Заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 4.0.0beta2

Команда Zabbix рада сообщить о доступности Zabbix 4.0.0beta2.

Zabbix - открытое решение распределенного мониторинга корпоративного класса. Zabbix выпускается под лицензией GPL, таким образом, продукт бесплатный как для коммерческого, так и некоммерческого использования. Полный текст лицензии доступен на http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.txt.

Этот документ содержит заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 4.0.0beta2. Загрузите его со страницы скачать.

Следующие разделы описывают выпуск в деталях и предоставляют самую последнюю и другую информацию, которая дополняет основную документацию продукта.

Новые возможности и улучшения

ZBXNEXT-4672 Added option to show suppressed problems for data overview page and widget Frontend
ZBXNEXT-3860 Added ability to filter triggers by tags API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4606 Implemented kiosk mode for all pages Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4696 Improved history syncer performance by moving trigger locking outside history cache lock Server
ZBXNEXT-3848 Added validation of update interval, custom interval, history storage period and trend storage period in low-level discovery Server
ZBXNEXT-4224 Implemented templates for server hardware: IBM,HP,Dell,Supermicro Templates
ZBXNEXT-4588 Implemented SVG graph generation Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4588 Implemented SVG graph widget with multiple new widget fields; Renamed existing graph widget to 'Classic graph'; Implemented vertical accordion; Added new UI controls for range control and overrides selection Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4588 Added option to store long widget field strings as array of short strings; Created class to resize the height of textarea field automatically API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4588 Improved API validation; Extended time units functionality to allow negative values API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4573 Added support of HTTP authentication as optional authentication mechanism API Frontend Installation
ZBXNEXT-413 Added maintenance tag filters to support suppression of individual problems based on their tags API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-4609 Added options Tag display priority and Tag display names in Problems Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4656 Added strict validation of hostprototype.create() and hostprototype.update() methods; added audit logging for these methods API
ZBXNEXT-4455 Added screen reader to the dashboard and widgets Frontend
Added support of macro functions to LLD macros API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-4049 Added option to hide timeline in Problems widget Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4611 Changed default method for http agent items from "post" to "get" Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4587 Added new column 'Value' and filter in Triggers list Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4626 Improved widget configuration constructor to create custom view for each widget Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4597 Implemented single textbox date fields in maintenances, services, top 100 triggers and availability reports pages Frontend Installation
ZBXNEXT-4558 Added support for monitoring the string values of custom JMX MBeans Java gateway
ZBX-14586 Added more informative error message for InstanceNotFoundException error Java gateway
ZBXNEXT-4454 Added screen reader attributes for common elements Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4200 Added ability to create LLD item prototype of type "dependent" with a master item not only item prototype API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-1701 Added support of regular expressions and global regular expressions to "logsource()" trigger function Server
ZBXNEXT-4586 Added support of macros {ITEM.VALUE} and {ITEM.LASTVALUE} to trigger URL Server
ZBXNEXT-4049 Added checkbox to hide timeline when problems sort by time Frontend
ZBX-1357 Added and enabled Norwegian translation to be displayed by default API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4367 Added screen reader features for multiselect Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4530 Implemented changeable session cookie name Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4446 Added ability to change severity of previously generated problems API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-4044 Changed default values of 'Display OK triggers for' and 'On status change triggers blink for' Frontend Installation
ZBXNEXT-4361 Implemented new time range selector for graphs Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4577 Improved performance of Zabbix server by replacing semaphores to pthread mutexes and read-write locks Agent Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-4312 Reworked date picker; implemented keyboard interaction Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2365 Added additional auto-registration operations and re-running of auto-registration actions if host metadata is modified Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-4569 Added support of MySQL 8.0 API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-4565 Removed old upgrade DB patches Installation
