Заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 3.0.0rc3

Команда Zabbix рада сообщить о доступности Zabbix 3.0.0rc3.

Zabbix - открытое решение распределенного мониторинга корпоративного класса. Zabbix выпускается под лицензией GPL, таким образом, продукт бесплатный как для коммерческого, так и некоммерческого использования. Полный текст лицензии доступен на http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.txt.

Этот документ содержит заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 3.0.0rc3. Загрузите его со страницы скачать.

Следующие разделы описывают выпуск в деталях и предоставляют самую последнюю и другую информацию, которая дополняет основную документацию продукта.

Новые возможности и улучшения

ZBX-1357 Updated English (United States), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Ukrainian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
ZBX-1357 Enabled French translation to be displayed by default
ZBX-1357 Updated Czech, English (United States), French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Ukrainian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
ZBXNEXT-2662 Added a new filter in Monitoring -> Screens
ZBXNEXT-2662 Added a new filter in Monitoring -> Screens -> Slide shows
ZBXNEXT-2662 Added a new filter in Monitoring -> Maps
ZBXNEXT-2662 Updated default colors for graph elements
ZBX-1357 Enabled English (United States), Korean, Ukrainian translations to be displayed by default
ZBXNEXT-3122 Added Windows ReFS to the list of file system types discovered by default
ZBXNEXT-3124 Added edit buttons in map, screen and slide show views
ZBX-1357 Updated Czech, Italian, Japanese, Georgian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
ZBXNEXT-3082 Implemented support of public and private slide shows with ability to share them with other users and user groups
ZBXNEXT-3080 Implemented action menu closing only when clicking outside of it
ZBXNEXT-3051 Implemented action and action condition caching
ZBXNEXT-2662 Implemented displaying of maps using graph_themes
ZBX-10102 Added support for log file meta information update for items with value type other than log
ZBXNEXT-2662 Moved "sid" parameter into POST method for links with actions
ZBXNEXT-611 Added an option to start Zabbix daemons in foreground mode and a configuration parameter to log to the standard ouput
ZBXNEXT-2662 Removed "sid" parameter from almost all links
ZBXNEXT-3073 Implemented support of public and private screens with ability to share them with other users and user groups
ZBXNEXT-3071 Optimized history cache to better handle few items flooding cache with values
ZBXNEXT-3045 Dropped zabbix_agent - the inetd version of Zabbix agent
ZBX-1357 Updated Czech, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
ZBXNEXT-2662 Implemented a new filter in triggers and web checks configuration lists
ZBXNEXT-2662 Implemented a new screen clock
ZBXNEXT-2662 Implemented displaying of the IT services bar graph using graph_themes
ZBXNEXT-2662 Improved editing of the IT Services
ZBXNEXT-3007 Implemented support of public and private maps with ability to share them with other users and user groups
ZBX-10063 Improved net.if.* on Windows to get values from 64-bit counters if available
ZBX-9859 Improved performance of screen.get method for an unprivileged user
ZBXNEXT-3055 Changed LLD lost resources deletion time calculation logic to avoid issues with invalid discovery item time stamps
ZBXNEXT-1193 Implemented trend.get method for API
ZBXNEXT-3037 Removed unused fields "gridview" and "legendview" from "graph_theme" table
ZBXNEXT-2357 Implemented a new MVC style for Monitoring->Web and IT Services report
ZBX-9985 Fixed template search results
ZBXNEXT-1762 Added years, months and half of months periods displaying on graphs X axis
ZBXNEXT-1679 Implemented value map import/export
ZBXNEXT-1679 Added checkbox column in value map list view and bulk "Delete" button
ZBXNEXT-1679 Added "Used in items" column in value map list view and green text "Yes" if value map is used in items or item prototypes
ZBXNEXT-1679 Added value map sorting by name
ZBXNEXT-1679 Added limit for the amount of records and paging in value maps
ZBXNEXT-1679 Replaced built-in confirmation dialog with modal window dialog for image import when selecting "Update existing"
ZBXNEXT-2683 Added user macro context
ZBX-2616 Updated bundled DejaVu font from 2.34 to 2.35
ZBX-9935 Added check for item delay, to be between 0 and 86400 seconds
ZBX-1357 Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Finnish, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Slovak translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
ZBXNEXT-2678 Implemented trigger description and URL popups in the dashboard's "Last 20 issues" and screen element's "Host group issues" and "Host issues"
ZBX-2517 Changed minimum period for time navigator to 1 minute; thanks to Zabbix community
ZBXNEXT-1424 Implemented value mapping API, added clone button in value map edit form and slightly improved performance of value map caching in frontend
ZBXNEXT-2960 Reduced the default MaxLinesPerSecond value to 20
ZBXNEXT-1263 Added encryption support for communications between Zabbix components
ZBXNEXT-2662 Implemented on-click navigation for sub menus
ZBXNEXT-2844 Added multiple escalator support
ZBXNEXT-2988 Reduced the number of poller configuration cache locks by 1/3
ZBXNEXT-2163 Implemented argument support for script media type
ZBXNEXT-2128 Implemented execution of an item at a specific time
ZBXNEXT-922 Added forecasting trigger functions
ZBX-1357 Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Italian, Japanese and Russian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
ZBXNEXT-2056 Added an HTTP response code value map
ZBX-9274 Added printing defaults when Zabbix programs are executed with --help option
ZBXNEXT-2662 Added a new predefined period (3 days) for the timeline
ZBXNEXT-2581 Added returning of permissions for usergroup.get
ZBX-8820 Improved bulk acknowledge of events
ZBXNEXT-210 Changed macro type labels in template configuration form
ZBXNEXT-1241 Added host inventory mode setting for new and discovered hosts
ZBXNEXT-494 Added support for proc.cpu.util key on Linux and Solaris platforms
ZBX-1357 Updated Czech and Japanese translations; thanks to Zabbix translators

