Заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 7.0.0beta2

Команда Zabbix рада сообщить о доступности Zabbix 7.0.0beta2.

Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution. Zabbix is released under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (AGPLv3), thus it is free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial use. More about Zabbix license.

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Новые возможности и улучшения

ZBXNEXT-8827 Implemented error handling for network discovery rules and added quick links to configuration forms in "Status of discovery" page
ZBXNEXT-8670 Added support of async SNMP to network discovery subsystem
ZBXNEXT-6876 Added multi-factor authentication support for Zabbix UI
ZBXNEXT-3623 Moved cURL library feature detection from build-time to runtime, increased required built-time cURL library version to 7.19.1
ZBXNEXT-8754 Changed item history period default value to 31 days
ZBXNEXT-8907 Implemented fixed/variable lines count selection in SVG graph and Pie chart widget legend
ZBXNEXT-9063 Added metadata in JavaScript for AWS templates
ZBXNEXT-8958 Added AWS ELB Application Load Balancer by HTTP template
ZBXNEXT-8586 Added tags support in webhooks for internal events
ZBXNEXT-8928 Added Check Point Next Generation Firewall by SNMP template
ZBXNEXT-8975 Updated main menu icons
ZBXNEXT-8947 Added MSSQL by Zabbix agent 2 template
ZBXNEXT-8908 Implemented option to show value in Pie chart widget legend
ZBXNEXT-9012 Updated max supported TimescaleDB version to 2.14
ZBXNEXT-8853 Implemented synchronized notification snooze status across user sessions
ZBXNEXT-8838 Changed LLD rule default update interval to 1h
ZBXNEXT-8983 Updated max supported MariaDB version to 11.2
ZBXNEXT-8984 Updated max supported MySQL version to 8.3
ZBXNEXT-8963 Improved maintenances to be recalculated immediately when timer period is changed
ZBXNEXT-8762 Added YugabyteDB by HTTP and YugabyteDB Cluster by HTTP templates
ZBXNEXT-8925 Set minimal supported PHP version to 8.0
ZBXNEXT-8837 Made it possible to turn off audit logging specifically for LLD, network discovery and autoregistration
Improved performance of permission checks for hosts, templates and API objects related to them; added strict validation for host group and template parameters of host API methods
ZBXNEXT-8823 Implemented detection of SNMP engineID duplicates
ZBXNEXT-8891 Updated max supported MySQL version to 8.2
ZBXNEXT-8524 Added support of HTTP proxy in GCP templates
ZBXNEXT-8496 Added aggregations for Item value widget and time period functionality for Top hosts and Item value widgets
ZBXNEXT-8724 Improved error messages when proxy is starting up
ZBXNEXT-8759 Added dashboards in Azure templates
ZBXNEXT-8580 Added new discovery rules, refactored discovery rules to dependent items and made few minor changes in MSSQL by ODBC template
ZBXNEXT-8730 Added Azure Cost Management by HTTP template
ZBXNEXT-8721 Added new net.dns.get[] item
ZBXNEXT-8121 Implemented ability to add custom user input when executing scripts
ZBXNEXT-8854 Improved passive checks to use JSON protocol and fallback to plaintext protocol
ZBXNEXT-8857 Updated max supported TimescaleDB version to 2.13
ZBXNEXT-8707 Updated version check for MongoDB node by Zabbix agent 2 template
ZBXNEXT-7460 Added support for user macros in item and item prototype names
ZBXNEXT-8735 Added attempt interval and item data type-based filtering to connectors
ZBXNEXT-1400 Added support for configuration file validation
ZBXNEXT-7578 Modified 'headers' and 'query_fields' parameter structure for item, item prototype, and LLD rule API objects
ZBXNEXT-8765 Changed default values of data storage period for audit log/history housekeeping to 31 days
ZBXNEXT-5120 Extended support of macro functions to all built-in and user macros
ZBXNEXT-3826 Added automatic IP address reversal for reverse DNS lookups
ZBXNEXT-8486 Moved items and item prototypes to MVC model and refactored edit forms to modal forms
ZBXNEXT-8705 Implemented new tablespace item to retrieve percentage about current tablespace usage from max for both Oracle templates
ZBXNEXT-5401 Implemented net.dns.perf key; thanks to Robert Young
ZBXNEXT-8708 Added version metric to Oracle plugin in Zabbix agent 2
ZBXNEXT-8741 Improved "Show" checkbox list behaviour in Clock, Gauge and Item value widgets
ZBXNEXT-8568 Added new proxy memory buffer metrics to Zabbix proxy health templates
ZBXNEXT-8522 Added HPE iLO by HTTP template
ZBXNEXT-7486 Added openshift-state-metrics in Kubernetes cluster state by HTTP
ZBXCTR-20 Added scheme for metrics endpoints
ZBXNEXT-8729 Updated max supported TimescaleDB version to 2.12
ZBXNEXT-8552 Added FortiGate by SNMP and FortiGate by HTTP templates
ZBXNEXT-5524 Added vmware.eventlog event filtering by severity; added event type and extended event source in latest data
ZBXNEXT-7754 Added info with list of guest VM IPs to vmware.vm.discovery
ZBXNEXT-8726 Refactored item timeout handling on Zabbix server and proxy
ZBXNEXT-6741 Added all dashboard pages to PDF document sent in scheduled report
ZBXNEXT-8750 Implemented label changes for history and trends storage parameters
ZBXNEXT-8727 Added additional metrics in Cisco Meraki organization by HTTP template
ZBXNEXT-8716 Implemented usability improvements for item mass update form, preprocessing tab
ZBXNEXT-7097 Added item and trigger for monitoring PostgreSQL version into PostgreSQL by ODBC and PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent 2 templates