ZBXNEXT-4320 Added ability to store history data in date based indices of elasticsearch Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-4526 Increased tags column size in Compact view mode Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4528 Added link to Zabbix official support page Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4520 Added values to boolean mapping: "ok, master" as 1 and "err, slave" as 0 Server
ZBXNEXT-4185 Added support of multiple items in "Plain text" widget Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4163 Added support LLD, User macros and User macros with context from LLD macro in Items preprocessing Server
ZBXNEXT-4415 Added new mode "Compact view" to the Problems page with ability to toggle highlighting whole row; added option to toggle timeline Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2788 Added support for "NOT" keyword in custom expression fields API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-4516 Renamed dashboard widget and screen element "System status" to "Problems by severity" Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4516 Renamed dashboard widget and screen element "Host status" to "Problem hosts" Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4516 Renamed dashboard widget, screen element and report "Status of Zabbix" to "System information" Frontend
ZBX-13376 Moved functionality to enable JMX interface in Java gateway to settings.sh and ensured setting TCP timeout Installation Java gateway
ZBXNEXT-4458 Improved logging of Java gateway, added username/password validation for JMX items API Java gateway
ZBXNEXT-4411 Added compression of server-proxy data exchange API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-4488 Added ability to push data via trapper to HTTP agent item type API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-4358 Added HTTP agent item type for data gathering via HTTP API Frontend Agent Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-4413 Dropped Monitoring->Triggers view Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4413 Added the trigger context menu option to view or edit the trigger description Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4413 Added displaying of the trigger dependencies in Monitoring->Problems view Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4151 Added aria roles to provide easier access by keyboard navigation Frontend
ZBX-3783 Added strict validation for apiinfo.version(), action.delete(), correlation.delete() and drule.delete() methods API
ZBX-3783 Prohibited deleting discovery rules which are used in actions API
ZBX-3783 Added audit for action.delete() and correlation.delete() methods API
ZBXNEXT-4143 Implemented submenu autofocus on top-level menu click Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4414 Added support for configurable number of displayed tags Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4313 Implemented keyboard interaction in context menus Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4426 Added option to execute cached passive checks at the current time API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-4417 Added real time export of events, history and trends in newline delimited JSON format Server
ZBXNEXT-4374 Implemented the widget configuration fields clearing when changing the type Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4119 Implemented tag based permissions API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-4045 Implemented maximum size for graphs in widgets Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4340 Added kiosk mode for dashboard Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4150 Implemented access to interactive elements using keyboard Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4149 Implemented keybord interaction in overlay popups Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4357 Added support of "selectTriggerDiscovery" option in trigger.get method API
ZBXNEXT-4152 Replaced double box select fields with multiselect fields and added filtering by proxy and server only in host list API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4273 Added default event status colors in themes with option to customize them Frontend Installation
ZBXNEXT-4216 Added 'copytruncate' log file rotation support for logrt[], logrt.count[] Agent
ZBXNEXT-4144 Added asterisk mark and aria-label property to all forms required fields Frontend
ZBXNEXT-768 Added item unit blacklisting with character "!" in order to disable metric prefixes Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-4295 Added selection of the create images tickbox by default on "Maps import" page Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1456 Added filter by item discovery status for item configuration view; thanks to Volker Fröhlich for the original patch Frontend