Исправления ошибок

ZBX-10385 Fixed "Case sensitive" checkbox on regular expression test function
ZBX-10381 Fixed validation of length of a command in the Administration->Scripts form
ZBX-10384 Fixed upgrade of screens, maps and slide shows to make public them for simple users
ZBX-10382 Fixed "Too few arguments" error in the user profile form
ZBX-10380 Fixed upgrade of an empty proxy database
ZBX-10362 Fixed resolving of {TRIGGER.ID} macro in trigger URL field
ZBX-10358 Fixed error messages in template screen cloning and web scenario step validation
ZBX-10347 Fixed undefined index "macros" in dashboard widget
ZBX-10352 Fixed standard file stream redirection after daemonizing when using system log type
ZBX-10350 Fixed "Select all" checkbox in application list
ZBX-10215 Fixed host availability not being updated for connection errors on timeouting items
ZBX-10361 Updated database versioning for v3.0 release
ZBX-10336 Fixed agent crash with TLS OpenSSL on MS Windows; thanks to Kenneth Palmertree for patch
ZBX-10345 Fixed screen, map and slide show update by a simple user
ZBX-10313 Changed wmi.get[] to accept UTF-8 encoded namespace and WQL query
ZBX-10339 Fixed undefined index "conditiontype" when adding LLD rule
ZBX-10305 Fixed incorrect menu highlighting and removed dropdown control for templated screens
ZBX-9661 Fixed bug when VMware collectors could sometimes use 100% of CPU without processing any data
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed background of the screens
ZBX-9784 Fixed host clone form to work with prototype v1.7.1
ZBX-10325 Fixed importing of host prototypes from Zabbix 2.4
ZBX-10325 Fixed validation of graph items when importing XML files
ZBX-9640 Improved server/proxy/agent item value timestamp synchronization
ZBXNEXT-1263 Fixed number of bugs in encryption support, increased minimum PSK length to 128 bits
ZBX-10333 Fixed treatment of empty results from agent as network errors
ZBX-10327 Fixed brightness of the selections
ZBX-10331 Fixed starting agent as Windows service with multiple agents option
ZBX-10289 Fixed top menu element overlapping
ZBX-4069 Fixed LDAP and Oracle DB compilation conflict
ZBX-10297 Fixed changing web scenario status from list view
ZBX-10158 Fixed threshold parameters for triggers "70% os Process CPU Load on {HOST.NAME}" and "{HOST.NAME} is not reachable" in template "JMX Generic"
ZBXNEXT-2662 Added escaping of the HTML entities and tags in the GUI notifications
ZBXNEXT-2662 Added space between Auto-logout elements in the user profile form
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed flickering of disabled radios
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed logo white background
ZBX-10227 Fixed exporting events to CSV for selected host
ZBX-10280 Fixed exporting of historical events to CSV file
ZBX-10163 Fixed expression area changes in LLD rule filters when selecting different type of calculation
ZBX-10112 Fixed displaying trigger name in IT service dependencies after error
ZBX-10182 Fixed percentile line checkbox checking
ZBX-9938 Fixed displaying incorrect number of hosts that have acknowledged problematic triggers in dashboard host status widget when "Problem display" is "Unackowledged only" in dashboard filter
ZBX-10251 Fixed "countOutput" calculation in map.get API method
ZBX-9877 Changed system.uname on Windows to get data from WMI, fixed wmi.get[] to return UTF-8 encoded strings
ZBX-10282 Fixed undefined index "eztext_limit" in media types
ZBX-10300 Fixed subfilter for host items
ZBX-10288 Fixed unexpected parameter type in imagepolygon()
ZBX-10284 Fixed possible crash when removing all cached actions during configuration sync
ZBX-9733 Fixed possibility to start several agents on the same port on Windows
ZBX-10285 Fixed map export fatal error
ZBX-9969 Fixed availability of action menu popups for map elements
ZBX-9730 Removed unused value map template "Host status" and added new - "Host availability"
ZBX-10230 Fixed and improved translatable strings
ZBX-9991 Fixed functionality that adds last selected host group to new template groups list
ZBX-9500 Fixed elements sorting in configuration export
ZBX-10165 Fixed construction of host discovery filter expression
ZBX-10270 Fixed HTTP proxy environment variables not being taken into account in Web monitoring
ZBX-10019 Fixed graph time interval selection
ZBX-10226 Fixed trigger prototype updateReal API method
ZBX-10232 Fixed SQL errors with invalid "year" parameter in IT services report
