Заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 1.8.5rc1

Команда Zabbix рада сообщить о доступности Zabbix 1.8.5rc1.

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Fixes and minor improvements

ZBX-3672 fixed possible hang of history syncers when a zabbix[log] message is added while processing history data
ZBX-3644 fixed API permission checks for applications, items and triggers
ZBX-3673 fixed processing of operators & and | in trigger and calculated items expressions
ZBX-3660 fixed macro resolving in map labels
ZBX-3659 API exists() methods now return true/false instead of true/error
ZBX-2997 added global regular expression to be sent to proxies (for use with log, logrt and eventlog items)
ZBX-1907 changed logging - when a proxy fails to connect to the server it logs "Still unable to connect" message max once a minute
ZBX-3548 added IPV6_V6ONLY flag (where defined) for binding IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces separately
ZBX-3626 fixed bugs on map export: duplicate image decoding and inserting duplicate map elements; thanks to Takanori Suzuki
ZBX-3453 improve performance of cpu collector
ZBX-3610 fixed active agent full buffer bug - stop processing active checks till the buffer is sent
ZBX-3566 fixed error in administration->notifications and added a hint when no mediatypes are defined
ZBX-3628 fixed server crash while processing notification messages with an already deleted trigger
ZBX-3075 fixed a regex bug with zero-length strings
ZBX-3621 changed the maximum number of processes for Zabbix daemons
ZBXNEXT-448 added trigger function logeventid that matches the last event ID to a regex
ZBX-1419 improve and fix database upgrade patches for older versions
ZBX-3576 fixed showing triggers with disabled items in monitoring
ZBX-3483 added missing fields in items mass update
ZBX-3435 fixed error that sometimes appear after profile edit
ZBX-2616 bundled DejaVu font upgraded from 2.32 to 2.33
ZBX-1557 changed process_ping logic to return an error if fping doesn't give a value (or '-') for any of the hosts but outputs something
ZBX-3430 fixed disappeared hints for "SSH", "Telnet" and "Database Monitor" item types in item form
ZBX-3578 added arguments to the output when using agent with '-p' or '-t', modified default arguments in win32.c and common.c
ZBX-3514 removed non "regexp" triggers from item log-form menu
ZBX-3584 fixed allowed_hosts set to 'localhost' for items by default
ZBX-3568 fixed processing of trigger functions with macros in item key parameters in notifications
ZBX-3076 disabled generation of events in case if some items or hosts in trigger expression are not active
ZBX-3562 fixed user macros in map element label expressions
ZBXNEXT-508 added dayofmonth to trigger functions
ZBX-3352 made item Y axis min/max items also change when used in screen with Dynamic enabled
ZBX-3523 fixed error when open monitoring->maps and last viewed map was removed
ZBX-3557 fixed possible incorrect usage of internal array pointers in frontend
ZBX-2979 fixed trigger function time() test
ZBX-3563 fixed host group filter in graph selection popup
ZBX-3544 fixed user login method resetting attempts
ZBX-3555 fixed possible pollers hang while processing ssh.run[] checks
ZBXNEXT-408 added zabbix[process,...] internal checks
ZBX-2262 added `hosts_templates_2' index
ZBX-3537 trigger events are now sorted by timestamp
ZBX-3472 changed item and discovery rule form to display SSH and SNMPv3 auth fields correctly when changing item type
ZBX-3542 reduced the amount of debugging output for configuration cache
ZBX-3536 made SNMP checks work when DNS resolves to IPv6 address; thanks to Marc Dequènes
ZBX-3541 fixed processing of nodata() function
ZBX-3126 all checkboxes in map and screen import are now "on" by default
ZBX-3158 improved links in map element menu
ZBX-3532 fixed add item to trigger expression from popup menu