ZBXNEXT-3991 Added additional params to net.if.* key output for linux base agent Agent
ZBXNEXT-3480 Added support of inventory macros in event tags Server
ZBXNEXT-4175 Implemented ability to send email to several email addresses specified as user media API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-4139 Added high contrast light and high contrast dark themes Frontend Installation
ZBXNEXT-4247 Removed deprecated API methods: user.updareProfile, user.addMedia, user.updateMedia, user.deleteMedia, usergroup.massAdd, usergroup.massUpdate and usermedia.get API
ZBXNEXT-970 Added more detailed error information to notification message when DB is unavailable Server
ZBXNEXT-4137 Removed green background from cells Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4157 Added map status summary to be readable by screen reader software Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4127 Implemented popup displaying in overlay dialogues Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1520 Increased the maximum Hosts/DNS name character length from 63 to 255 Agent Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-4108 Implemented search of problems by trigger name Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-4143 Implemented keybord interaction in top navigation Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1567 Added item "vfs.dir.count" for counting directory entries Agent
ZBXNEXT-4135 Added tooltips for vertical labels Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4146 Added icons for error and success messages Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4156 Added option to view graphs items data and multiple items graph data as table Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4160 Reworked monitoring Discovery screen to show hint info right in the table cell Frontend
ZBXNEXT-761 Added rules to make dbschema.c, schema.sql and data.sql from schema.tmpl, data.tmpl and templates.tmpl if there is a need to Installation
ZBXNEXT-4186 Added ability to adjust colors for new graph items in graph creation form according selected theme Frontend Installation
ZBXNEXT-4145 Fixed appearance of host column based on number of hosts specified in filter Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4118 Implemented advanced options for tag-based search of problems API Frontend Installation
ZBXNEXT-4134 Added 'lang' attribute to page body Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4181 Fixed Zabbix server to accept active Zabbix proxy requests only from allowed address if specified API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-4181 Fixed passive Zabbix proxy to accept Zabbix server requests only from allowed address Proxy
ZBX-10576 Restructured unixODBC related code, moved it to a dedicated directory Installation Proxy Server
ZBX-3783 Added strict validation for proxy.delete() method; proxy cannot be deleted when used in actions API
ZBX-11909 Replaced company.com with example.com in data.sql Installation

Исправления ошибок

ZBXNEXT-4588 Fixed changelog adding more detailed description of features added in 4.0.0beta1; Fixed Data set widget field to be compatible with PHP versions affecting PHP bug #42355 Frontend
ZBX-14797 Fixed calendar initialization in graph configuration form Frontend
ZBX-14812 Fixed hexadecimal to decimal preprocessing step to allow pairs of hexadecimal digits separated by space or new line Server
ZBX-14496 Fixed unauthorized request error when sorting list after enabling/disabling elements Frontend
ZBX-14808 Fixed SQL error in user permission check when processing actions for internal item events Server
ZBX-14614 Fixed server template linking with triggers having no dependencies Server
ZBXNEXT-4597 Fixed date selection fields in maintenance and services: fixed accepted date format, fixed validation and added placeholdrs Frontend
ZBX-6565, ZBX-13645, ZBX-14559 Fixed agent on AIX 6.1 TL0, 7.1 TL0: system.stat[memory,avm], compilation, crash on net.dns[] items Agent
ZBX-12217 Removed links to templates with no permissions for templated discovery rules and item prototypes Frontend
ZBX-13015 Fixed X axis labels with DST transition in the displayed period Frontend
ZBX-14777 Increased severity of housekeeper logs in the case of invalid history/trends intervals Server
ZBX-14778 Fixed housekeeper attempting to remove history of discovery rules/prototypes Server
ZBX-14771 Fixed memory leak in poller if scheduling interval is invalid Proxy Server
ZBX-14462 Improved time selection when opening calendar with missing time Frontend
ZBX-14775 Fixed configuration of the maximum available count of aggregated metrics in a single request to vmware vCenter Proxy Server
ZBX-14637 Fixed unreadable text on the problems widgets in dark theme Frontend
ZBX-14676 Fixed displaying links containing UTF-8 characters Frontend
ZBX-14751 Fixed "cannot run test program while cross compiling" and "cannot check for file existence when cross compiling" errors during cross-compilation Installation