ZBX-10246 Fixed updating and creating media type
ZBX-1357 Added more details to README file about how to add new language
ZBX-10266 Fixed uninitialized variable in VMware code reported by Coverity (CIDs 118958, 118960, 118962, 118965)
ZBX-10239 Fixed agent collector crashes on Linux while gathering data for proc.cpu.util[], fixed unsafe use of stack in logging functions
ZBX-10182 Fixed API to disallow update of templated host graphs and disabled form fields for templated host graph update
ZBX-10194 Fixed server attempts to insert duplicate entries during LLD on ARM 32 bit processors
ZBX-10275 Fixed displaying of the search dropdown
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed displaying of a mass selection box in the map configurator
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed displaying of action buttons in the list of items
ZBX-10051 Fixed expanding of trigger expression user macro in trigger name positional macro
ZBX-10236 Fixed history page PHP errors that occurred with items that are value mapped with floating point values
ZBXNEXT-3065 Added arg_separator.output check in setup pre-requisites
ZBX-10150 Fixed "countOutput" calculation in screen.get API method
ZBXNEXT-2662 Moved logo in an upper left corner
ZBXNEXT-2662 Added server name in login page
ZBX-8914 Improved receiving TCP messages: more tolerant to fragmented messages, stricter message length validation, better performance
ZBXNEXT-1263 Fixed timeout detection for encrypted connections
ZBXNEXT-1263 Fixed encryption problems with running remote commands
ZBXNEXT-1263 Polished encryption support for communications between Zabbix components
ZBXNEXT-2637 Fixed incorrect double quote character in the default agent configuration files
ZBX-9904 Fixed server response when active proxy sends in historical data, info string was missing
ZBX-10219 Fixed pointer type in sizeof()
ZBX-8755 Removed unutilised header file to eliminate build warnings
ZBX-10066 Fixed bug where host availability changes could be lost if proxy failed to send the update, fixed possibility of duplicate availability updates for passive proxies
ZBX-10145 Fixed macro resolving for trigger description in dashboard
ZBX-10140 Fixed starting session in page header when output buffering is disabled
ZBX-10177 Fixed resource leak in sensor[] on Linux kernel versions 2.6 and higher
ZBX-10154 Improved sender.pl script to take advantage of buffering (increases performance and makes communication with daemons more robust)
ZBX-10138 Fixed action based host removal when hosts to be deleted have host prototypes
ZBX-10064 Fixed history cache synchronisation with database on shutdown
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed trimming of leading and trailing spaces in the proxy encription-related fields
ZBX-10022 Fixed a web scenario name into the graphs
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed displaying of the server name on the pages
ZBXNEXT-2662 Added ZBX_WIDGET_ROWS limitation for displaying of elements the popup windows
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed closing of the multiple message boxes
ZBXNEXT-2662 Added "Time" column in the actions popup window
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed coloring of the configuration errors in "Status of Zabbix" widget
ZBX-4794 Removed old-style flash clock
ZBX-4378 Fixed several screen clock problems
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed coloring for disabled hosts in drop-down controls
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed background in Monitoring->Maps page
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed escaping of multiselect drop-down list items
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed the footer for "Last 20 issues" dashboard widget
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed sort icons in the screen elements
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed displaying of screen elements
ZBXNEXT-2662 Replaced <span> with <a> tag in action menu popups to allow open targets in a new browser's tab
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed IT services status bar; fixed align of the root element
ZBXNEXT-2662 Added information about number of records in tables
ZBX-9458 Fixed low level discovery macro substitution in calculated item formulas
ZBX-10110 Fixed using Japanese in global search
ZBX-10067 Fixed false event generation on log item meta information update