ZBXNEXT-8681 Implemented better defaults and 'Show' options for description, value, needle and scale of Gauge widget
ZBXNEXT-8453 Fixed navigation confirmation window for trigger edit form, permission check, error messages for tag tab
ZBXNEXT-7736 Added support for active checks, "show only totals" option and host total column/row in Host availability widget
ZBXNEXT-8283 Implemented role-based authentication for AWS monitoring
ZBXNEXT-8575 Added Nextcloud template
ZBXNEXT-8645 Added get[oid] to retrieve single value asynchronously
ZBXNEXT-8453 Moved triggers and trigger prototypes to mvc model and refactored edit forms to modal forms
ZBXNEXT-8145 Implemented communication framework for dashboard widgets
ZBXNEXT-8570 Removed support for TimescaleDB v1
ZBXNEXT-8600 Added secrets resolving to script preprocessing step
ZBXNEXT-1096 Implemented configurable per-item-type timeouts
ZBXNEXT-7726 Added support for extended error checking in preprocessing
ZBXNEXT-8331 Implemented new Pie chart widget
ZBXNEXT-8638 Implemented new evaluation functions jsonpath and xmlxpath
ZBXNEXT-8469 Increased PostgreSQL maximum supported version to 16
ZBXNEXT-8714 Increased MariaDB maximum supported version to 11.1
ZBXNEXT-8702 Added support of group discovery from different prototypes/lld rules
ZBXNEXT-4165 Implemented `selectActions` parameter for API method `mediatype.get` to display all associated actions for media types
ZBXNEXT-7761 Updated User groups permissions and problem tag filters 'Add' button behaviour to add a new row
ZBXNEXT-8576 Added template integration with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
ZBXNEXT-7687 Extended Top Hosts widget column sorting
ZBXNEXT-6554 Increased remote command execution limits to 16MB
ZBXNEXT-8610 Added MantisBT template
ZBXNEXT-8621 Improved asynchronous pollers to read configuration in separate thread to avoid blocking
ZBXNEXT-8358 Improved item configuration sync on PostgreSQL by selecting using equal condition instead of not equal
ZBXNEXT-8541 Added support for history.push API method
ZBXNEXT-8649 Fixed time period params in JavaScript
ZBXNEXT-8429 Added HashiCorp Nomad template
ZBXNEXT-8421 Implemented dashboard tabs navigation for host dashboards
Moved proxies to separate database tables
ZBXNEXT-8633 Added asynchronous SNMP poller metrics to Zabbix health templates
ZBXNEXT-4781 Added new eventlog.count item key
ZBXNEXT-8581 Added support for HTTP proxy in Azure templates
ZBXNEXT-8520 Turned auditlog table into hypertable
ZBXNEXT-8558 Added MantisBT webhook
ZBXNEXT-8589 Updated documentation, unified metric names and descriptions in PostgreSQL templates, removed unused macros, user parameters and queries in PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent
ZBXNEXT-8563 Added warning messages that Oracle DB is deprecated on setup page and in System information widget and report
ZBXNEXT-8528 Added AWS Cost Explorer template
ZBXNEXT-8567 Added asynchronous SNMP pollers
ZBXNEXT-8620 Added asynchronous DNS resolving for async SNMP and Zabbix agent pollers
ZBXNEXT-8444 Moved template configuration form to modal window
ZBXNEXT-6974 Implemented new "Top triggers" widget; added new filtering options to "Top triggers" report page
ZBXNEXT-6524 Added operations "Add host tags", "Remove host tags" for autoregistration and discovery actions
ZBXNEXT-8190 Increased MariaDB maximum supported version to 11.0
ZBXNEXT-8582 Increased MySQL maximum supported version to 8.1
ZBXNEXT-8481 Added PostgreSQL by ODBC template
ZBXNEXT-8561 Added nodata trigger to remote Zabbix proxy and server health templates
ZBXNEXT-8560 Added messages that Oracle DB is deprecated
ZBXNEXT-8505 Added Cisco SD-WAN templates
ZBXNEXT-8482 Added integration with OpenStack Nova
Implemented audit logging of LLD rule API object
ZBXNEXT-8451 Disabled spell checking for nondescriptive textareas
ZBXNEXT-8569 Added asynchronous agent and HTTP agent poller metrics to Zabbix health templates
ZBXNEXT-743 Implemented new "Gauge" widget
ZBXNEXT-6144 Added proxy data memory cache to avoid using proxy history tables in normal operation
ZBXNEXT-7944 Excluded edgeupdate service from services discovery in Windows by Zabbix agent templates
ZBXNEXT-8460 Added asynchronous Zabbix agent and HTTP agent pollers
ZBXNEXT-8422 Added AWS ECS templates
ZBXNEXT-8515 Switched Zabbix frontend SVG icons to fonts
ZBXNEXT-8413 Moved Alerts -> Media types configuration form to modal window
ZBXNEXT-8497 Removed unnecessary JavaScript preprocessing in discovery rules in Kubernetes templates
ZBXNEXT-8445 Changed Data collection -> Event correlation form to modal window
ZBXNEXT-8465 Updated JavaScript scripts in Kubernetes templates
ZBXNEXT-297 Added remote command execution via active checks
ZBXNEXT-8447 Added new discovery manager, worker and queue metrics to Zabbix server and proxy health templates
ZBXNEXT-7072 Fixed hintbox to be automatically closed when target element disappears
ZBXNEXT-8294 Added filters of node labels and annotations for Kubelet discovery in Kubernetes cluster state template
ZBXNEXT-2299 Implemented problem/event filtering by performed update actions and user; reworked problem filter to support filtering by acknowledgement status and current user
ZBXNEXT-2732 Improved network discovery by implementing concurrent checks within single discovery rule
ZBXNEXT-8425 Increased the maximum length for username and password fields used in HTTP authentication from 64 to 255 characters
ZBXNEXT-8402 Implemented support of non-numeric vectors in aggregated calculations
ZBXNEXT-8245 Converted advanced configuration from checkbox to collapsible block