ZBX-14677 Fixed vmware performance counter retrieval on installations with large number of datastores Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-4500 Fixed item prototype master item links leading to error when master item is a web item Frontend
ZBX-14697 Fixed memory leak in alert manager when connection to database was lost Server
ZBX-14629 Fixed breadcrumb labels clipping Frontend
ZBX-14628 Fixed empty MAIL FROM in email alerts Server
ZBX-14696 Changed problem_tag index to optimize database queries Installation
ZBX-12293 Renamed trigger functions by adding function name at the beginning and removing the operator and "N" and placing operator in a separate field allowing two new operators "<=" and ">=" for selection Frontend
ZBX-9731 Changed value cache to drop unused items from cache when new values are added instead performing this cleanup only when cache runs out of free space Server
ZBX-14593 Fixed error message for invalid vmware endpoint Proxy Server
ZBX-14614 Fixed trigger dependency link to the template instead of the host during the discovery action Server
ZBX-372 Added "zone" parameter to proc.num[] item for Solaris Agent
ZBX-14631 Fixed typo in string: ouf, not out Frontend
ZBX-14410 Fixed output of information about the error for expressions with functions of triggers or calculated items Server
ZBX-14341 Fixed duplicate value generation in environments with poor connectivity Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-9913 Fixed inconsistencies in behaviour and error messaging of trigger functions Server
ZBX-14448 Fixed undefined index when updating item and switching type to dependent Frontend
ZBX-14670 Fixed failed query error in LLD when updating function name in trigger prototype expression Server
ZBX-14433 Fixed several problems in displaying of X axis on the graphs Frontend
ZBX-14579 Improved several functions to distinguish between 'failed to compile' and 'not matched' states in regexp processing Server
ZBX-14584 Fixed mass update some options for items Frontend
ZBX-12217 Removed links to templates with no permissions for templated applications and items Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4607 Removed column Recovery time in Problems mode Frontend
ZBX-14548 Fixed the disk usage counters reading for ESX/ESXi hosts Server
ZBXNEXT-4049 Fixed option to hide timeline in Problems widget popup Frontend
ZBX-13393 Fixed agent compilation error on AlphaServer Tru64 5.1B Agent
ZBX-14491 Fixed link "show value mappings", which leads to no permission page Frontend
ZBX-13165 Fixed Y-axis small value gradation issue in graphs Frontend
ZBX-14575 Fixed Norwegian locale key for windows Frontend
ZBX-14566 Fixed possible data loss due to MariaDB server restart Proxy Server
ZBX-13010 Fixed crash of poller processes in ODBC checks, simplified code Proxy Server
ZBX-14370 Fixed deleting of files after compiling a program (make clean) for Solaris Installation
ZBX-14519 Fixed displaying timeline points of days in Problems widget Frontend
ZBX-12380 Improved function parameter parsing for trigger functions Server
ZBX-12994 Improved maintenance period translation strings in maintenance form Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4622 Updated change severity action icons in sprite files Frontend
ZBX-14426 Fixed trigger color in host issues screen and host group issues screen, color of problem with highest severity generated by trigger is used instead of trigger color Frontend
ZBX-13396 Moved time function based trigger processing to history syncer, reducing trigger locking issues caused by peak timer processing loads Proxy Server
ZBX-13651 Fixed cloning a template using the "Full Clone", which does not hide the upper level navigation bar Frontend
ZBX-14425 Color of problem with highest severity generated by trigger is used as trigger status color on data overview page Frontend
ZBX-8051 Fixed auto-logout problem caused by async calls to jsrpc API Frontend
ZBX-13641 Disabled preprocessing update for discovered items Frontend
ZBX-13381 Fixed invisible color picker selector, fixed wrong color preview, extended color pallette Frontend
ZBX-14410 Improved error message handling in zbx_function_find() Server
ZBX-14500 Fixed crash when reporting unknown triggers and using $1-$9 macros at the same time Server
ZBX-14525 Fixed sorting by severity in Monitoring->Problems and Problems widget Frontend Installation
ZBX-12580 Reworked problem hosts widget to source data from problems and take changed severity into account Frontend
ZBX-14537 Fixed HTTP agent application/json Content-Type not being set by default when using custom headers Proxy Server
ZBX-12104 Added limit ZBX_HISTORY_PERIOD for {ITEM.VALUE} macro resolving in trigger name Frontend
ZBX-14359 Changed problem name macro in default action subject and message from TRIGGER.NAME to EVENT.NAME Frontend Installation
ZBX-13718 Fixed selection of cached checkboxes in checkbox range library Frontend
ZBX-13647 Fixed defined default discovery action message Frontend
ZBX-12115 Changed API returned lastvalue and prevvalue for text based items with no values API
