Заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 2.3.4

Команда Zabbix рада сообщить о доступности Zabbix 2.3.4.

Zabbix - открытое решение распределенного мониторинга корпоративного класса. Zabbix выпускается под лицензией GPL, таким образом, продукт бесплатный как для коммерческого, так и некоммерческого использования. Полный текст лицензии доступен на http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.txt.

Этот документ содержит заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 2.3.4. Загрузите его со страницы скачать.

Следующие разделы описывают выпуск в деталях и предоставляют самую последнюю и другую информацию, которая дополняет основную документацию продукта.

Новые возможности и улучшения

ZBXNEXT-101 Added functionality for changing log level at runtime, added new trace log level for extended web and vmware monitoring
ZBXNEXT-1467 Added clear separation between 'add' and 'update' operations in the frontend
ZBXNEXT-570 Implemented the ability to quickly display items on a graph from the latest data page
ZBX-8367 Added recalculating of unsupported items queue when changed "Refresh unsupported items" parameter
ZBXNEXT-1583 Implemented new screen element types - "Graph prototype" and "Simple graph prototype"
ZBX-1357 Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Polish and Slovak translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
ZBXNEXT-2359 Made server and proxy refuse to start if StartPollersUnreachable=0, but other pollers are started
ZBX-8557 Implemented housekeeper 30 minutes startup delay
ZBX-7720 Increased size of "Host name", "Visible host name" and "Proxy name" fields to 128 characters

Исправления ошибок

ZBX-8458 Visual fixes in multiselect, actions, screens and maps
ZBX-8682 Added IT services sorting in dependencies tab
ZBX-8414 Fixed value cache statistics update when database contains only part of requested data
ZBX-8414 Fixed value cache single value request returning FAIL for not found items in low memory mode
ZBX-8675 Removed sortorder sorting from IT services popup window
ZBX-8664 Changed agent to allow empty return values from user parameters and remote commands
ZBX-8616 Fixed link to host items in Inventory->Hosts host view
ZBX-8624 Fixed inconsistent header layout in Monitoring->Discovery page
ZBX-8524 Fixed trigger filter not being reset on the Monitoring->Events page
ZBX-8494 Added check to prevent starting a proxy with a server database and vice versa
ZBX-8670 Fixed undefined index error on the web scenario configuration page when no host is selected
ZBX-8531 Fixed inconsistent group selection dropdown behaviour in application configuration
ZBX-8653 Fixed big double value check in the decimal validator
ZBX-8377 Fixed style and hover effect for disabled bulk action buttons and improved readability for readonly input fields
ZBX-8568 Fixed item.delete and itemprototype.delete to also remove trigger prototypes using them
ZBX-8636 Fixed user accounts not being disabled after exceeding number of unsuccessful login attempts
ZBX-7721 Added support for discovering more than 100 hypervisors on large vcenter installations to vmware collector
ZBX-8564 Added standard error output while running remote script
ZBX-8629 Fixed crash in get_string() function when checking "Database monitor" items
ZBX-4800 Replaced JSON.org library with Android JSON library; thanks to Volker Fröhlich for legal research
ZBX-4800 Fixed typo in item name in "Template JMX Generic": "mpTenured" -> "mp Tenured"
ZBX-8509 Fixed value of field "Use custom multiplier" to correctly default to "1" if checkbox is unchecked
ZBX-8530 Fixed host update to work when doing template unlink and interface remove in same request
ZBX-8488 Fixed items being shown in queue with a delay of more than 44 years
ZBX-8627 Fixed problem with some of code not working on PHP 5.3
ZBX-8599 Fixed incorrect error message in Telnet based checks
ZBX-8389 Fixed compilation error due to undeclared CURLOPT_KEYPASSWD with versions of libcurl up to 7.16.4
ZBX-8582 Added use of escaping to variables in SQL queries to prevent possible injections in places where it was missing; thanks to Leann for the report
ZBX-8444 Improved sleeping escalation processing by using configuration cache to get enabled items, triggers and hosts
ZBX-8608 Added support of IP masks for action conditions
ZBX-8608 Fixed clearing of discovered services with using CIDR notation in ip lists
ZBX-8415 Fixed possible server crash on LLD host or host group update
ZBX-8455 Improved synchronization between perfromance collector and agent threads
ZBX-8236 Fixed few memory leaks in Windows agent
ZBX-8601 Fixed bad performance of the proxy configuration synchronization
ZBX-8600 Fixed SQL errors in proxy configuration synchronization
ZBX-8563 Added field "logtimefmt" to exported items
ZBX-8484 Fixed "Plain text" screen elements with "Show text as HTML" enabled trying to display the text as preformatted
ZBX-7621 Changed virtual machine disk and network discovery to use device name instead of instance id in discovered item name
ZBX-8338 Fixed SNMP walking code so that it intelligently chooses either a string or numeric representation for an OID index
ZBX-8577 Added wmi.get[] to the list of suggested items
ZBX-8430 Fixed SQL errors in drule.delete API method
ZBX-8510 Fixed possible deadlocks when updating IT services

Заметки по инсталляции и обновлению


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