ZBXNEXT-8323 Added preprocessing cache support for Prometheus to JSON step
ZBXNEXT-8387 Changed Alerts->Scripts configuration form to modal window
ZBXNEXT-7640 Updated widget help icon link to documentation link of a specific widget
ZBXNEXT-8386 Changed Data collection->Discovery configuration form to modal window
ZBXNEXT-8211 Added support for new binary item value type
ZBXNEXT-8390 Added state filter for items in monitoring latest data
ZBXNEXT-8355 Added various improvements for aggregation functions
ZBXNEXT-8270 Added support of non-blocking sockets and thread-safe connect, accept, read, write operation timeouts based on poll
ZBXNEXT-8086 Implemented ability to use all widgets in dashboard templates
ZBXNEXT-8079 Added an option to choose whether redirected ICMP ping response is treated as host up or host down
ZBXNEXT-8235 Implemented simplified cloning in the UI by leaving only one Clone button for Hosts, Templates and Maps
ZBXNEXT-8326 Added Zabbix server and Zabbix frontend version to system information report
ZBXNEXT-8324 Dropped support for floats of limited range
ZBXNEXT-7569 Added support for Portage in system.sw.packages{,.get} items
ZBXNEXT-8237 Changed module details view to a modal (popup) and updated module details
ZBXNEXT-7132 Added option of getting fully qualified domain name in system.hostname key to Zabbix agent and Zabbix agent 2
ZBXNEXT-8226 Fixed the problem of insufficient length of URL fields
ZBXNEXT-8256 Renamed action operation types related to template linkage

Исправления ошибок

ZBX-23441 Fixed Go agent Makefile template not respecting DESTDIR
ZBX-24093 Fixed JMX monitoring when using "remote+http" protocol
ZBX-23567 Fixed PHP error during first time setup when no user is yet created
ZBX-24050 Fixed snmpaddrs not getting updated when syncing interfaces
ZBX-23488 Fixed severity checkbox area width issue when editing widgets and added an option to add title attribute to checkbox labels
ZBX-24103 Improved configuration sync, history sync and pollers performance
ZBX-23852 Fixed template import failing with unexpected server error when trying to import template dashboards with items or graphs from unexisting hosts
ZBX-24043 Fixed extensive locking when retrieving Zabbix server statistics
ZBX-24143 Fixed swap space trigger prototype name in Proxmox VE by HTTP template
ZBX-24110 Improved configuration sync performance by avoiding host join when syncing items
ZBX-24141 Fixed replication master host LLD macro in MySQL by Zabbix agent template
ZBX-23667 Added VMware datastore UUID to discovery items, added datastore selection by UUID to vmware.hv.datastore items
ZBX-21703 Fixed possible mutual lock between exporter and collector in performance counters for Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-24049 Fixed Zabbix server template linking logic so that it does not wrongfully update triggers on host when there is a corresponding trigger on template with same description but different expression
ZBX-22332 Fixed placeholder and default value for CSV to JSON preprocessing step parameters
ZBX-20725 Updated documentation for MySQL by Zabbix agent template, added the protocol option to the MySQL client configuration example
ZBX-20788 Updated locale variable to force English locale in user parameter pgsql.ping.time[*] in PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent template
ZBX-23617 Fixed item test form not showing values for macros with a backslash character used in a string parameter of a calculated item formula function
ZBX-19918 Prevented redundant audit log entries of failed logins when visiting login page if guest account is disabled; removed automatic login as guest user when entering any page requiring authentication
ZBX-24038 Fixed next token parameters in JavaScript for AWS templates; edited links in descriptions
ZBX-22783 Added automatic detection of Oracle instant client installed from RPM
ZBX-18859 Fixed error event 5858 with ResultCode = 0x80041032 after WMI queries
ZBX-24095 Improved data fetch performance for PostgreSQL
ZBX-24017 Added support of null for nodata value in agent JSON protocol
ZBX-23888 Added setting agent items to unsupported state when invalid regexp is supplied
ZBX-23941 Fixed error message in log if TLS handshake has timed out
ZBX-23124 Fixed items with disabled history being sometimes stuck in non-supported state
ZBX-23586 Fixed filter evaluation type of organizations discovery in Cisco Meraki dashboard by HTTP template
ZBX-23607 Added quoting string values when producing SNMP walk[] output
ZBX-23925 Fixed spelling mistakes
ZBX-24016 Fixed DB patch not to fail in case of hosts without groups
ZBX-23766 Updated Zabbix agent 2 Ceph plugin README setup instructions
ZBX-24094 Fixed network interfaces LLD filtering macro in Linux by Prom template
ZBX-23202 Fixed unused tag value being saved in tag filter
ZBX-22555 Updated regexp to case-insensitive in Nginx templates
ZBX-23664 Changed calculation logic of Zabbix agent interface availability for active and passive checks
ZBX-23973 Fixed trends being retrieved from database for new items and for items with infrequent update interval
ZBX-22745 Removed incorrect description of network interfaces administrative status filter macro in SNMP templates
ZBX-23663 Fixed inability to enable SAML when PHP LDAP extension is missing
ZBX-24015 Improved zabbix[queue] internal item not to block history syncers and pollers
ZBX-23509 Fixed JSONPath of keyspace discovery master item in Redis by Zabbix agent 2 template
