vfs.file.* commands
ZBX-3747 replaced strcpy() and vsnprintf() calls with safer ones and strerror() with zbx_strerror() which also prints the error code
ZBX-3760 fixed the CPU collector for processing the non-contiguous CPU IDs
ZBX-3796 select a graph with the same name if it exists when changing host in monitoring -> graphs
ZBX-3776 treat duplicate UserParameter as error
ZBX-3728 fixed a warning message when removing a user script
ZBX-3731 fixed possible SQL errors when updating trends
ZBX-3772 improved performance of the history syncer
ZBX-3547 Rewrote performance counters and CPU stats collection for Windows
ZBX-3677 added unit blacklist on the server side
ZBX-3746 Fixed parsing of trigger expressions containing \\
ZBX-3744 updated Japanese translation; thanks to Kodai Terashima
ZBX-3681 fixed API to leave internal PHP encoding in UTF-8
ZBX-3353 fixed skipping web items in the host "Full clone" operation
ZBX-3503 fixed "incorrect usage of quotes" error
ZBX-3740 fixed compilation errors due to undefined SOL_IPV6
ZBX-2952 added Base64 data line wrapping in Email notifications
ZBX-3698 fixed error in log wizard when expression had internal parentheses
ZBX-524 added log messages when syncing a proxy configuration data
ZBX-3671 fixed ORACLE SQL error when processing of the trigger function count()

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