ZBX-9998 Changed output of history and trends in item list and item prototype list from #y #m #d format to #d format
ZBX-9981 Fixed validation for zabbix.conf.php saving in write protected directory
ZBX-10139 Fixed possible PHP and SQL errors on the dashdoard and screens
ZBX-10099 Fixed buffer flushing error when executing script on a host
ZBX-10077 Fixed deleting of profile data for current user
ZBX-9950 Fixed foreign key constraint violation when deleting discovered host triggers and graphs with their prototypes
ZBX-10033 Fixed Windows agent printing an incorrect error message in case of abandoned lock
ZBX-10034 Fixed agent start-up failures within Windows session due to common locks abandoned by other agents
ZBX-10036 Fixed showing all hosts in dashboard last 20 issues when trigger expression contains several hosts
ZBX-9906 Fixed automatic refreshing of WEB scenario details
ZBX-10126 Fixed compilation error in sensors.c on Linux 2.4 kernels
ZBX-10018 Fixed inconsistent messages in debug log when UserParameter terminated by timeout
ZBX-10029 Fixed running remote command on Current host twice if it is within specified Host or Host group targets
ZBX-10079 Documented system.run returning '1' with nowait parameter in the item key helper
ZBX-10107 Fixed compilation warnings for function calls without a real prototype
ZBX-10084 Fixed removing trigger-related network map elements
ZBX-10031 Fixed logging of occasionally incorrect process information during agent's start-up on Windows
ZBX-10001 Fixed duplicating log file entries from housekeeper
ZBX-9928 Fixed triple SMS being sent by single action with Cinterion MC35i modem
ZBX-10006 Changed color of hovered host name for disabled host in search result
ZBX-10100 Fixed issue when collected values could be left unsaved to the database
ZBX-9643 Fixed resolving of {TRIGGER.NAME} macro in action messages
ZBX-9931 Removed 2KB item key length limitation when sent to agent
ZBX-9932 Removed 1KB zabbix_get item key length limitation
ZBX-9992 Fixed forecast() function info index for trigger expression constructor
ZBX-10061 Fixed possible server and proxy crash on attempt to clean up text cache if log item meta update packets are present in history cache
ZBX-10045 Fixed first proc.cpu.util[] request returning empty value which was treated as network error by server
ZBX-1916 Improved host availability handling by resetting it for disabled hosts, interfaces without enabled items and hosts monitored by offline proxies
ZBX-2966 Fixed handling of possible negative value of vfs.fs.size check
ZBX-9977 Fixed inconsistent display of acknowledge-related elements when acknowledgement is disabled in configuration
ZBX-9964 Fixed undefined index "inventory_mode" in host prototype edit form
ZBXNEXT-1762 Fixed time interval calculation and displaying issues in line graphs
ZBX-9949 Fixed undefined index in proxy edit form
ZBX-6028 Improved log rotation so that zabbix components do not keep writing to the old log file
ZBX-8235 Fixed losing initial values when updating templated items
ZBX-9888 Added validation in action condition formula to prohibit comparison of several triggers with "AND" operator
ZBX-9975 Fixed undefined index when updating trigger prototype
ZBX-9959 Fixed JSON validation: produce an error on invalid escape sequences in a string value
ZBX-7202 Fixed action disabling when deleting user or user group
ZBX-9970 Removed service label from configuration popup menu
ZBX-9945 Fixed updating of "Device uniqueness criterias" while editing discovery checks
ZBX-9967 Fixed agent compilation error on NetBSD 7
ZBX-9347 Added information about zabbix_sender input file format to the man page
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed debug messages in the dashboard widgets
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed year and month vertical alignment in calendar
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed displaying of month and year in calendar popup
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed script execution window layout
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed displaying of modal dialogs
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed top nav jumping icon bug on page zoom in Safari
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed resizing of multiselect items in filters
ZBX-9941 Fixed button attributes changes for map cloning