ZBX-24059 Fixed libmodbus unnecessary linking into all binaries
ZBX-24055 Added missing API port macros in URL of script items in HPE Synergy by HTTP and HPE Primera by HTTP templates
ZBX-24062 Fixed btoa JavaScript function
ZBX-23817 Fixed console error in chart.view when selecting time period for graph
ZBX-20525 Fixed vfs.dir.size performance issues when walking through directory that has a lot of subdirs/files
ZBX-23773 Improved trigger functionality for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud MSP by HTTP template
ZBX-23979 Improved trend recalculation performance by performing trend updates in own transaction
ZBX-21192 Updated date and time format in Zabbix trap receiver script
ZBX-23688 Improved new item value retrieval performance by adding such items to value cache after configuration sync
ZBX-22130 Changed JSONPath expression evaluator to treat null values as empty variants
ZBX-23986 Added a license to the Go module
ZBX-23587 Fixed widget input field selecting when clicking on label
ZBX-23701 Fixed Gauge widget description performance
ZBX-23232 Fixed syncing web scenarios to proxy
ZBX-23320 Fixed Pie chart widget legend behavior to be same as in Graph widget
ZBX-23638 Fixed page scrolling when closing modal form in Safari
ZBX-23640 Fixed preload hints opening
ZBX-23684 Fixed transactions query file for PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent template
ZBX-23659 Fixed incorrect calculation of bar graph polygon in SVG graph widget for negative values
ZBX-22433 Fixed web scenario and web scenario step configuration field trimming and field sorting
ZBX-20765 Fixed empty PDF files in scheduled reports
ZBX-21192 Improved SNMP traps to resume processing from last record and timestamp when HA node is switched
ZBX-23814 Fixed {TRIGGER.VALUE} macro not working anymore
ZBX-23904 Fixed build flags when using custom OpenSSL library
ZBX-23818 Fixed clock, graph and graph prototype widget form reloading and field focus when changing values
ZBX-23967 Fixed possible invalid free in SNMP walk to JSON preprocessing step
ZBX-22371 Fixed process tags option not adding tags for service events
ZBX-17208 Fixed invalid command-line flag handling in Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-23517 Fixed user not being able to clone dashboard with read-only access
ZBX-22961 Fixed modal (popup) form resizing and visual glitch on initial load, and ResizeObserver observation error in Safari browser
ZBX-23937 Fixed JavaScript for AWS EC2 instances discovery
ZBX-22715 Fixed map shape dimension changes on resizing in scaled browser mode
ZBX-23722 Added garbage collection after executing JavaScript code
ZBX-23740 Fixed netsnmp persistent state disabling without affecting its configuration
ZBX-23874 Fixed undefined array key error for map elements with URL
ZBX-23890 Removed non-existing headers from compiler checks: mtent.h and knlist.h
ZBX-23912 Removed Jira with CustomFields media type in data.tmpl
ZBX-23883 Fixed PHP runtime error while using "/d", "/m" or "/h" modifiers in the time selector with some time zones
ZBX-23262 Fixed inability to log in using user.login API method if user has a user group with disabled frontend access
ZBX-23257 Fixed log items not using MaxLinesPerSecond setting correctly for Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-23914 Fixed use of uninitialized protocol version variable during SNMP checks
ZBX-22536 Fixed TimescaleDB compression detection for history.clear API method and proper error appearance in frontend
ZBX-23761 Fixed JavaScript in Jira media type
ZBX-22558 Fixed trigger expression for retrieval of stub page in Nginx templates
ZBX-23906 Fixed Zabbix server and proxy crash when executing SNMP agent item
ZBX-23562 Fixed time period selector validation for maximum time period
ZBX-23540 Added error checks for RegisterMetrics calls
ZBX-23691 Fixed LLD filters evaluation type for devices discovery in Cisco SD-WAN by HTTP template
ZBX-23605 Removed getting location buckets in AWS by HTTP template; added discovery filters for request metrics in AWS S3 bucket by HTTP template
ZBX-23497 Fixed user edit form fields validation for user without user group
ZBX-23696 Fixed script item parameters and HTTP agent item query fields and headers not being passed to Zabbix server when testing items
ZBX-23466 Fixed data aggregation errors in Graphs and Top hosts widgets with Elasticsearch backend
ZBX-23835 Updated Meraki templates
ZBX-23723 Fixed proxy parameters in JavaScript AWS templates
ZBX-23846 Fixed quoting of empty parameters while resolving macros in the trigger expressions
ZBX-21898 Added escaping of backslashes in history function string parameters
ZBX-22983 Fixed ellipses appearing in dropdown of item mass update and item configuration preprocessing section
ZBX-22678 Fixed parsing failures for deb packages without an Installed-Size field
ZBX-22055 Fixed map image of Map widget not being updated on pressing "Apply" button
ZBX-23629 Fixed interface icon cursor to pointer
ZBX-23471 Fixed sha256 sum calculation on AIX, HP-UX and Solaris, fixed crash on HP-UX
ZBX-22933 Improved vfs.file.regmatch and vfs.file.regexp items to use buffered file read
ZBX-21973 Changed deprecated X-Frame option allow-from to Content-Security-Policy frame-ancestors
ZBX-23738 Fixed Zabbix backend sources for libxml2 2.12.0 version changes
ZBX-23633 Fixed service alarms to be recovered with problem time in case of negative problem duration
ZBX-23746 Fixed creation of tickets during escalation for Zammad media type