ZBX-14409 Fixed icon mapping expression validation API
ZBX-14402 Fixed internal item parameter that does not match documentation Frontend
ZBX-11989 Fixed condition operators for event correlation rules Frontend
ZBX-13779 Fixed redirect button link in multiple places Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4361 Fixed selected breadcrumbs item style; fixed active time range tabs hover cursor style Frontend
ZBX-14420 Fixed link to Problems screen in map element's context menu Frontend
ZBX-12957 Removed time adjustment of received packets for server and proxy Proxy Server
ZBX-12171 Added missing items zabbix[process,vmware collector,avg,busy] and zabbix[vmware,buffer,pfree] to Template App Zabbix Proxy Templates
ZBX-14388 Fixed log message about full history cache Proxy Server
ZBX-13283 Removed info label in Trigger severities and Users administration pages Frontend
ZBX-6046 Fixed the functions 'net.if.*' for Solaris with empty 64 bits counters Agent
ZBX-13355 Fixed media type a required password field successfully passing validation while being empty and prevented auto-filling stored passwords by browser API Frontend
ZBX-13701 Fixed hintbox multiplication on page refresh Frontend
ZBX-14398 Improved "Server" parameter description in Zabbix agent configuration file Documentation
ZBX-14344 Fixed host groups, hosts and applications not being taken into account when filtering problems by problem name in Monitoring->Problems view Frontend
ZBX-11434 Added error messages when creation of LLD SNMP items fails due to SNMP OID field Server
ZBX-12250 Fixed logrt[] item to analyze log file from start if no log files match and no log files were seen before Agent
ZBX-13765 Fixed discovered host status update if it was down and a service was discovered on that host Proxy Server
ZBX-12070 Fixed "proc.num" and "proc.mem" items calculation of values when zabbix_agentd called in test mode Agent
ZBX-14423 Fixed use of initialized variable during application discovery Server
ZBX-12990 Improved "vmware.hv.datastore.size" through usage the performance counters Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-4540 Fixed problems filter with same tags not being joined with OR condition API Frontend Installation
ZBXNEXT-4576 Unified dashboard widget content margins Frontend
ZBX-12965 Fixed scheduled check calculation during daylight saving changes Proxy Server
ZBX-13712 Fixed "Undefined index: master_itemid" and SQL errors in item.update and itemprototype.update methods; fixed updating of discovered items API Frontend
ZBX-14329 Fixed error opening map's submap Frontend
ZBX-13549 Fixed displaying of not monitored triggers in maps Frontend
ZBX-13783 Dropped support for Zapcat-style and multi-level parameter arrays from item key validation in frontend Frontend
ZBX-12359 Fixed "Automatic icon selection" checkbox not working and displaying two icons at once in map constructor Frontend
ZBX-12239 Fixed global search form allowing to submit empty search queries Frontend
ZBX-12177 Renamed "Icon" to "Map element" in Network map properties and constructor Frontend
ZBX-14333 Fixed {ESC.HISTORY} and action log not to display colon without target host when executed on Zabbix server Server
ZBX-14345 Fixed lock wait timeout error handling on MySQL to avoid possible data loss Proxy Server
ZBX-13361 Fixed error messages when configuring an existing item to have an update interval API Frontend
ZBX-14328 Improved logging of command execution failures Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-13803 Fixed "make install" to respect DESTDIR variable, this is essential for packaging Installation
ZBX-12603 Fixed tab navigation and keyboard interaction in dashboard sharing and properties dialogues; added validation inside popups Frontend
ZBX-13043 Removed error message for when user has defined media but all of them are disabled Server
ZBX-14312 Fixed possible deadlock in history syncer when housekeeper is deleting events Server
ZBX-13697 Fixed session expiration when changing default authentication method Frontend
ZBX-13768 Fixed disabled 'add' button showing in templated item preprocesing form Frontend
ZBX-13680 Fixed action not being cloned due to existing operation id being submitted API Frontend
ZBX-13775 Fixed map tree widget border color Frontend
ZBX-13780 Fixed status color styles Frontend
ZBX-12350 Fixed severity picker styles Frontend
ZBX-13782 Fixed decoding of Unicode characters in JSON Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-13767 Fixed "undefined index: acknowledges" error on problems page Frontend
ZBX-12175 Fixed subfilter entries with long names going off the screen Frontend
ZBX-12644 Fixed filter being partially reset when using pagination in availability report page Frontend
ZBX-12390 Fixed problem when triggers might not use correct value if an item values within one second were received in wrong historical order Server
ZBX-13788 Fixed host availability stuck in unknown state after proxy changes Proxy Server
ZBX-14313 Fixed trigger level correlation when multiple tags are set Server
ZBX-12372 Fixed duplication of prefix "/" for second parameter "path" in items "web.page.*" Server