ZBX-7006 Implemented trend cache cleanup procedure which forces hourly flush of deleted, disabled or rarely updated item trends
ZBX-9889 Fixed vmware.eventlog item values to have unique timestamps in history table
ZBX-9919 Fixed y scale calculation for linear graphs
ZBX-9898 Improved database exception messages
ZBX-9900 Marked first parameter for proc_info item as mandatory
ZBX-9902 Fixed undefined variables "mediatype" and "users" in mediatype properties
ZBX-9864 Fixed compilation warnings regarding SIZE_T_MAX under NetBSD
ZBX-9862 Added meta tag "msapplication-config" to prevent MSIE11 requesting browserconfig.xml
ZBX-9340 Fixed "data" property not being returned by API when error is generated on DB level
ZBX-9866 Fixed error field being needlessly copied for LLD rule when full cloning a host
ZBX-9883 Fixed host assignment for proxy
ZBX-9863 Fixed compilation warning regarding "empty_str" initialization in setproctitle.c
ZBX-9912 Fixed ITEM.LASTVALUE macro value being truncated at bytes rather than utf-8 characters
ZBX-7511 Removed trimming of leading and trailing spaces in SNMP strings
ZBX-8899 Fixed retrieval of sensor readings on Linux 2.6 and higher
ZBX-9917 Fixed log message when opening windows eventlog
ZBX-9855 Fixed SNMP dynamic index cache refresh when SNMP OID changes
ZBX-8820 Fixed trimming of new acknowledge messages
ZBX-9740 Improved proc.num for protected Windows processes
ZBX-9793 Fixed handling of opaque types in SNMP
ZBX-9847 Fixed possible Zabbix agent crash when executing system.cpu.discovery
ZBX-9895 Fixed memory leak in case of unsupported field type while processing configuration received over proxy protocol
ZBX-9776 Added check for line length when parsing configuration file
ZBX-9796 Fixed item key vfs.fs.size operation for NetBSD
ZBXNEXT-494 Fixed proc.cpu.util help item description
ZBX-9858 Added error message logging when SNMP trapper file size exceeds 2GB
ZBX-9666 Fixed invalid SNMP dynamic index cache if 2 SNMP agents have the same IP, port and OID
ZBXNEXT-1078 Removed 'proc.mem[]' 5-th parameter (memtype) value 'dvm' on AIX
ZBX-9807 Fixed undefined offset errors in configuration export when processing triggers that have items with discovered applications
ZBX-9810 Fixed trigger prototype expression inheritance incorrectly assigning an invalid expression to child objects and trigger expression test popup displaying a missing class
ZBX-7847 Added functionality that stops polling inactive IPMI hosts
ZBX-9430 Fixed Windows eventlog item incorrectly interpreting 0x00000103 return value as an error
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed a map element editing form
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed possibility to change the colours of trigger severities
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed layout of checkboxes with labels
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed layout of host inventory form
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed media editing in user form
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed saving of collapsible widgets in "Event detais" and "Global search" pages
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed displaying of vertical headers under IE10, IE11 and Edge
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed displaying of eventlog severities
ZBX-9655 Fixed crash if MYSQL connection object initialization failed
ZBX-9667 Fixed disabled triggers or triggers having disabled hosts or items affecting trigger dependency calculations
ZBX-9738 Fixed deletion of related action operations when deleting a host group
ZBX-9625 Fixed interface list bug in host form
ZBX-9804 Fixed monitoring graph scroller and calendar
ZBX-9607 Fixed step form in web scenario
ZBX-9791 Fixed typo in maps.inc.php
ZBX-9668 Improved handling of VMware performance counter instances without data
ZBX-9677 Fixed compilation warnings in the escalator.c module
ZBX-9682 Fixed parsing of numeric item key parameters
ZBX-9516 Fixed displaying of the "Go" button after deleting applications
ZBX-9639 Fixed chart width validation
ZBX-9729 Fixed replacement of {MACRO<1-9>} with {MACRO} where only {MACRO} is acceptable
ZBX-9809 Fixed action operation validation
ZBX-9814 Fixed function prototype declaration created in ZBXNEXT-2760
ZBX-9716 Fixed possible event record number wraparound issues in the old Windows Eventing support
ZBX-9258 Fixed Alias for log[], logrt[] and eventlog[]

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