ZBX-23561 Fixed spacing between filter and results table
ZBX-23636 Fixed some fields in Administration section not being trimmed on form submission
ZBX-23730 Fixed long server shutdown when a lot of values are enqueued to be flushed via connectors
ZBX-23631 Removed 'tags' tag in case of an error when collecting tags from *discovery items
ZBX-23439 Fixed sorting of numeric items with/without aggregation enabled in Top hosts widget
ZBX-23825 Fixed query_fields values in Acronis and Nomad templates
ZBX-23590 Fixed discovery rule form custom timeout link opening the proxy form only when override of proxy item type timeouts is enabled
ZBX-23623 Fixed sorting order of dependent triggers in trigger configuration being different from sorting order in trigger list
ZBX-23559 Fixed SLI dropping when maintenance is set with pre-existing problem
ZBX-23145 Disabled deprecated automatic reconnection in MySQL
ZBX-23799 Fixed crash when host interfaces are added and updated at the same time
ZBX-23565 Fixed filtering by value not working in Latest data for log and text types
ZBX-23683 Fixed calculation of vmware.datastore.read/write items taking into account VMware HV maintenance status
ZBX-23787, ZBX-23755 Fixed crash on empty HTTP response; fixed Zabbix agent build on Windows with libcurl
ZBX-23437 Added back support for user macros in "custom on fail" parameter
ZBX-23681 Fixed time column width and removed strange dots for the checkbox column in monitoring problems in compact mode
ZBX-23713 Changed names of order and limit fields in Top hosts and Top triggers widgets
ZBX-21132 Fixed Top hosts widget not showing all items by selected item name
ZBX-23568 Added clean-up of incompatible item, item prototype and LLD rule properties from configuration import generated before v6.4
ZBX-23764 Added an additional field for new events in SIGNL4 media type
ZBX-23685 Added read-only transaction to the list of recoverable errors on PostgreSQL
ZBX-23342 Fixed Zabbix agent 2 MySQL plugin connection not taking into account TLS parameters
ZBX-23715 Fixed persistent directory path not following symlinks upon creation
ZBX-23759 Fixed agent poller process sending IPC messages to wrong recipients
ZBX-23772 Fixed vmware.vm.discovery item
ZBX-23672 Fixed issue of binary items breaking module compatibility
ZBX-23580 Fixed aggregated item key conversion to calculated item formula when item key includes 'last' function and a fourth parameter
ZBX-23490 Improved HTTP agent, web scenarios, web checks and JavaScript to convert to UTF-8 from charset specified in HTTP header or HTTP meta tag
ZBX-22493 Fixed foreign key support with SQLite3 database
ZBX-23146 Fixed automatic database upgrade and manual upgrade scripts failing on TimescaleDB with compression
ZBX-23602 Fixed false positive host revision update in configuration cache when syncing interfaces
ZBX-23269 Fixed sizes of loading modal windows
ZBX-23621 Fixed SNMP discovery looping forever with empty trend response
ZBX-23668 Added overflow check when converting string variant to ui64
ZBX-23525 Fixed template tab name in template configuration form
ZBX-23670 Fixed timeout misbehavior in simple checks
ZBX-22829 Fixed discovery rule checks editing
ZBX-23620 Reordered sub-templates in READMEs of Acronis, Control-M and Openstack templates
ZBX-23381 Fixed unit for FreeStorageSpace metric in JavaScript AWS RDS instance by HTTP template
ZBX-23660 Fixed widgets in FortiGate by HTTP template
ZBX-23472 Fixed preload hintboxes loading
ZBX-22400 Fixed Web scenarios configuration form to display parent web scenarios on page refresh
ZBX-23290 Fixed gap when filtering by tags in Latest data
ZBX-23399 Fixed browser console errors when mass updating host and removing all value mappings
ZBX-23430 Fixed selected filter tab in high contrast themes being indistinguishable from others when collapsed
ZBX-23429 Removed strange dots in latest data caused by overflow-ellipsis
ZBX-23639 Changed value type for 'Pool Percent Used' item prototype in Ceph by Zabbix agent 2 template
ZBX-23521 Fixed password field label not changing to key passphrase and back for SSH agent item when changing authentication method
ZBX-23431 Fixed non-working "Network timeout for item test" setting
ZBX-23615 Fixed receiving data from the database twice the first time it is loaded
ZBX-22537 Fixed displaying symptom events in case multiple cause events have more than 50 symptoms
ZBX-19531 Fixed tables with header text vertical rotation
ZBX-23157 Fixed proxy buffer statistic handling in disk mode
ZBX-23855 Fixed buffer overread in DNS response
ZBX-23858 Fixed injection vulnerability in Zabbix agent 2 smartctl plugin
ZBX-23404 Fixed Zabbix agent crashes on HP-UX 11.23
ZBX-23576 Fixed group condition in calculated item in case when there is template group with same name as host group
ZBX-23235 Fixed function macros to expand in notifications
ZBX-23173 Fixed memory leak in agent 2 for Windows Events processing on MS Windows
ZBX-23484 Fixed incorrect handling of float values when testing calculated items
ZBX-23563 Fixed JSONPath for rowshare locks metric in PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent 2 template
ZBX-22907 Removed unused LLD macro in PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent template
ZBX-23539 Fixed missing filesystem label macro in Windows by Zabbix agent templates, added discard to filesystems discovery
ZBX-23377 Added support for VMware perfCounter with nanosecond type
ZBX-23012 Possible optimization of the SQL queries when updating LLD items
ZBX-23554 Fixed translation strings that were causing issue with gettext extension