ZBX-14315 Fixed validation of "max_depth" in "vfs.dir.size" for agent Agent
ZBX-13778 Fixed logically dead code in JSON Path parser Server
ZBX-14337 Fixed persistent xss in map navigation tree widget Frontend
ZBX-14336 Fixed persistent xss vulnerability in services Frontend
ZBX-13750 Fixed hover and focus style for edit dashboard cancel button, improved top nav css coding style Frontend
ZBX-13694 Disable check now for items with scheduler configuration errors Server
ZBX-9882 Removed Zapcat-style and multi-level array type support in item key parameters Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-12821 Fixed multiple javascript memory leaks Frontend
ZBX-13755 Fixed proxy lastaccess update on 32-bit Zabbix server Server
ZBX-12425 Fixed selection of web items in the "Plain text" screen element Frontend
ZBX-13781 Fixed CRLF injection in Zabbix Agentd Agent
ZBX-13737 Fixed invalid confirmation message when mass enabling and disabling trigger, item and host prototypes Frontend
ZBX-13766 Fixed comparison of two large float numbers in expressions Server
ZBX-13481 Fixed incorrect parsing of BITS data type in SNMP response Proxy Server
ZBX-13744 Fixed potential shared memory leak when item is removed Proxy Server
ZBX-13742 Fixed parsing of the operator "not" in trigger expression API Frontend
ZBX-13535 Fixed trigger recovery expression for 'High error rate' trigger Templates
ZBX-13278 Fixed trigger expression for 'Link down' trigger Templates
ZBX-12805 Increased command line limit for proc.num checks on hp-ux systems Agent
ZBX-13749 Fixed creation of dependent items from item wizard Frontend
ZBX-13660 Fixed data types passed to is_ushort() for converting PID, port and process number Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-12935, ZBX-13539 Fixed displaying of floating point values under the "Latest data" page Frontend
ZBX-13579 Fixed unnecessary data getting when agent becomes available in the non-collection data period Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-13240 Removed duplicating HTML IDs from frontend and fixed SID validation in trigger wizard Frontend
ZBX-13685 Fixed maintenance entries displayed in list when filter is applied Frontend
ZBX-12756 Improved configure script to check iconv library Installation
ZBX-13667 Added notification in zabbix server log about 'error' in elasticsearch json response Server
ZBX-13683 Fixed multiselect items not being sorted by name Frontend
ZBX-13299 Fixed autoregistration, discovery and internal notifications not being sent due to uninitialized severity Server
ZBX-13607 Changed ping script to return success also for timeouts Installation
ZBX-12967 Fixed slide show refresh interval multiplier menu not working Frontend
ZBX-13696 Added maximum record limit to old session removal in housekeeper Server
ZBX-13642 Fixed undefined index in user edit form Frontend
ZBX-13546 Fixed context menu positioning in maps Frontend
ZBX-13668 Fixed dynamic widget searching for item key in item prototypes Frontend
ZBX-13500 Fixed fractional values in triggers being misinterpreted without a leading 0 Frontend
ZBX-13561 Fixed incorrectly displayed pie graph when first item has no data Frontend
ZBX-13517 Fixed undefined index in pie charts Frontend
ZBX-13499 Fixed checkbox selector in problems table Frontend
ZBX-13598 Fixed crash when Zabbix process cannot connect to preprocessing service Server
ZBX-13522 Fixed duplicate IDs in trigger expression constructor Frontend
ZBX-13489 Fixed wrong tab iteration inside graph widget Frontend
ZBX-13625 Fixed blinking in the problem widget Frontend
ZBX-13560 Fixed acknowledge notifications being visible in the event popup Frontend
ZBX-13298 Fixed missing graph after faulty graph edit form submission Frontend
ZBX-13487 Improved widgets menu icons focus state styles Frontend
ZBX-13350 Added multiple Zabbix element default paths to output after running ./configure and --help option Installation
ZBX-13509 Improved compilation support from source for Solaris and NetBSD Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-13542 Fixed http steps on template not inheriting hosts application setting Frontend
ZBX-13618 Fixed wrong variables order in translatable error message Frontend
ZBX-13344 Fixed trigger based actions having a default "not in maintenance" condition Frontend
ZBX-13613 Improved a history syncer when backend elasticsearch is not available Server
ZBX-13510 Fixed error of execution "make dbschema" for NetBSD Proxy Server
ZBX-13544 Fixed agent crashes when using regex with 'Log' item for Mac OSX Agent
ZBX-13611 Fixed lld rules not always saving their state/error message changes Server
ZBX-13571 Fixed regression that resulted in slow history data queries on partitioned tables Server
ZBX-13490 Fixed autofocus in forms Frontend
ZBX-13470 Improved searching IPMI items by full name Server
ZBX-13566 Fixed create dashboard button size in dashboard list Frontend
ZBX-13464 Fixed fullscreen attribute included in host context menu links Frontend
ZBX-13424 Added possibility to select web items as master items and improved copying of dependent items to destination hosts and templates API Frontend