ZBX-1357 fixed confusing date format in network maps
ZBX-3516 fixed items and hosts disappearing from configuration cache indexes
ZBX-3479 fixed possible hang of agents while processing scripts or net.tcp.service* checks
ZBX-3514 fixed log trigger wizard
ZBX-3515 fixed names of SNMPv3 security levels, again
ZBX-3411 fixed trigger filter update when changing host
ZBX-3431 fixed severity for log and eventlog or mixed
ZBX-2913 fixed timeout handling in processing of web.page.* checks
ZBX-3176 removed navigation dropdown from applications screen
ZBX-3494 added database monitor items to the queue calculation
ZBX-3454 fixed clearing item edited using by Trigger-wizard
ZBX-3481 fixed massAdd for applications
ZBX-3480 fixed possible crash of server after shutdown of ORACLE server
ZBX-3457 in trigger wizard, use double symbol references past 26 entries
ZBX-983 fixed error when updating trigger
ZBX-974 recompress some images with pngcrush
ZBX-3446 fixed possible hang of pollers - added timeout handler for external scripts
ZBX-1690 fixed undefined index when creating action with name that already exists
ZBX-3461 fixed names of IPMI pollers in debug output and the number of items they take
ZBX-3100 fixed messages in popup when no proxies or discovery checks defined
ZBX-3138 fixed bug when disabling application, webitems were disabled too
ZBX-2951 made interval hidden for trapper items
ZBX-2867 changed order of "Discovery" and "IT services" in configuration menu
ZBX-3460 forbid saving host with enabled IPMI but without IPMI address
ZBX-3047 fixed Zapcat compatibility for trigger expressions
ZBX-2912 added check for valid UTF-8 characters in the incoming data
ZBX-1346 add more user parameter examples
ZBX-2922 changed log level from warning to debug for some messages
ZBX-3440 Added pagination to slide and discovery configuration
ZBX-3433 fixed removing deleted passive proxies from queue
ZBX-416 fixed PostgreSQL errors in configuration sender module when using DM setup
ZBX-3346 fixed items being polled more frequently than necessary
ZBX-3409 fixed semaphore and shared memory access permissions
ZBX-3173 made server-side JSON parser ignore whitespace better
ZBX-3425 updated Brazilian Portuguese translation; thanks to Murilo Moreira de Oliveira
ZBX-3403 fixed SQL statements for auto registration and discovery operations
ZBX-3403 removed UNIQUE constraint for autoreg_host_1 index
ZBX-3414 expressions for triggers with web items are marked as error in trigger wizard
ZBX-3406 better API validation
ZBX-3413 added escaping of parameters used in LIKE SQL statements
ZBX-3391 fixed wrong comparison operators used for strings
ZBX-1346 document LogSlowQueries configuration parameter
ZBXNEXT-612 added mapname URL parameter for monitoring->maps
ZBX-886 remove duplicate translation strings
ZBX-3384 fixed server crash in a distributed monitoring setup with PostgreSQL
ZBX-3274 fixed SQLite3 semaphore errors while starting server or proxy
ZBXNEXT-614 add Slovak translation; thanks to Marcel Hecko
ZBX-2914 add Ubuntu upstart files; thanks to S. Canchon
ZBX-3381 negative multipliers for items with value type "numeric (float)" are now allowed
ZBX-1357, ZBX-3462 updated Japanese translation; thanks to Kodai Terashima
ZBX-3385 fixed trigger status change record in audit log
ZBX-2825 make profiles form redirect to the last visited page on save or cancel
ZBX-3383 fixed error in audit log when filtering by Macro or Template
ZBX-3378 updated Russian translation; thanks to dotneft and zalex_ua
ZBX-3350 fixed minor interface bug and it is now not possible to add host name longer than 64 chars
ZBX-3341 fixed host export - valuemap property is now exported as expected
ZBX-3338 updated Ukrainian translation; thanks to zalex_ua
ZBX-954 fix minor typos
ZBX-1419 don't print an informative message during upgrade if no orphan hosts were found

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