ZBX-23318 Fixed 'replace' preprocessing step parameter validation checking if backslashes are escaped
ZBX-23270 Renamed trigger name condition to event name condition
ZBX-23340 Fixed TLS parameter handling in MySQL plugin for Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-23259 Fixed field focus on label click in user group mapping form for user authentication
ZBX-22977 Fixed positioning of hidden checkbox inputs and fixed autofocus in template/host mass update
ZBX-23475 Fixed memory leak when SNMP walk to JSON preprocessing step fails due to parsing error
ZBX-23527 Fixed radio-list-controls position in the top header of services
ZBX-23494 Added SNMP fallback item to TrueNAS by SNMP template, updated uptime item and template descriptions, added preprocessing to free swap percentage calculation
ZBX-23101 Added asterisk to description field label in Item value widget
ZBX-22666 Disabled severity filter for Geomap widget in dashboard edit mode
ZBX-23200 Fixed parsing NULL values, multiline strings and quoted strings in SNMP walk output
ZBX-22532 Update Zabbix agent 2 command line flags to use zbxflag package
ZBX-23393 Fixed unquoted macro parsing in trigger function parameters
ZBX-23064 Simplified trend synchronization queries to improve performance
ZBX-23164 Added timespan parameter in JavaScript Cisco Meraki template
ZBX-23288 Fixed Top triggers widget showing incorrect entries when custom trigger count is set
ZBX-23465 Fixed alignment of tag badges
ZBX-23455 Fixed inconsistency in button naming, confirmation messages, success and error messages in item and web scenario list pages
ZBX-20038 Fixed master host parameter for MySQL replication.get_slave_status key in Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-23479 Fixed empty hints for widget fields referring to another widgets
ZBX-23301 Removed checks for PostgreSQL-TimescaleDB versions combination
ZBX-23454 Fixed runtime errors while resolving macros in the trigger URL name
ZBX-22735 Fixed confusing error message on user parameter reload in Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-23477 Fixed item test failures due to timeout error
ZBX-23154 Stopped running housekeeper TimescaleDB 'drop_chunks' query on history_bin table
ZBX-23427 Fixed trends not being calculated
ZBX-23361 Fixed uncapitalized first letter for value 'all' in radio buttons and in filter select fields
ZBX-22841 Fixed all date/time displays to match standard US date and time formats
ZBX-23446 Fixed nested transaction issue when processing autoregistration data
ZBX-23354 Fixed crash on shutdown after unsuccessful database connection on startup
ZBX-23358 Fixed "Problem hosts" widget without filtering by tags not showing problem host count
ZBX-23302 Fixed 'access denied' error in template multiselect popup
ZBX-23338 Improved performance of templatedashboard.get method for non super-admin users
ZBX-23110 Fixed possible crash on Windows 11 by removing concurrent Win API call for update perfCounters list
ZBX-23284 Prevented deletion of the discovered group as a result of renaming its group prototype
ZBX-21094 Fixed graphs not displaying values when items do not have trends and trend storage period is overridden in configuration
ZBX-23162 Fixed variable in JavaScript for Cisco Meraki template
ZBX-23066 Expanded ui/composer.json to describe the project
ZBX-23253 Added static units support to graph widget legend and hint box
ZBX-23261 Removed kiosk mode button from host inventory form
ZBX-23260 Fixed (enabled) additional URL fields in map properties
ZBXNEXT-8658 Improved Monitoring > Maps usability
ZBX-22943 Fixed various memory leaks in Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-22779 Replaced HTTP with HTTPS in Zabbix homepage address
ZBX-23298 Fixed walk[oid] discovery rule not working as test item
ZBX-23336 Fixed items not to become unsupported if interface is not available
ZBX-23244 Added escaping for special characters in HTML mode of Telegram mediatype
ZBX-21636 Fixed Oracle DB update query error mishandled as success
ZBX-20442 Fixed Ceph plugin not returning percent_used in Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-15210 Added housekeeping and handling in remove action operation of autoreg_host table
ZBX-21560 Fixed default Zabbix agent 1 and 2 config file name and path for Windows; fixed logging to stderr in Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-22991 Resolved recommendations/issues regarding new icons style
ZBX-22166 Fixed item value widget not showing decimal places properly with seconds
ZBX-23035 Fixed disappearing filter group in host, item, trigger, graph, discovery rule, web and template lists
ZBX-23105 Added missing database indices
ZBX-23854 Fixed leak of zbx_session cookie through dashboard URL widget while constructing scheduled report
ZBX-23240 Fixed filtering by "action" and "action_userid" in event.get and problem.get not working
ZBX-21952 Fixed and improved documentation for Oracle by ODBC template
ZBX-22980 Fixed host prototype displaying inherited macros in a non-inherited macro tab
ZBX-17279 Fixed graph widget loading
ZBX-22601 Fixed invalid time period filter submission
ZBX-23214 Fixed inability to import a host if a template with non-existent template group is specified in the same import file
ZBX-23275 Prevented undefined index error when unlinking a template containing an item with value map
ZBX-22724 Fixed inconsistencies in ordering of objects in template configuration export