ZBX-13573 Fixed undefined index message changing Action "Acknowledgment operations" from "Remote command" to "Notify all involved" API
ZBX-13570 Fixed undefined index in API call API
ZBX-13331 Removed "recovery" property from action.get API method response API
ZBX-13309 Fixed displaying of Problem/Recovery time Frontend
ZBX-13450 Fixed server and proxy compilation problem for Solaris 10 Proxy Server
ZBX-13458, ZBX-13494 Fixed resolving of the macros in map labels for non-superadmin users API Frontend
ZBX-13526 Fixed widget placeholder jumping instead of resizing while dashboard edit Frontend
ZBX-13362 Fixed potentially wrong rows deleting by housekeeper in PostgreSQL Proxy Server
ZBX-13506 Fixed linked trigger is moved to sibling map element Frontend
ZBX-13586 Fixed trigger-based event correlation - suspend creation of event if no problems are recovered by it Server
ZBX-13339 Improved deallocation of memory Server
ZBX-13412 Fixed JS error and wrong form behaviour when changing item type, type of information Frontend
ZBX-13471 Fixed contrast in selected item filters Frontend
ZBX-13428 Fixed long name of map outside go back button in map widget Frontend
ZBX-13340 Fixed pie graphs displaying incorrect data Frontend
ZBX-13257 Fixed display of the latest item in Audit log Frontend
ZBX-13447 Fixed trigger name readability on map in dark theme Frontend
ZBX-11994 Changed "awk" to "sed" for getting info about "Last Changed Revision" Installation
ZBX-13360 Fixed HTML5 placeholder color that previously appeared like actual input data Frontend
ZBX-13351 Improved OpenSSL error messages Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-13147 Fixed inconsistent number on map navigation tree Frontend
ZBX-13537 Fixed "Inaccessible user" in Dashboard System status widgets acknowledgement popup Frontend
ZBX-13472 Fixed description of "Server" and "ServerActive" configuration options Installation
ZBX-13455 Added frontend error message when templates cannot be linked to LLD host Server
ZBX-13538 Fixed example configuration for Elasticsearch Frontend
ZBX-13434 Fixed incorrect trigger dependencies being set after copying triggers to multiple hosts; thanks to Kotaro Miyashita for the patch Frontend
ZBX-13513 Fixed input maxlength for users media of type script Frontend
ZBX-13523 Fixed error message for empty TCP response in case agent dropped connection because of access permissions Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-12883 Fixed incorrect ordering the list of triggers after saving a map Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4150 Fixed URL display in hint box and focus styles for radio buttons Frontend
ZBX-12940 Fixed content does not fit dialog window Frontend
ZBX-13342 Fixed order by query in frontend Maintenance tab Frontend
ZBX-13401 Fixed successful items mass update with invalid update interval Frontend
ZBX-6167 Fixed partial updating in maintenance.update API
ZBX-13062 Banned using of mutex in threads of metrics collection Agent
ZBX-13236 Fixed error message of function parameters parse Server
ZBX-10433 Removed inaccurate configuration default values Installation
ZBX-13398 Fixed configure script for Debian GNU/Linux "buster" and "sid" to work with PostgreSQL Installation
ZBX-12754 Fixed undefined index error in map import API Frontend
ZBX-13303 Improved display of user media 'Use if severity' indicators Frontend
ZBX-13166 Fixed daily and yearly notification reports not including current day/last day of leap-year Frontend
ZBX-13118 Improved readability of emails in action log by splitting them multiline Frontend
ZBX-13498 Added optional MySQL upgrade patch for "problem" table to drop redundant index after another index that can be used to enforce the foreign key constraint has been created Proxy Server
ZBX-13430 Fixed use of uninitialized value ttl when elasticsearch is configured Server
ZBX-13452 Fixed Elasticsearch history storage default value types Server
ZBX-13248 Fixed field trapper_hosts to optional for trapper item.create API
ZBX-13307 Fixed map scaling and position to the widget left side Frontend
ZBX-12941 Fixed checkbox overlay's position over the checkbox Frontend
ZBX-13465 Fixed back button style on the sub-maps Frontend
ZBX-13334 Fixed translations of Widget parameters window Frontend
ZBX-6118 Fixed poor performance of changing an item on the template which linked with many hosts API
ZBX-13454 Fixed placeholder in Administration->Scripts form Frontend
ZBX-13403 Allowed proxy to execute remote commands on agents using encrypted connection Proxy
ZBX-13441 Fixed crashes in case of failures (e.g. timeouts) during VMware hypervisor discovery Proxy Server
ZBX-12607 Fixed performance of map.get API method and map-related views API Frontend
ZBX-11391 Generated an error if expanding LLD macros results in an empty tag name Server
ZBX-13300 Fixed addJsFile() name Frontend
ZBX-13030 Removed proxy's ability to export unprocessed history data via loadable modules Proxy