ZBX-22060 Added notes about encryption in PostgreSQL templates, renamed database instance URI macro to connection string in PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent 2 template, updated PostgreSQL by ODBC template to use connection string
ZBX-23246 Fixed classic graph preview not working if more than 10 items are assigned to it
ZBX-22758 Fixed Zabbix agent 2 startup error on domain controllers by increasing go-winio version
ZBX-22451 Fixed resolving of calculated item formula in test popup
ZBX-23088 Fixed discovery rule host name, visible name and uniqueness criteria radio button values after updating Discovery checks
ZBX-22901 Fixed duplicate checking for SNMP discovery checks
ZBX-22620 Added header in items for Meraki template
ZBX-23051 Changed content of resolved alerts to be more compatible with Event Orchestration in PagerDuty
ZBX-23272 Fixed naming for tenant item prototypes in OpenStack Nova by HTTP template
ZBX-22818 Fixed some aggregation functions not working with last_foreach()
ZBX-23002 Made vfs_file_contents, vfs_file_regmatch, vfs_file_regexp, log, log.count, logrt, logrt.count and telnet items to fail when non-existing encoding is used
ZBX-21255 Added support of the fmtnum() function for {ITEM.VALUE}, {ITEM.LASTVALUE} and expression macros
ZBX-22771 Fixed handling of large unsigned integers in JSONPath
ZBX-22871 Fixed regular expression crash with invalid utf-8 sequences when PCRE2 is used
ZBX-23141 Fixed crash when maintenance is enabled and unexpected event exists for trigger prototype
ZBX-23068 Fixed crash and memory leak when using system.sw.os.get key
ZBX-21695 Fixed {TIME} macro not being resolved during scheduled report test
ZBX-23221 Fixed memory leaks when using certificate-based encryption in Zabbix agent and Zabbix agent 2; thanks to Masato Hirahata for the patch
ZBX-22864 Fixed calculation of max_repetitions sent out to device in SNMP PDUs
ZBX-23234 Fixed inability to link a template containing an item that depends on web scenario item
ZBX-23210 Fixed inability to unlink a template containing items with empty value map from a template
ZBX-22677 Adjusted font colors for placeholders, disabled and readonly fields
ZBX-21574 Optimized Asterisk by HTTP template
ZBX-18168 Added regexp runtime error logging for log*[] items
ZBX-22972 Fixed displaying of dashboard pages when scrolling is enabled
ZBX-23067 Enhanced audit logging with reason of switching of HA node to active mode
ZBX-22535 Fixed Zabbix agent 2 configuration with empty values
ZBX-22027 Fixed "Update problem" position in trigger context menu
ZBX-22757 Fixed action condition labels when custom expression is set
ZBX-22613 Fixed script execution with API token as authentication
ZBX-22881 Fixed link to filtered users belonging to the specific user group
ZBX-23060 Removed unused endpoints in JavaScript for Veeam Backup and Replication template
ZBX-22772 Added trends cleanup for non-numeric value types
ZBX-22788 Fixed inability to close pop-up confirmation message on the first attempt after opening multiple popups
ZBX-22787 Fixed mediatypes incorrectly saving parameters when switching type from Webhook to Script and vice versa
ZBX-23147 Fixed problem count indicators in Monitoring hosts page
ZBX-23072 Fixed web scenario step variable uniqueness validation if multiple variable names are empty
ZBX-23096 Fixed fields with key-value pairs being misaligned in web scenario configuration form
ZBX-23107 Fixed small memory leak in Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-22822 Fixed displaying the correct threshold color in "Top hosts" widget when value exceeds maximum
ZBX-22777 Fixed item test form sending incorrectly resolved macros to server if item uses SNMP interface
ZBX-23075 Fixed processing of network discovery rule with short update interval
ZBX-23097 Fixed use of uninitialised value when verifying subject and issuer with TLS
ZBX-23112 Fixed runtime errors in the inheritance of the trigger and trigger prototype dependencies
ZBX-22539 Fixed SLI calculation for days with daylight-saving-time transitions
ZBX-22916 Fixed action condition type dropdown not reloading the form if mouse is clicked and dragged
ZBX-22814 Fixed PHP runtime errors in API trigger.get method when using "expandComment" option
ZBX-23037 Fixed memory leak in vfs.fs.get[]
ZBX-22915 Fixed unfocusable dashboard pages in editing mode
ZBX-23014 Fixed Zabbix agent build on HP-UX
ZBX-23049 Fixed default condition for log item macro resolution
ZBX-21909 Updated setup section in README for PHP-FPM templates to include configuration example for Apache
ZBX-20148 Fixed the issue with housekeeper failing to delete some of the events that required deletion
ZBX-21970 Fixed console error in "Map navigation tree" widget; disabled add button on a 10th depth level
ZBX-19393 Fixed undefined index errors in configuration.importcompare
ZBX-22811 Removed CSRF token from the monitoring.host.view URL
ZBX-22290 Fixed generation of double page headers when general warning appears
ZBX-22830 Fixed free bytes calculation for temporary tablespace in Oracle Zabbix agent 2 plugin
ZBX-21845 Fixed Zabbix agent 2 systemd plugin failing with newer dbus
ZBX-21547 Fixed reading of non-UTF-8 encoded files in Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-22800 Fixed detection of authentication LDAP userdirectory when user is assigned to multiple user groups with LDAP authentication
ZBX-22808 Fixed broken timeline breakpoint in "Problems by severity" widget
ZBX-21571 Updated pod crash loop trigger expressions in Kubernetes nodes and cluster state templates
ZBX-22825 Fixed Zabbix access to the first page for user with specific page access
ZBX-22711 Fixed incorrectly displayed simple graphs with non-numeric items in Host graphs page
ZBX-22369 Fixed suffix interpretation in threshold values for "Item value" and "Top hosts" widget
ZBX-22987 Fixed inefficient URL schema validation
ZBX-21892 Fixed wrong fs type returned by vfs.fs.get for file systems with identical mount point
ZBX-21859 Fixed active checks occasionally not being executed on Zabbix agent 2 if checks for a plugin have long and short update intervals
ZBX-22941 Prevented clearing of the user macro secret values on inherited host prototypes as the result of user macros modifications on the parent host prototype of a template
ZBX-22889 Fixed performance problems by creating problem.cause_eventid index
ZBX-22695 Fixed eventlog duplicate timestamps
ZBX-22903 Fixed scale calculation for Graph and Graph (classic) widgets
ZBX-22838 Fixed Zabbix proxy reporting JSON error instead of TCP
ZBX-22904 Fixed streaming of metrics with large float numbers
ZBX-22148 Fixed the crash when updating a webhook to JavaScript that cannot be compiled
ZBX-22868 Fixed Zabbix agent 2 plugin Defaults when hardcoded value is provided
ZBX-22399 Added TLS and Default parameters support to MQTT plugin for Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-20280 Fixed page selection in a dashboard after refresh
ZBX-22883 Fixed occasional crash of user parameters on Windows when using Zabbix agent 2 with UserParameterDir defined
ZBX-22953 Fixed metric names in the Top hosts widget in global view dashboard, added missing connector queue metric to graph in Zabbix server health dashboard
ZBXNEXT-8392 Added a documentation link for each standard item key
ZBX-22243 Fixed navigation away from edited dashboard without user confirmation
ZBX-22844 Fixed compilation of Zabbix on OpenBSD when linking with libevent
ZBX-22798 Fixed incorrect output of vfs.file.contents when reading frequently modified file
ZBX-22805 Increased memory allocation limit for JavaScript execution from 64M to 512M
ZBX-21877 Fixed unnecessary proxy name wrapping into multiple lines in proxy list
ZBX-22264 Added optional empty state for dynamic rows library
ZBX-22697 Fixed VMware tags update error related to curl communication problems
ZBX-21573 Optimized preprocessing steps in the AWS EC2 by HTTP template
ZBX-16326 Fixed displaying of the first and last data points on the graphs
ZBX-22467 Fixed missing bracket in a trigger event name in Windows templates
ZBXNEXT-8467 Updated max supported TimescaleDB version to 2.11
ZBX-22738 Fixed flickering debug info while editing empty dashboards
ZBX-22231 Removed host and interface macros resolution from HTTP proxy fields in items, item prototype and discovery rule test dialogues
ZBX-22681 Fixed wrongly displayed Revert button for text macros in host, template and host prototype clone forms
ZBX-21194 Fixed filter form submission upon pressing Enter key in Safari
ZBX-22348 Added user role requirement for creating a user or updating a user with role already set to the frontend
ZBX-21804 Removed requirement for write permissions on hosts, host groups, triggers, discovery rules, discovery checks and proxies when creating or updating actions
ZBX-22743 Fixed user list filtering with user roles specified
ZBX-22418 Fixed popup form fields overlapping labels when textarea width is resized
ZBX-19590 Changed count_foreach to add 0 when no data are in the requested period
ZBX-22594 Fixed fatal error when a request contains invalid authentication parameters
ZBX-22397 Fixed disabled input field text color in Safari
ZBX-22691 Fixed action operations edit form opening wrong operation details popup window
ZBX-21593 Optimized preprocessing steps in the templates PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent and PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-22470 Fixed hang on logging when establishing an encrypted connection in Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-20263 Prevented the ability to link two or more templates with matching item keys to a host or template; improved the check for double template linkage and related error messages
ZBX-22254 Fixed support of special characters in LDAP group pattern
ZBX-22571 Fixed "service not equal" action condition not working as expected
ZBX-22644 Fixed Graph widget not showing all problems for multiple items with dataset aggregation enabled
ZBX-22698 Fixed spelling mistakes in the templates
ZBX-21883 Changed Select map field of the Map widget to multiselect
ZBX-22762 Fixed race condition in Zabbix agent 2 when reading filesystem
ZBX-22593 Changed representation of boolean item values in wmi.get, wmi.getall items in Zabbix agent 2 to match the format in classic Zabbix agent
ZBX-22793 Fixed LogSlowQueries not taken into account by server
ZBX-22314 Fixed OpenSSL, yaml, cmocka compiling in a non-standard location
ZBX-14557 Expanded the range of possible forecast return values to double precision
ZBX-22598 Fixed singular and plural forms in success and error messages and in confirmation messages
ZBX-22343 Removed use of deprecated cURL setopt options
ZBX-22147 Updated default buffer size to 1000 in Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-22587 Fixed JSON validation not detecting invalid unicode characters and out-of-bounds access with JSONPath on invalid unicode character
ZBX-21976 Added support of OneLogin and Azure SCIM, fixed some issues with provisioning

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