ZBXNEXT-3581 Dropped plain text protocol support and made header mandatory; fixed IP fragmentation handling by including header in Zabbix get request, Zabbix server/proxy passive check request and frontend request to Zabbix server Frontend Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-13194 Fixed incorrect processing of zabbix[wcache,value,*] internal check Server
ZBX-13060 Added limitation for meaningless server reconnection attempts to incorrectly configured passive proxy Proxy Server
ZBX-13233 Added new memory metrics for Linux platform - "active", "anon", "inactive" and "slabs"; thanks to Tomasz Kłoczko for the original patch Agent
ZBX-12643 Improved error log message in case Zabbix server database cannot be used due to empty "users" table Server
ZBX-11720 Fixed memory leak which breaks vfs.fs.size, vfs.fs.inode and vfs.dir.size items if compiled with LeakSanitizer Agent
ZBX-13131 Fixed truncated multiline text values from network discovery SNMP checks Server
ZBX-13117 Fixed vfs.dir.size with symbol links on Windows Agent
ZBX-12045 Fixed inconsistencies in configure -h output Installation
ZBX-13325 Fixed trend.get() method with Oracle backend API
ZBX-13223 Fixed graphs duplication in graph preview Frontend
ZBX-13345 Removed SID from URL in screen edit mode Frontend
ZBX-13055 Fixed problems with DNS resolver interface on NetBSD Agent
ZBX-13214 Added support of \0 matching group for regsub and iregsub methods Frontend
ZBX-13208 Eliminated race condition that caused history collection for newly created items to start before preprocecessing steps finished syncing Server
ZBX-13246 Fixed processing of command line arguments which are longer than 2KB for proc.num and proc.mem items on AIX Agent
ZBX-13130 Fixed Zabbix proxy not to generate high network traffic when server does not accept data Proxy
ZBX-13288 Fixed image ghosting for mass update of map elements Frontend
ZBX-11422 Fixed compilation warnings under OS X 64bit Agent
ZBX-13276 Fixed compatibility issue with Elasticsearch versions starting from 6.0 Frontend
ZBX-13196 Fixed setting of transaction error flag in commit operation Proxy Server
ZBX-13221 Fixed trimming of values in overlay dialogues Frontend
ZBX-13221 Added "Timeout" validation in web scenario step overlay dialogue Frontend
ZBX-12389 Fixed latest data host group filter Frontend
ZBX-13119 Removed 'empty' button in trigger selection window for map constructor item modal form Frontend
ZBX-12661 Fixed Low-level discovery of dependent items not working after being edited and resulting in undefined offset error or foreign key constraint violation Server
ZBX-13254 Fixed 'skip' parameter behaviour for log[], log.count[], logrt[], logrt.count[] items in case log files initially do not exist Agent
ZBX-13253 Fixed losing the 1st record by log[] and logrt[] items if 'skip' parameter is used and log file initially is empty Agent
ZBX-13275 Fixed slow housekeeping of events on MySQL Server
ZBX-13264 Fixed Zabbix agent compilation on OS/X Agent
ZBX-13245 Fixed IP fragmentation handling in Zabbix server response to Zabbix proxy Proxy Server
ZBX-13258 Fixed misaligned user group permission controls Frontend
ZBX-13031 Fixed Java gateway compilation without libpcre Installation
ZBX-12963 Fixed passing argument to external check item that contain literal $ Proxy Server
ZBX-12991 Removed default values for "active_since" and "active_till" fields in maintenance.create API method API
ZBX-13270 Fixed default selection of the required host permissions radio in the global scripts form Frontend
ZBX-12758 Fixed slow housekeeping of events due to missing index on foreign key Proxy Server
ZBX-11305 Fixed color and label for event status on event details page Frontend
ZBX-13238 Fixed spelling of Elasticsearch Frontend Server
ZBX-13056 Fixed incorrect positioning of context menu when it is opened using keyboard Frontend
ZBX-13241 Fixed memory leak on Zabbix server when executing remote commands through proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-4139 Fixed displaying of the eventlog severitites and severities in trigger map element Frontend
ZBX-13178 Fixed ipc_path value in error message Proxy Server
ZBX-12251 Fixed possibility of trigger status getting stuck in PROBLEM or OK state due to transaction error in history synchronization, added deadlock to a list of recoverable errors Proxy Server
ZBX-12251 Fixed possibility that new history values are lost and not processed by Zabbix server or Zabbix proxy due to recoverable transaction error Proxy Server
ZBX-12996 Fixed radio button and label inconsistency in maintenance period configuration Frontend
ZBX-12895 Improved performance of DB patch for updating data in the alerts table Installation
ZBX-12082 Fixed possibility to select triggers with same name in multiselect Frontend
ZBX-12983 Fixed compilation warnings under Windows Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-10578 Fixed redundant init_result() calls; thanks to MATSUDA Daiki for the patch Server
ZBX-12793 Fixed system compiler checks during source configuration Installation
ZBX-11970 Fixed style for some enumerators and structure type declarations Agent

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